Nintendo has announced that the browser-based version of Miiverse now allows you to share your posts on a variety of social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr. The update has also seen an icon added to the post screen to let you share your posts easily and quickly. Sadly this functionality isn’t built into the Wii U version of Miiverse, but it may come at a later date. As for the Wii U version of Miiverse the thumbnail for screenshots attached to posts and comments is now larger.

Thanks, Kallum and Adam



  1. I am Calling Nintendo right this very moment. They might want to move Mario Kart U into 2013 december. Also get rid of the Darn TREE HOUSE!


  2. Need for speed Most wanted U running off of two cores, or an activated slight of the third. PC quality. Nintendo release a metroid this August and all Craziness would be beautiful.


  3. Operation mail Nintendo should commence. xboxdone id dead before arrival, this is Nintendo’s Chance, pay whatever it is you need to pay to get GTAV just to get xbots clamering for the Wii U. then hit them with that Mario 3d mario kart U 1-2. Though with Nintendo TREE HOUSE in redmond washington, they will not do that.


  4. There is a time for everything, A time to be modest, a time to be cool, This is a time to kick microsoft and kick them Hard. LET US WRITE NINTENDO AND REGGIE LETTERS. I want Final Fantasy XV, the Wii U can run that game with ease, have you seen X. Imagine getting X the final fantasy XV months later after a Wii U upgraded version with DLC added on. Say no to TREE HOUSE, nintendo’s version of KINECT Mess.


  5. Tree House is an internal software development and localizing department at Nintendo REDMOND. The are in Charge of social media too. The seem too deal with the social more than gaming, and that irks me.


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