Animal Crossing: New Leaf Sells Over 200,000 Copies In Less Than A Week


Animal Crossing: New Leaf was released in North America on June 9th – less than a week ago from today. Nintendo has revealed, via the official Nintendo 3DS Facebook page, that the game has already sold over 200,000 copies in North America alone. The game, which we’ve heaped praises on in our review, is available for purchase at both retail and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.


    1. ive personal never really heard of animal crossing since the wii version (which i haven’t played also) ive seen a little gameplay and it looks pretty good! what do you guys think?

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  1. Came here hoping to see comparisons to how other first party Nintendo games sold within their first week. Was disappointed, had to use google. I expect better journalism from Alba :)

    1. Definitely get the game. It’s amazing fun. Keep in mind it’s different than your typical games but you feel great accomplishment doing ask the tasks and just living in your town

  2. Everyone on my friend code list is playing it, take that all of you haters. Its between this and pokemon now for the title of “best 3DS seller ever” now fight!

    1. Fire Emblem Awakening should also be in the mix. Hell, I got it’s 3DS model because of the game.

    2. FYI Pokemon will tear Animal Crossing a new asshole in sales.
      Animal Crossing is at 3 mill in Japan. Pokemon X and Y will get to about 6 mill in Japan within 3 months… :)

  3. only people who play animal crossing are retarded lonely child molesters who pretend to be animals. just what nintendorks like to do, is be pathetic and plat shitty shovelware.

    1. So you just called 3.86 million people “pathethic” and “retarded lonely child”?

        1. people who think that nintendo fans are retarded are people who haven’t tried it yet. obviously you’re one of them since you think that you have to pretend like an animal to play the game when the character you control is actually a human. try the game first before you criticize so that you won’t embarrass yourself

          1. you are one bad troll hunter arnt you. why dont you play animal crossing and wii bowling with your grandma. go have fun with your toys.

                  1. not just naughty dog and sony have better games, even the crapbox has better games than nintendo, they cant keep making consoles and they know it.

                    1. We aren’t talking Nintendo here, fanboy, we’re talking your outdated PS3, and then your already outdated PS4. I asked you a question, or are you too stupid to realise?

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    2. You can’t play as an animal in the game…. Get your information straight before trolling ^_^”

  4. I kinda want this game, but, I for some reason never got a 3DS. So, I think I’ll have to skip the 3DS…. *sigh*. BUT! I’ll see if I can get the next Nintendo handheld. I just don’t want spend money on a great handheld and then the next year they announce the “4DS” (jk). When I get a console or handheld, I stick with it for 5-8 years….

    1. It’s never too late to get a 3DS. It’s lifespan is still young and there are a lot more games coming.

      Besides, a gaming generation usually does last for 5-8 years. The DS came out in 2004 and the 3DS in 2011. Everything in between are just redesigns that appeal to people with different needs, not a new console or successor.

        1. you totally should get 3ds, you will raelly not regret. it has so many games. i got it with doubts in december, ever since that i have played dozens of games on it and they just keep on coming like this animal crossing. it has full support and it will be even better in future

    2. Unacceptable soldier, the 3DS is a must get right now. But wait to see if Nintendo and Gamefreak will have bundles for Pokémon X and Y.

    3. Are you crazy ? 3DS is still a baby (2 years old) It has at least 4-5 years of rock solid support left. The 3DS successor won’t be announced till 4 years from now…

      Never too late , and there is allready tons of amazing games on it.

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        1. I don’t play it, I think it is made for children. Some people are into that, who are you to judge?

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        1. Lol , dude what’s the problem of playing animal crossing ?? I mean I don’t play it myself but that doesn’t mean it’s bad , it was designed to be a game for children to play and some adults play with it , no biggy , it’s the same situation as pokemon

    1. Someone please tell me. What and how you play animal crossing. Is it like monster huber where you have random quests like material gathering in the Volcano area? Great quotes nintendo commander.

      1. I have never played it myself but it’s sort of like a simulator where you play “home”…

        You make your own home and town and decorate/create it as you wish etc etc…

        Maybe someone else can explain it better…

      2. maybe some kind of game like sims? except you’re a mayor of town and can do all kinds of things. you have to play it and you will get to know better what u need to do. if you get lost and dont know what to do, go to town hall where isabelle is working, and she gives you each day random little quests, for example bring her a shell from sea, or catch 3 different fishes. and she gives rewards for those. all in all there is A LOT to do in game. its simulation. real day time is game time there

        1. That’s true gamer Rob. You have got me excited in this game. I shall take a gander and purchase this beauty when funds allow.

  6. 4 Million Animal Crossing games sold within a span of 5 months. People didn’t guess the third party support nintendo needed was coming from Microsoft. In 4 days 200 000 sold Animal crossing units. For your Ness and the the other new delusional troll. That’s enough money to support Wii U’s for one year, even if the U didn’t get games. LOL. you probably are mad now.

      1. Yes nintendo commander. Funny that the PSdrones on ign are loving X. They in droves are buying Wii U’s some in the pretext of calling it a second console. Just hiding from their own shadows and ridicule from their peers. They saw sonic and 3D Mario and are salivating for a beautiful month of October. Games after games that month :).

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      1. Hey Man, chill out. Its all good. Getting this fired up over a game like Animal crossing is completely unnecessary. This game is as laid back and casual as it gets. You wanna go on a forum and yell and cuss go to ign and go to The Last of Us forum and join in on all the complaining and freaking out going on there. The game is too short the gameplay stinks and it has game breaking bugs and glitches.

  7. this game is one of the best and most fun games nintendo ever made. its just very cute and is going to make you turn on your 3ds at least a few times in a week a few hours to play it for months or longer

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    3. You’re obviously a Nintendrone too. Otherwise you’d be on a Playstation or Xbox site instead.

  9. It just came out in Australia today and I already spent almost the whole day on it. So much fun c:

    1. I have been spending last WEEK playing it lol! It is THAT good and I’ve only just scratched the surface. 💋

      1. No! Don’t play this game! It’s virtual heroine! You have a life and friends! Don’t get addicted to its seemingly innocent looks!

  10. Well, that game looks great. I’ve played the Wii version and i liked it a lot. But lately I’m trying to make games just a hobbie, with animal crossing you have to play it almost every day. I think it’s just not the moment…

  11. I’m thinking Animal Crossing New Leaf is gonna be the #1 best selling 3DS game for late 2013.

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