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Miyamoto Blames Wii U Launch Software Delays On Nintendo’s Leap To Next Gen


Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto told Games Industry International that anytime you have a big jump in the hardware technology it takes development teams a long time to adjust. Miyamoto says the Wii U  launch software delays were because of this very issue. He was then asked whether hiring more staff would have countered this problem, but he says it’s more complex than it initially seems.

“Any time you have a big jump in the hardware technology it certainly takes the teams time to learn that and adjust their development environment in order to adapt to those big changes.”

“If you speak in terms of simple maths you could say that Nintendo should just multiply its development team staff by four times and then everything would be fine, but unfortunately things aren’t quite that easy.”

“Our focus is always on delivering the highest quality content, and simply increasing the development team size isn’t going to allow you to achieve the level of quality that we strive for. You really have to kind of bring those people up gradually and help teach them how to develop games in order to achieve that consistent quality level.”

“It’s a little bit coincidental in that the hardware jump from DS to 3DS was quite big in terms of the difference between those two [platforms] and it just so happens that same scale of jump happened from Wii to Wii U, consecutively with those two pieces of hardware.”

48 thoughts on “Miyamoto Blames Wii U Launch Software Delays On Nintendo’s Leap To Next Gen”

        1. Lol Why u mad youre a fast brotha man! Anyway yeah I feel its totally understandable about Nintendo needing a lil more time to adjust. I think theyre doing great given the challenges of new hardware.

  1. You system should’ve come out this year, maybe even around August.

    Should’ve invested in putting more power in the system, not as much as PS4 but more, and let your game library build up, so you actually have stuff coming, instead of teasing a bunch of 2014 games….

    1. Nintendo should spend more of their fortune on Game development , speeding them up and making everything better. Nuff said. Sometimes you have to lose some to win some.

        1. There’s a difference between taking time and being understaffed and funded though sometimes. Look at what Naughty dog have achieved with TLOU. When was it Uncharted 3 came out ?

      1. Agreed, after I get Pikmin 3 (in two fucking months) I’ll be getting WW HD(two fucking months later). While most of the games they showed look great, it’s still not enough.

    2. Um, there is nothing wrong with Wii U’s power. You should ask yourself, why doesn’t a 8 core console’s graphics blow a 3 core console’s graphics out the park.

  2. If I thought the Wii U was going to have delay problems then I would of made people wait for the Wii U more because I do love the games we got but I think you could of really made it sell at launch with a Mario Kart or Super Mario 3D Land!

    1. Mario Kart coming in 2014 shocked me, Nintendo can sell TONS of systems with that…

      Way i see it going at the moment, everyones going to buy a PS4 end of the year, and around mid 2014, WiiU will pick up sales.

      1. then have one game each month this year starting with pikmin, the w101, zelda ww hd, dkctf and super mario 3d world

      2. I’d say the Wii U will also get a large boost in sales around Christmas, not as much as the PS4, but more than the Xbox one.

      3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        I thought they said in the previous Direct MK would come out THIS year?! T_T
        I was tentative after MK7’s stale gameplay but MK8 looks fantastic. SO WHY NOT RELEASE IT THIS DECEMBER?!

  3. I think the Wii U is fine on power etc, but they should have been more organised with their first-party games. If you know you have a new system coming out then start preparing games for it in advance. The Wii U would have sold a lot better this year had it been released alongside such games as Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers.

    1. Agreed. They came out unprepared and thats evident by now. They need to play catch up fast. They have gone up a notch in my eyes, those are great games coming out! X is amazing, Im excited 4 WW, Mario looks great I think they may have focused too much of the video on mp and turned some fans off, for maybe lacking the Storyline news(Although its never a deep story, but its always a key factor in Mario). I think It’ll be an awesome game, we just need to see more from it aside from Mp.

      All in all, Im extremely excited for WIIU’s growth. They have really improved their Hardware(Everything looked amazing). They are in essence Starting Over, so we can expect the Best Games they have Ever made! Metroid is INDEED coming… In fact it would be retarted to think that Nintendo (The King Of Games) does not have any other games ready or close to it! Just like they have the new Zelda well into development, Im sure they have plenty of others underway. It would be stupid for Nintendo to throw ALL their cards on the table, knowing that Sony/Ms ALWAYS have an open eye and ear open for anything Nintendo does lol.

  4. That…actually makes sense for your little to no game library, along with these backstabbing publishers and developers.

  5. I agree, but rushing the games is not what we aim for…

    They might have done mistakes, but no one will ever make games that will rival ours…

    Atleast not in the near future…

    1. I don’t want Nintendo to be rushing games. I like their games to continue to be rated 8/10 or higher. Out of all those 15 Xbone one exclusives, I bet 10% would get rated high.

  6. You guys have it so right. If you are unable to get results you increase resources. In Nintendo’s case, there is no reason they could not serve their customers by increasing resources. In the end, the only reason they don’t is they are trying to walk on the blade of the sword because their number 1 concern is profits. Still a great company and I’m looking forward to all these titles once they come out.

  7. I understand what he’s saying, but I slightly disagree. Considering this transition is new for them, they should’ve hired more staff with experience of developing games on an HD console, entered into more partnerships with companies, like Sega, who has HD experience, or delayed the release of the Wii U, to not only garner more support, but to have games available that show off the Wii U’s potential, such as, Pikmin 3 or W101. Plus, it would’ve gave them more time to work out the kinks without having to do two massive updates.

  8. I understand everyones comments. As I retired programmer/anaylst I understand where Nintendo is at. It takes a lot of work to do something new, to develop, to write, to code and to test. Yes there was something off at launch, that has been shown by the two system updates and how far apart they are. Everything takes time. Example is Animal crossing how long between, and how long from Japan release to America release. I am a Nintendo fan cause I like their games, I dont like fps games. Love what you have shown so far Nintendo, unfortunately I want more and am inpatient, but will wait. I wont buy a PS4 and definitely not a xbox.

  9. “things aren’t quite that easy” What the F does that even mean? Nintendo could easily buy or make 3 or 4 new studios, each one could work on a new IP and in a Old Ip of Nintendo on the 5 to 6 year life span of a console; Fuck, how many games does Rare produce for the N64? six, seven? B&K 1 n 2, Conker, DK64, PD, GE007, DKRacing and many many more. Why Nintendo should need Third party support when they could have 4 Rares doing like a gazillion exclusive game for them?

  10. I may not know much about game development but Nintendo has been in the game for soo long and they can’t look for excuses at this point. They need to adjust and deliver.

    Not that they aren’t, but they might wanna push a little harder.

  11. Ah, they had how long to prepare for the release? I would have expected more from Nintendo, but maybe there’s something BEHIND the scenes on how Nintendo handles 3rd party developers that could be turning them away. As of now, i feel bad for buying a Wii U and making it worst seeing this game line up in the next year to two, sad Nintendo.

  12. Wii u launches 2012. First actual game thats not some rehash 2014.
    Launch day price £330.
    Trade in value 6 months later £140
    = fuck this. Getting ps4. Hell even a ps3 would do.

  13. Why is everyone complaining? In the history of Nintendo hasn’t every big game had delays. Add that this is their first HD system.

    1. Because they are pissed off! If I wanted to spend my hobby/spare time waiting around for something great to come along. I’d have become a train spotter.

  14. So when is that “highest quality content” coming, 2016? Because it seems that 2014 is already booked for “average stuff that should have come out yesterday”, a small improvement over the current phase of “flood with overpriced crap nobody wanted or asked for” (virtual console, I’m looking at you).

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  16. Well duh, you wanted to change your game Miyamoto, with ports of CoD and AC it was obvious you would end with a meager percentage of that market, nobody who owns a Wii or a GameCube gives two fucks about playing those games on Nintendo consoles, we wanted a Zelda, a Mario, a Pokemon, something exclusive.

  17. The way I see it, the biggest reason they’re having problems with the Wii U is because they released it a year too soon. Just look at all of the amazing launch titles there would have been if the Wii U came out this November instead of LAST November.

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