Ubisoft Will Continue To Invest In Wii U


Tony Key, senior VP of sales and marketing at Ubisoft, has stated that the company will continue to invest in Wii U. The news comes after Ubisoft said earlier today during an investors meeting that they will be reducing their plans for Wii U following what they described as a soft launch. Key says that the development studio has just as many titles coming on Wii U this year as they did after launch. He said this was because the console isn’t as resource-intensive to make games for it.

“We did not take a big risk with all those launch titles on Wii U. [Wii U game] development isn’t expensive — some Wii U games are versions of games for other platforms, like Assassin’s Creed. And we continue to invest in that system. We have just as many titles coming on Wii U this year as we did after launch, because the system isn’t as resource-intensive to make games for it. We continue to believe that the Wii U will find its audience. We saw some good games [during Nintendo Direct this week]. We’re confident that the Wii U is a good place for us to do business, and we can make money there.”


      1. You DO know that those aren’t the only games they make? :P

        (You’d probably gotten that idea from the picture that the blogger posted, which is just that: a random picture related to the subject).

  1. As Yahtzee said, UbiSoft back peddling when it realised PS4 and XBone might be terrible so it doesn’t want to burn the Nintendo bridge when the other two might spontaneously combust.

    1. How is PS4 terrible? It’s just XBox One that’s terrible.

      All we need this gen is Wii U and PS4.

  2. If they provide us with entertainment, we’ll provide them with money, which’ll let them provide more entertainment, and so on!

  3. Hahaha, wtf!
    This is happening? =S They say something, then…. WTF Ubisoft! You were the only company to trust besides your bad decisions(rayman legends), but if your keeping this “We will/ Will not support” thing, your gonna screw up your reputation!

    1. Keep in mind Ubisoft is a company, not just one person.

      Just because one person says something in public, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the truth nor the opinion of everybody in the company.

      1. But the truth is that The Crew and The Division are not confirmed for the Wii U which may be that Ubisoft is leaning more towards the they will support the Wii U but they won’t give us the next gen titles unless they confirm it months after the initial announcement.

  4. I have a feeling me calling out Aisha Tyler on Twitter had something to do with this clarification. Atleast I’d like tho think so…

  5. Now why isn’t Ness replying. Yet when it was bad news he replied. Tsk tsk, tsk I guess cowardly Ness was wrong AGAIN!!!

    1. Remind me to never piss you off. BTW, proving a few trolls wrong is only going to make it worst.

  6. Ok………… guys please call of the attackers to ubisoft…. they have cleared up the confusions. Sigh……..

  7. Man, Ubisoft is like one of those cartoon characters that rapidly switches personality from loving to angry.

    1. Actualy at least we have wiiu games coming from them not much but a million times better than ea.

  8. What they actualy said too is that they would not make wiiu exclusives and im fine with that.

  9. To be honest, I think Ubisoft are being fair.

    They’re not canceling any games. They’re still bringing games that look good, Watch Dogs, Rayman, Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed (if you’re somehow not fed up with that series yet).

    Considering the rough time the Wii U, I think this is a good compromise from Ubisoft. They want to support the system, but it needs to sell more units before they can invest more time into new games.

    They’ve got about 5 or 6 games on the way for the Wii U. With Nintendo’s next wave of games coming soon, around the same time as some of Ubisofts games, the system sales will improve, and Ubisoft should sell more units of their games.

    They’re being wary about the Wii U because of the struggles it’s had. But they still want to support it, and will do so once it starts performing better.

    I think that’s fair.

    Plus, they say Wii U development isn’t expensive. That’s a good thing for everyone.

    1. Actualy at least we have wiiu games coming from them not much but a million times better than ea.

  10. And that is why the Wii U is not getting versions of The Division or The Crew. Two awesome games that I would like to play.

    1. Actualy those games are a huge risk for ubisoft cause they dont have the back up of a current gen version. If they do well we will se them on wiiu.

      1. I see the risk with those game with the fact that both of them require online play, which from what we have seen with game on the PC like Diablo 3 or Sim City, it is not as stable yet to do that.

  11. I love ubisoft but I think whats really gana get more third party support. if Nintendo show wii u at maximum graphics and hardcore game then and only then will Nintendo become feared once again. but now they seem more like mom friendly.

  12. as long as they bring in the games that matter, i’m fine with that. The Division would really be awesome if on Wii U too.

  13. “We have just as many titles coming on Wii U this year as we did after launch, because the system isn’t as resource-intensive to make games for it. ”

    Are they saying that console is too weak for games like Division and Crew, or that Nintendo does not have the servers for games like those?

    It is ok, if they make a game that simply is not possible for Wii U, but they should be honest with it.
    And not lie their ass off like EA.

  14. Ubisoft is being a total troll with all this flip flopping. A week ago they said the Wii U is stupid and a lost hope. Now they’re saying they like to develop for it. What the hell haha

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