Watch Dogs Multiplayer Campaign Modes Detailed

watch_dogsThe recent Watch Dogs trailer has recently revealed what hacking into another player’s profile would be like, but now we’ve got it detailed in bold black typeface. You can read the entire blog post here to get a true feel for multiplayer campaign mode, but if you’d like it in succinct terms, you can find all the necessary information detailed in bullet point form below:

  • All players in multiplayer mode will take control of Aiden, but to halt confusion you (as Aiden) will see your opponent as a regular NPC – this is to establish your involvement with the main protagonist, never breaking your contact with him. 
  • Players must hack or be hacked in this environment in a stylised cat-and-mouse chase.
  • If another player tries to install a virus onto your phone, you must hunt down the hacker and infiltrate their mission before they take you down – a race against the clock as the virus percentage creeps higher.
  • You can enter someone else’s game and act as a voyeur.
  • You can also enter their game and act as an obstacle within their mission, ie. hit them with a car before they stop the crime. (Disabled during main and side missions, however.)
  • Lots of missions in multiplayer where you must protect the other player.
  • Have the ability to turn off multiplayer mode.


  1. Uhh hello! I can twit for this fun it look great. muliplaer for mother and i to pla is aweome . wate is it local multiplyer?


    1. WTF ARE YOU!? You look like some worm mutant fishy freak, sorry if i sound mean but damn you look like worm alien weirdo freak. Ben?? what kinda name is that Benny Bee Barry Ben Lenny lol. You should grow up and learn to survive without your mom all the time.


    2. Hello, I can’t wait for this game. It looks so fun and great. The multiplayer will be fun for my mother and I to play. Wait, is it local multiplayer?*


  2. See that’s what I can’t stand about thing like you can join someones game and mess with their mission. It’s a freaking trolls paradise and a lot of people will just turn this feature off and ruing it for the people who wants to play nice!


  3. That mode sounds perfect for an Assassins Creed style multiplayer game, adding it to the single player will make me paranoid, just like Pierce. Plus playing offline 2 player on Wii U sounds plausible, one person with a pro controller and TV, the other with the gamepad


  4. Sounds pretty fun to me and if other ppl trying to sabotage me increases the challenge then I’m perfectly fine with that


      1. I think you’re reading the community wrong.
        That’s the kind of behavior you can expect on pretty much every version EXCEPT for the Wii U, barring occasional exceptions.


      2. Actually, it’s probably just the Codfags on the xbone that will be doing that. All communities will have there minority trolls.


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