Sonic Lost World Wasn’t Influenced By Sonic X-Treme


The head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka has explained to Sonic Stadium that the immensely fun looking Sonic Lost World wasn’t influenced by the cancelled SEGA Saturn game Sonic X-Treme. Lizuka said that the game wasn’t at all influenced by Sonic Extreme and that the development team for Sonic Lost World don’t actually know about Sonic X-Treme, so it’s all new. Many Sonic fans have pointed out the similarities between Sonic Lost World and Sonic Xtreme, but Lizuka denies that there is any relation between the two.

“No. Not at all. Actually, the developers of this game don’t know about Sonic X-Treme so it’s all new.”


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  1. Parkour in my Sonic game?
    No more stopping when I hit a small ledge?
    Letting me choose the speed I run at?

    All of these are a yes, please.
    This game’s going to do great.

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  4. What ? the developers dont know about Sonic Xtreme. They work for SEGA. They are workin on Sonic the hedgehog game and they dont know about Sonic Xtreme ? well it doesnt matter where it got its inspiration Lost world looks awesome anyway, but you would think that they tooked inspiration from their own game.

  5. Of course, who said that? This was obviously inspired by Super Mario Galaxy and, to a lesser extent, Super Mario 3D Land.

  6. So, Lost World just happened to have planet like stages, and 6 monsters created by eggman? Puuuure coincidence. FUCK YOU! TELL US THE TRUTH OR WE’RE NOT BUYING YOUR GAME!

  7. People say this game was influenced by Mario Galaxy. Nintendo’s involvement, some elements and even graphics to an extent help prove that. That said, some have said in the past, when Galaxy first came out, that IT was influenced a bit by Sonic Xtreme. If that’s all true, this game STILL was influenced by Sonic Xtreme, whether or not the developers ever knew about the game. You would think that developing for a historic character like Sonic though, that you would know his history of games and such.. Maybe that’s why nobody can seem to take the formula from Sonic 3 & Knuckles and apply it to 3D gaming?


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