Mario To Ribbit In Frog Suit For Super Mario 3D World, Teased For Laughs

mario frog suitSo you thought a cat suit was the icing on the cake for Super Mario 3D World? Well, now we have the cherry, and it’s in the form of a frog suit for our red-capped plumber, according to IGN. Mario will don the frog suit once again – after it first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 in 1988 – and will no doubt allow Mario to jump higher and swim faster, as well as helping to avoid those tricky water currents.  Roving IGN reporters spotted the announcement of the frog suit during an E3 presentation, snapped a quick cat picture, and shared it via Twitter:

“Mario 3D World designers dressed as cats. Announce the Frog suit and transparent pipes.” – Samuel, IGN

Update: By all accounts the developers announced the frog suit as part of a joke and according to Nintendo World Report, the presenters were joking how Luigi – while wearing the cat suit – looked so similar to Mario in the frog suit, and that it would be funny if this was also part of the game. So, this is not confirmed for Super Mario 3D World, more likely just teased for a few laughs.


    1. Is everyone seeing something I’m not? I think you’re all confused cuz they all dressed up as cats, no frogs sorry but this is a very big misreport xD.

      1. Yeah, I think people jumped to conclusions. Those are clearly green paws. Each one is a cat version of Mario (yellow), Luigi (green), Toad (blue), and Peach (pink). You’d expect more from IGN with their sources. “I saw green therefor FROG MARIO!!” is not credible.

        1. Actually, I take that back. Re-reading the tweet, I think My Nintendo News is the only one that jumped to conclusions. The tweet clearly says they’re all dressed as cats, and is saying to announce the Frog Suit (since clearly that’s what Samuel_IGN wants in the next game). Though it DOES have transparent pipes, so not sure what they meant by announce that as well. But this was clearly misread/misinterpreted and reported on as fact and confirmation, which it’s not.

          1. Other credible sources also reported Mario in the frog suit as well. Yes, they are all dressed as cats. Super Mario 3D World has clear pipes, and the tweet does say that they also announced the frog suit – I trust IGN had checked their sources with this, ergo we reported it as such.

  1. the enviroment on the game is awesome, even for the Cape Mario, woulnd mind to see the amount of suits like in Mario Bros 3, not the 2-3 like on last Mario games

  2. I like the sound of the new power-up where you hold a mini Piranha Plant and run around with it eating all the enemies. Can’t remember where I heard about it, but I haven’t seen any proof it exists.

    Frog suit is good though. I want more new and old underused power-ups to return. NSMBU having only 1 new powe-rup was a bit lame.

      1. I just watched it and I don’t see it.

        Perhaps I’m being blind. If it is in the trailer can you tell me a specific time to look at?

  3. While a lot of people got disappointed with Super Mario 3D Land, I have to point out that it will most likely sell a lot more Wii U’s than a Galaxy-like game. Just think about it for a minute; 2D Mario has always sold more, and the Super Mario 3D series is more a 3D version of the original Super Mario Bros. series.

    And while the cat suit looked weird and stupid, I showed this game to the three most causal gamers I know. Just by seeing the logo, with the cat-stuff, they wanted to try the game, and they really liked the trailer. Therefore, I think this game is going to sell a lot more systems than a normal Super Mario game.

  4. Im exited for this game, people are complaining how its not a new galaxy but I like the way they’re going with this, plus Peach is playable, and that demo boss absolutely wasn’t a Bowser Minion, and that ridable dinosaur wasnt familiar, so maybe they are in another world…..
    I think they are going to combine all the best features from previous Mario games

    1. for some reason, i cant stop thinking this game is on SubCon(which imo, is great and way better, specially since bowser may not be the villain)

  5. I was really wanting this since SMB 3, no wonder why they forget about it for so long. I’m glad that the football player from super mario world returned too.
    This game seens better looking again now…

  6. It’s the cherry on a cake which they threw at my face upon announcement. I’m considering it as the Mario version of Four Swords.

  7. I’ve always wanted to see the cape from Super Mario World return. Mario would look cool weariing the cape and flying around in a 3D world. It’s also one of (if not the only) costume/suit that’s not on the cute and cuddly side. Basically because it’s just a cape.

    Also, wouldn’t it be cool to see the return of Wart? That’s something I’ve wanted ever since Super Mario Bros. 2. I always wished Nintendo would make a game where Wart appears, and Mario remembers the dream he had way back then (SMB2) and is shocked that the villain he dreamed about all them years ago was REAL.

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