Ubisoft To ‘Reduce Plans’ For Wii U, Expects Price Cut


Ubisoft – formerly a large supporter of Nintendo’s home console the Wii U – has announced plans to reduce their third-party support following the software launch. The news comes after Ubisoft’s E3 show host Aisha Tyler said in an interview with IGN that the console appears to be an abandoned platform, resulting in no new Wii U exclusives. Following a recent investors meeting, Ubisoft has pulled back support until, allegedly, a price cut is announced to boost sales – senior research analyst David Gibson revealed on Twitter:

“Ubisoft at investor meeting said it has reduced plans for WiiU following soft launch and expects price cuts given sales and weaker yen”.

100 thoughts on “Ubisoft To ‘Reduce Plans’ For Wii U, Expects Price Cut”

  1. Im surprised they didnt announce a price cut.

    You can see Nintendo is struggling to build up games to release and get momentum going, but what’s worse is they’ve kinda acting cocky…

    1. A price cut now would be stupid, because they need a price cut when the other consoles arrive. And they just can’t have 2 price cuts in a 6 month span.

      The price cut will come, and it will come a month or so before the other consoles launch. Which is the right time to do it, because thats also when their heavy hitters start coming out.

      A price cut now, with no new games to go with it wouldn’t be as successful.

    2. They’re not cocky. If they were cocky, they’d be like Sony.

      No, what they are is being completely delusional. They are so out of touch with reality itself. I don’t care if they’re not trying to compete with the others, because even by themselves they’re not working at their best.

      1. I’m not saying you don’t have points, but your cynicism and overall asshole attitude just pisses me off, fuck off. I want a discussion not to talk to a whiney all high and mighty pretentious shit.

        1. I’m surprised you don’t piss yourself off, because your attitude is much more unsavory than mine. And I like that you attack me right off the bat even though I haven’t said anything in direct offense to you. Between you and me, I’m the better person.

          Also, I’ve been far less cynical than you’ve been in recent days.

    3. not sure that is needed they need to show that the console exist first or theyll never sell more wii u even if the price is cut

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA where is your 3rd party now nintendrones? lol even a publisher that believed in this system abandoned it! LOL

    1. Dude get off, your pitiful. Ubisoft is just money greedy, and other companies are to or either going to be. Don’t like Nintendo? Get the hell away from this site.

    2. Ubisoft is totally blind. So they see more opportunity in the Xbone than the Wii u? Really. Wow. Let alone the Xbox one is not going to be sold in japan. So that’s even less revenue for 3Rd party developers. Will see what happens. But who cares, that’s Nintendo’s problem. I just want Ray man Legends and Pikmin 3. Besides, Wii U’s proved its powerful with only 3 cores. That’s all that matters to me.

    1. Even if Ubisoft dropped all support, canceled announced games, removed the old games from eShop and individually visited every home with wii u smashing all discs and wiping all wii u’s of their games.
      They still wouldnt be worse than EA.

  3. Lol i think ubisoft is in all his rights to do that until the console prosperidad but a comediant that is giving the news? Hahahah.

  4. Kind of an alarming trend at this point. Nintendo could be in serious trouble. They can’t get by with only 1st/2nd party releases, especially not with PS4/Xbone around the corner

    1. To be quite honest, they can.

      I’d rather they didn’t. There are lots of third party games I’m interested in.

      But Nintendo could quite easily surivive on their own.

      1. Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it? Back then, we always thought that, even without third parties, Nintendo’s first parties were so strong that they didn’t need third party support. But look at them now, their first party offerings are so damn weak. When you’ve got both weak third and first parties, what do you have left besides people too willing to buy your stuff?

        1. The WiiU has been around for less than a year, and games developed for it so far may not hold up to your standards because Nintendo has had quite a small window to work with it. Take that gloom and doom mentality and bury it somewhere, jeebus.

      2. They did it with the Gamecube .. and plus even if the WII flops one bad sytem gen will not kill them they have money and plus the 3ds is one of the best selling things right now

    2. Yes they actually will survive regardless. Now it looks like Wii U is going to be another Wii. WIll have to get it to play good first party titles, and the rest will be ported to ps4/xbox1. Just for most people 1 console will be enough, and ps4 then is better to choose actually

    1. If you do that you are proving them is true. I will try to get all the good ubigames then when the xbone flops and they need to make the wiiu version i will not buy them.

      1. I will buy the wii u games, but on pc side they might see even less support from me, if they start acting as difficult as ea.

  5. It’s because they can’t compete against Nintendo games probably. It’s a shame, Nintendo’s basically gonna be going up against every other publisher on the ps4 just like they did with the wii against the ps3

    And they’ll probably still come out on top

  6. Maybe sales would have been better if they hadn’t delayed their killer app for seven months. Just saying.
    This is outrageous, blaming Nintendo for THEIR OWN treason.

    1. no you are wrong, Nintendo fans are being delusional just like Nintendo is, you cant blame ubisoft for with drawing support when Nintendo themselves have barely supported the wii u since launch, just look at the list of first party games form Nintendo since the wii u launched, they have not even bothered to release a proper game which is a proof of concept for the game pad yet, ubisoft done a better job at that with zombi u, meanwhile all Nintendo releases is Nintendo land which is just a lazy mish mash of mini games, and then super mario u, which is just a lazy up res version of new super mario wii, it even recycles most of the art assets, and pikmin is just not main stream enough, and even that has been delayed like crazy, just what the hell are they doing?

      And now after every Nintendo fan pinned their hopes on e3, all we get is a recycled version of super mario 3d land for 3ds,but in hd and with recycled assets for the wii u and renamed super mario 3d world, LMAO! this is the big 3d mario which is supposed to convince people to get wii u? compare it to mario 64, mario sunshine, and mario galaxies 1 and 2, it a complete joke! and then after hyping all the fans about retro and their secret game, we find out it too is a recycled, rehash of donkey kong country returns, with assets recycled, but now in hd, and on wii u, wtf???????

      With no advertising, no promoting, no 3rd party support, and most of the big worthwhile games, like monoliths x, and bayonetta 2 which by the way look awesome, but to have to wait till next year for these is taking the piss!! even zelda wind waker hd is a recycled, rehashed, asset re used hd upscale of a older game, anyone noticing a pattern here? Nintendo is taking the piss, with its fans, WAKE UP AND DEMAND MORE YOU SHEEPS!!!!

      1. Dude really? Who told you Mario is a rehashed 3ds game? It was made from the ground up after that game! Stop it. You people its alot wiser to be more positive, because being such whiney asses wont help. According to you EVERYTHING is a3ds game. Thats just not true.

  7. We will prosper even if we do not have any pathetic support from these lower lifeforms!

    Atleast Warner Brothers seems commited about the same considering the new Batman is coming to both the Wii U and 3DS…

  8. Im such a social reject i go to nintendo sites just to laugh and troll on people because im a 30 year ol virgin with no life and i am mad bro i rather have these Gamez on the xbox 1 because the xbone is hard and big oooohhh

  9. It wouldn’t have been so unsuccessful if you hadn’t delayed one of its most successful titles seven whole months just to port it to other consoles!

  10. WHat is hard for me to understand is that PS4 price is 399$, about 10 times more powerful console with 500gb HDD, vs a weaker 32gb that costs 350$.
    If you go to market and think of buying something, then for sure people will get ps3. That’s just 50 bucks more for a console with more future.
    So yes price cut is needed here for nintendo

    1. I was thinking about this too and I believe the reason is the GamePad. It’s expensive. It probably costs a lot more than PS4’s controller. And is the “10 times more powerful” bit confirmed?
      And just remember that the Wii U is built to utilise multiple GamePads at once while remaining smooth. It’s more powerful than we think.

  11. After Xbox practically dug its own grave, I can see a lot more support going into the PS4 and Wii U (Me, for example). With bundles of awesome first party releases on top of that, the Wii U will ‘do a 3DS’ and come in to its own well after release!

  12. To play devil’s advocate, I think Ubisoft is being fair.
    They gave 100% to help make WiiU successful. They gave us a fuck load of great games, and Nintendo has done practically shit to move consoles.

    If I were Ubisoft, I would do the same thing. Tell Nintendo, “When you decide to take your console seriously, (in 2014) then we will begin taking WiiU seriously.
    Ubisoft hit te beaches in full force, with little help from Nintendo. With the low adoption rate, it’s going to take time for Ubisoft to recoup the Money they’ve invested in WiiU.

    Nintendo launched the WiiU with their pants down, and didn’t have shit ready. As a die hard Nintendo fan from day oneX having spent God knows how much on their software and hardware, I’m really pissed.

    If it wasn’t for MiiVerse, I would put my WiiU in the fucking closet and just game on my 3DS until next year.

    I really hope Nintendo get’s hit with a shit-storm to open their eyes and get their shit together.

    Maybe handheld excluse isn’t a bad thing… With a device to let us play on the TV when we want….

    1. I agree, I’m a huge Nintendo fan myself, and to see what they discussed this e3 disappointed me. Mario kart 8 looks great but won’t come until next year. The new 3D mario looks rushed, a fucking cat costume? Where is the creativity? I still play my Wii U daily, but I’m getting fed up not having anything else to play on it. I’ll be getting Pikmin 3 day one, but other than that I’m not sure.

    2. Jased_Drybones..You have a valid point. I think k for most Wii U owners like myself and you, Miiverse has been the Wii U’s saving grace. If not for Miiverse (due to the lack quality software) , I probably wouldn’t turn on my console.

    3. They’ve been more than fair, not just to the Wii U but also to the Wii. Even when everyone ditched Nintendo back in the days, Ubisoft stuck with Nintendo all the way. It is perfectly normal to reach the end of your patience when the one you’ve supported all along starts to distance itself from you.

  13. If You guys want to help Nintendo, don’t worship them.
    Write them letters, emails, whatever- telling them we want 1st party games/ system sellers so we can get the 3rd party support that comes with a larger install base.

    Just rolling over and saying “Oh Nintendo is perfect” HURTS Nintendo.
    They need to hear from their FANS that this cluster fuck is not acceptable. Then they will make the changes they need to succeed.

    1. Most true comment ever.

      There’s a point where Nintendo just does what they want, and that’s fine most of the time, but i think 3D World, and just a lack of people saying “this game was good, but this is better” hurts them. Like people who think Sticker Star is good….NO! It’s not! Let them no it isn’t so they dont fuck up again, but everyones just like “oh Nintendo, 10/10″, i mean come oooon.

      Then there’s people that are like “durr make it more like Ocarina of Time”, or “i want it to be more like Super Metroid”, that just fuck up software and give us games like Other M.

      1. Like, Nintendo doesn’t know we fucking hate Sakamoto, and his shitty writing and butchering of Samus’ character, so honestly, if Nintendo came out with a new Other M style game, with a story just as piss poor, i wouldn’t be surprised.

        1. Nah, I’m pretty sure they know why the majority didn’t like Other M. I enjoyed it but did notice the weird character development. I still think it was good, 7.5-8.2 but definitely not their best.

          If I was the developer and worked hard on my game, I would be checking reviews nonstop to see what my fans thought of it. Trust me, they know.

        2. I’m now afraid they are going down this road, especially with Samus’ new appearance the way it is in Smash Bros. I mean, for all we know it’s just to keep up with the recent game, but even so, it’s not like they COULDN’T do it. They could even do what SE did and unnecessarily prolong the Other M into a trilogy, where the final title is “Samus Returns: Metroid Dread” *shivers*

      2. I haven’t even played it and thought it looks stupid. I have the first two and LOVE them, but Paper Mario is losing its touch.

    2. Agreed, they need to open their eyes to the truth, from REAL fans. I shall send an email to them today sometime.

    3. I didn’t realise that any but the most delusional were happy with this situation, the question is what would you suggest Nintendo do about it?

      DRM is anti-consumer and obviously something we don’t want, trying to buy out 3rd parties turns it into a bigging war which Sony and MS can easily win due to having more division to fall back on other than gaming and the partnerships haven’t gone too well either with Nintendo having to outright pay to get some kind of exclusivity.

      The Wii U isn’t super powerful but it’s a more than serviceable console which could handle a lot of great games and ports. It’s the lazy devs and publishers caught up in their own egos and enjoying the dick-stroking that Sony and MS are more prone to give them that’s the problem, not to mention many of these same publishers seemed quite happy with the idea of the Xbone’s DRM.

      There’s very little Nintendo can do if a dev/pub simply does not want to know.

  14. Not surprised. Ubisoft comes correct for system launches and had great games for Wii U, I bought several of them. Let’s also keep in mind we don’t buy nintendo hardware for 3rd party software, it’s just an added bonus. This type of messaging should open some ears at Nintendo tho and not be taken lightly.

    1. @Jchymes10.. Respectfully, part of the reason we aren’t getting 3rd party support, is the statement you just made, “we don’t buy Nintendo hardware for 3rd party software.” That’s a HUGE problem. Why? Because it’s been said so often that I think it’s scared some developers into not making games for Nintendo hardware, due to not thinking they can make a profit. Perception us everything, and if we keep putting that out there we are going to end up with no 3rd party support, not even shovelware. No doubt, Nintendo has to lead. As much as I dislike Microsoft business practices, I’ll give them credit. They don’t mind spending money on obtaining games, such as, Titan Fall and project spark. Both those games look good. Plus they have acquired five studio’s I believe. Sony is pretty much doing the same. This, I think, gives third party developers confidence in creating games for those consoles, because they aren’t shouldering all the financial responsibility. Nintendo partnered with Sega and Platinum, but they need to do more. I think since Ubisoft has been such a strong supporter, they should partner with them to get the crew and the division. Also, may a Zombi U 2 exclusive. Also, Nintendo is wasting to much time with these party games. Don’t get me wrong, they’re okay. However, they aren’t going to sell the console, only heavy hitters. Games, such as, X, Mario kart, or smash Bros can do that. I really expected Mario kart to be ready this holiday season. Not only would it have been a great multiplayer, but a perfect game to show off the strengths of the Wii U. Every resource should be made into having a heavy hitter like that ready for the holidays. Then once sells pick up, hen go back and finish Wii party or Game and Wario. I think many developers maybe thinking the same thing. So as sad as I’m to hear Ubisoft reducing support for the time being, from a financial standpoint, I understand. However, I do urge every Wii U owner to do one thing, don’t buy Just dance 4. Why? Because if companies feel that they can put cheap software/shovelware on the Wii U like they did with the Wii, and make a profit, they’ll continue to do that and we really won’t see any of the wonderful 3rd party games that will be released this next gen!

      1. Agree. At least you make sense. I am a die hard Nintendo fan but I am not a blind sheep. I don’t defend them if they are wrong. Good post.

  15. Yep, the Wii U is another Wii. To play the triple A games we need to get another console. Just look at Ubisoft’s “The Division” and “The Crew” , those games look awesome but no Wii U version for sure.

  16. That possibly means we won’t be getting AC5 and Watch Dogs 2.
    Then in 2014 they realize Xbox One is a failure and Wii U sales pick up thanks to Mario Kart 8, X, Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash.
    In 2015 Ubisoft comes back to Nintendo.

    1. I wouldn’t say they’d come back way into 2015. I think they’d be back before that. I just wonder how this’ll affect their relationship with Nintendo. Nintendo might feel a bit betrayed by this.

      1. I think you have it backwards. Nintendo betrayed Ubisoft. It is not Ubisofts responsibility to sell consoles. It is also not their responsibility to release games for Wii U but they did. what system sellers has Nintendo given us for the last 8 months?

  17. It’s the Nintendo tree house in Redmond washington I keep on telling people. They need to drop that mess and say, ” eat your hearts out, it’s Nintendo.”

  18. If dumb Ubisoft was smart, they should have released Ray man Legends when they said it would be released for Wii U. That game would have remained 10 ten selling Wii u for quite a while. That was dumb on Ubisoft. Now it will be released against Nintendo Exclusives. It can’t compete with no Nintendo game. But who cares, Wii U has 3 cores that act like 6 cores. That’s all that matters to me.

  19. I’m reading all these haters comments. No longer criticising the Wii U, now the games and design. You guys discuss me. What you want is Nintendo to come out with 15 first person shooting exclusives like Xboxone. Fuck that I like my choices of types of games.

  20. the game line up reveled was a POOR one and they’re not going to help sell Wii Us, the console is in trouble. Look at all the great games headed for PS4 and all we get are remakes, rehash and MORE SIDE scollers! Wii U is dead in the water.

    1. How is a console that stunned everyone with Mario Kart 8 and SSB dead in the water?
      But somehow, miraculously, the PS4 and Xbox One are not getting remakes and rehases, and will take off?
      Oh come on, these double standards disgust me

  21. So UbiSoft has stuck by the Wii U with not many exclusives for the past 6 months and decides to pull back right before Nintendo announces a bunch of new exclusives? Oh the irony. But just as long as they don’t take away Assassin’s Creed 4 or Splinter Cell I think they’ll change their minds once games like Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D World and Super Smash Bros. start coming out

  22. I don’t get it, the Wii U is already cheap at $350, PS4 at $400, and Xbox1 at $500, how CHEAP do people want it!?

  23. Somehow, I saw this coming.
    I really don’t hate Nintendo at all, in fact, they’re my favorite, but this cycle is so damn annoying.

    – Nintendo releases console
    – Nobody wants to release games for it because it’s Nintendo
    – Nintendo takes a while with first party releases
    – Nobody buys the console because of a lack of games
    – Developers and publishers only release half assed ports
    – Nobody buys them because of that
    – Developers use that as an excuse not to develop for the Wii U and go for the more mainstream appeal
    – Very few develop quality games for Nintendo consoles throughout the generation, with almost all blockbuster hits coming to MS and Sony.

    Seriously, they didn’t even try.

  24. FUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!! You know how bad you fucked up Nintendo? Most of the third party games on Wii U for your sizzle reel were made by Ubisoft. Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, Assassin’s Creed IV, and Watch_Dogs. You really fucked up. You’re not only hurting yourselves, you’re hurting everyone else. You should have had a price drop with a Mario Kart 8 bundle by at least early December with Super Mario 3D World launching in November and also pushed for Bayonetta 2 and possibly X to be ready by holiday season 2013. Those would have been bomb shells but no you fucked up your holiday season and will not sell well at all. You are going to get your ass kicked by Playstation 4 and possibly last gen consoles. That’s going to make NO ONE want to develop for your system and you know what? That’s going to suck for me as your loyal customer that’s being pushed into supporting other systems. You really let us down Nintendo. You should have made Retro make a new IP with the hardcore game in mind that could compete with the exclusives that Playstation 4 and Xbone are getting but no you fucked that up. Also you missed out on Kingdom Hearts III? WTF?!!! Even Xbone is getting that. If I were you I would’ve have thrown a TON of money at Square Enix to have that game come to Wii U as an exclusive for at least some time. Also where is Metal Gear Solid 5? Once again you fucked that up because people were expecting it because of that Miiverse leaked photo. Fuck you Nintendo! Just fuck you.

    1. hahahhahahahahahhahahha, finally someone else on here sees how bad nintendo has been for the last so years. im ditching nintendo, they will be my favorite in a way, but im not going to wait for there bullshit anymore. the wii u will be my last nintendo console and if x sucks its going in the trash.

  25. Price he nothing to do with it. In the UK some places took up to $100 off and it did nothing. Nobody buys a system that has no games they want to play its that simple its all about the games. Personally besides Watchdogs Ubifail can fuck off. But business wise they should just put games on Wii U and PS4 in the 8th Gen. Xbox One will have piss poor sales. Wii U is the. Cheapest of the 8th Gen systems. No need for Nintendo to lose more money.

  26. I gave Nintendo a chance waiting for their E3 to blow my socks off. What do we get now? Nothing. Actually I shouldn’t say that because they gave us Wii Fit Trainer as a character in smash bros. (Sarcasm)
    Now people are saying it again, just wait they have something up their sleeves. Well, if they do then freaking release it or give us a preview! Fans including me were saying, the reason why they aren’t having a big conference is they will focus on games. Bombs. But no, its because they have NOTHING!

  27. As a big Nintendo and Sony fan (since day one)….. i need to say this, NINTENDO IS FAILING!!!

    Sony did the right thing…. and about Microsoft, i thought the Xbox One is going to be a success but they screwed themselves just like Nintendo. Xbox One has games but its like a prision…. i dont want that.

  28. To be fair to Ubisoft, they supported the Nintendo from day 1. I even see them using the gamepad in a more innovative way than Nintendo itself. Compare Nintendo games that came out and Ubisoft’s games- who uses the gamepad better at this point? Nintendo gave us New Super Mario Bros Wii U which is supposed to be a system seller but what use is the gamepad for that? Ubi gave us Zombi U, and uses the gamepad like its second nature. They will do that again for Splinter Cell and Watch Dogs.

    Ubi invested a lot for Nintendo’s fanbase. Of course as a company and in business they want to recover their investment. Also, Nintendo will be releasing their first party titles in full force this year and 2014 which would rival the sales of any 3rd party game. Would you think 3rd party publishers would risk fighting over customer’s money if they know that the userbase that we have now is mostly loyal Nintendo fanbase.

    I see comments above saying f*ck Ubisoft. Really? If there is a company to blame, its Nintendo. Do they still care for their loyal fans? Look at what they did at E3 2013. Did they give what their fans want? Let’s say a Metroid or a new IP? Nope. They gave us Donkey Kong which is the “secret” project of Retro for the last 3 years. We have to wait ’til 2014 for most of the good games. Where was Zelda Wii U again which was shown on E3 2011. It has been 2 years and counting. Nintendo needs 2-3 more years to finish it. Are they even ready to support the console with games when they released Wii U? Weren’t there lots of titles promised during launch? All delayed. Some are even delayed for more than a year or two.

    Let’s be real here…

  29. Oh man. Not UbiSoft too! *face palm*

    Yeah, I was hoping to hear about a price cut at E3, but I didn’t. I was also hoping to hear about some new Wii U colors and special editions, and I didn’t. I won’t buy a Wii U until a special color comes out. I won’t make the same mistake as I did with the original Wii.

  30. Sell wise the Wii U has sold more than the ps3/360 did in the same amount of time after release .. now i don’t think the blame falls on the N here when the Wii U was shown at E3 we had all these 3rd party devs talking g about how great it is .. they had all these great ideas for the game pad and then they slowly started to pull their support not even months after it was hitting shelves .. now also we had a a lot of devs even before it came out saying that it was weird to work on and that it couldn’t handle their engines and games and a few of them saying that it wasn’t next gen .. we had reports of it being less powerful than the 360/ps3 it got a lot of bad press before it even came out and when it did it still sold .. like i said it sold more than the ps3/360 during the same amount of time … we all know a lot of the better first party games dont come out till a few years after they systems come out as far as 3rd party devs go we got little ports and some just gave us half assed ports missing some game play and DLC .. i don’t get some of you guys getting upset about the Mario 3d game they shown you seem to think that it cancels out the possibility of another Mario game . i think the Wii U had a hard fight a head of it any ways because the media loves to bash N for some reason i don’t know why .. i say give a few more years to show what it can do i bet this holiday season it will sell a lot better and i do see a price cut coming all this was being said about the 3ds also now look its one of the best gaming things sold today

  31. I hope Nintendo maintains relations with the devs they’ve approached, simply because that lessens the chance we’ll miss out on something. However, the hype for Ubisoft games has quickly diminished for me. I was interested in Rayman, AC, and Watch_Dogs for a time, but by now I have no plans to buy any of them. I just don’t care. However, I think some announced games may bode well, and Ubisoft has a strong presence. And if they make a new red Steel, I’ll buy it day one.

  32. nintendo is fucking bullshit they have nothing!!!!! geeze it took some of you guys this long to figure that shit out!!!!!! you guys have been shit in the face by them for like 5 years!!!!! at least sega went all out and at least didnt slap fans in the face with the dreamcast!!!! they can at least pick up shadow of the eternals, SOMETHING!!!!!! fatal frame hd collection with never fucking released fatal frame 4!!!!!! nintendo needs new managment!!! (spit!!!) they make me sick!!!!! (pukes!!!!!) thanks for being such great fans!!!!! FUCK YOU, why do you have any fans!!!!!! ive been on a string for 5 years!!!!! its going to cut and im not even going to buy any of your shit anymore!!!!!!! now that one thing 1st party isnt even delivering!!!!! that string is going to cut!!!!!

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