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Wii U Developer Direct – Super Mario 3D World

Another developer direct hits us and this time it’s Super Mario 3D World in the spotlight. The game’s director Koichi Hayashida takes us through the main differences and key aspects of the title which is due for release this December. Hayashida had always wondered what happens to Mario when he transports himself through a pipe, so Nintendo has developed clear pipes which will have coins and, occasionally, even enemies. He also comments on the multiplayer element of Super Mario 3D Land, in which you can play levels repeatedly with friends to gain better scores – well, we all love a bit of friendly competitive action, don’t we?

36 thoughts on “Wii U Developer Direct – Super Mario 3D World”

  1. hmmmmmm, actually i was always wondering how a 3d multiplayer on the same screen could work. this actually looks like it will work with no problems!!!!!! thats a first…… this actually might be really fun. a 3d mario with multiplayer that works even better than nsmb multiplayer!!!!! sounds new to me.

  2. Haha i remember when graphics like this (ps4 and xbox1 included) was CGI for games during the GC/PS2/XBOX generation xD


    THIS IS BULLSHIT! looks Super mario galaxy left the bar too fucking high!
    Come on Nintendo don’t come to the E3 with this BULLSHIT don’t come to E3 with
    SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD and a cat tale attached to the title (What a stupid name)
    like “OK guys looks like we are done for this generation :D”

    Super Mario 64 (3D eviroments)
    Super Mario Sunshine (Beaches , seas , sunshine)
    Super Mario GALAXY 1 & 2 (Space , Gravity!)
    Super Mario 3D LAND (3D graphics)

    At least SSB ,MK , X and bayoneta didn’t fuck up…

    1. I feel the same way, this is not an epic game at all like every other 3D mario game was… I’m in love with mario kart, super smash bros and pikmin tho, they still make me want to play nintendo :) but this mario game is lame, I know many people loved it but that’s not my case

  4. I hope they will release a second 3d mario for wii u like galaxy. I know it will be great too but nothing can be better than Galaxy.

  5. hhmmm for me it doesn’t really count as a 3d Mario game unless you have to collect 120 stars! The problem for me is that all you do is run through the level collecting what ever is in front of you and rush to the end flag. If it’s anything like the 3DS one then you probably only need to visit each level once maybe twice. I prefer to explore the level working out the puzzles that unlocks each star, I liked returning to the same level and collecting all 6 stars so this to me is no different than a 2d Mario game.

  6. Well, thank goodness for Smash Bros and X, because this looks like a huge disappointment. I mean, it looks like a freaking 3D Land rip-off. Nintendo doesn’t seem to have a clue anymore when it comes to Mario.

    Not only that, graphically speaking, Galaxy even looks better than this game.

    For shame Nintendo. You’re lucky that the other games looked good, because Mario looks less appealing with each new platformer nowadays.

    1. “Mario looks less appealing with each new platformer nowadays.”
      The last 3D mario games was the greatest of the history. No wonder why SMG 2 got an score of 10/10 in most of the reviews sites.
      Seriously, fans need to sit down and shut the fuck up cuz nintendo knows what they are doing.
      I have never played an bad mario game, it doesn’t exist, of course it’s impossible to make an masterpiece with every mario title, but it ALWAYS pleases the crowd

      1. Sorry. I should have rephrased that. Every Mario platformer has sucked since the Galaxy games.

        NSMB, it’s rehashed sequels, the crap known as 3D Land, and now this.

  7. They need to take it back to the 64 days. Didn’t really like galaxy. Sunshine and 64 where amazing to me nothing can top those. Guess ill have to wait another 6 or 7 years for that

  8. I think this game has potential to be the best Mario game. I know there is a lot of hate going towards it right now but think about it. It has the perfect mix of 2D and 3D gameplay, gyroscope camera controls, a four player 3D local co-op mode, Gamepad assist function, and all four characters with their distinct abilities from Super Mario Bros. 2. This is like if the entire New Super Mario Bros. series had a baby with the Mario Galaxy series. Yeah this is going to be good.

    1. It seemed great to me too. I have a brother, a girlfriend, friends, so it will be great to have the possibility to play a Mario title in which everyone participates. Also, this clearly isn’t the next installment to the, let’s say, “Mario alone” franchise, since the producer clearly stated that this was made having 3D Land in mind.

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