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Aonuma Thinking About Capturing The Feeling Of Skyrim With New Zelda


Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has revealed that he is a fan of Bethesda’s critically acclaimed Skyrim. Aonuma was asked whether or not he was looking at any other titles for inspiration for the next generation Zelda title for Wii U. Aonuma replied Skyrim, and said that his intention isn’t to copy the game, but to create something that  genuinely stays with the player. Would you like the next Zelda game to take inspiration from Skyrim?

“Skyrim! [For some reason mention of Bethesda’s fantasy epic tickles him, and he laughs.] Obviously I play other games, and I’m curious what Zelda fans like about the Skyrim experience. Maybe there are some Zelda fans who are looking for something similar out of a Zelda game. But I don’t look at the technology that made these games possible. I don’t look at what’s happening in the game, but how it made me feel, what in the game moved me, and how I can bring out those same emotions in players who play my games. My intent isn’t to copy them, but those are the things that stay with you as a player. It’s not what you see but how the game makes you feel that makes you feel closer to the experience. It’s more about the feeling and expression of emotions in the game, and I do take that into consideration when working on my own projects. It’s like the difference between someone who takes a picture and looks at that picture when drawing a painting, and someone who sees something, keeps it in their head and then tries to recreate that.”

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91 thoughts on “Aonuma Thinking About Capturing The Feeling Of Skyrim With New Zelda”

  1. Aslong as it continues to be and feel like a big Zelda game then I see no harm getting somewhat inspired by it…

    Just make bosses atleast 140% harder than usual…

    Bosses are basically a joke in Zelda games…

    Except Majora’s Mask and some bosses in Skyward Sword…

    1. Zelda’s bosses afe generally good id say. They all use the item in a creative way, TP’s bosses in particular all have battles that are unconventional and centre around that item.

      The only bad boss fight that instantly springs to mind is the one in the Water Temple in OoT. A fucking tentacle.

      1. Too many bosses all just focus on hitting things with an eyeball.

        I’d like them to take notes from Shadow of the Colossus, Dark Souls, and just have bosses that are all memorable in different ways, rather than “use item, smash eyeball, repeat 2 more times”

      2. Though I agree with you that most bosses in the Zelda games, specially the 3D ones are very different to defeat, they are still too easy…

        Like Morpha which you mentioned. it should only have been fought on the 4 platforms alone with only water around and adding an extra tentacle would really have spiced things up…

        I would also like the enemies to be/feel as hard/entertaining as it was in the final moments of SS when Ghirahim called his whole army upon Link…

        And hopefully towns/cities that are bigger too now that you can do more on the Wii U…

        1. I agree when you defeat harder enemies and go through a more immersive world fixing problems, it makes you feel like more like the hero you’re supposed to be

      3. That’s the only reason I never completed twilight princess, was because of the water temple, it was too big and I couldn’t figure it out, still one of my most favorite games even though I didn’t finish it

    2. i’d argue to an extent in newer zelda’s, combat is a joke as well especially in TP where you find more hearts every 5 seconds, it makes potions completely useless, honestly i’d be all for it if they stopped putting human hearts in the grass and other areas, would make planning ahead and potions much more useful.
      I also think thye could make enemies more interesting as well you got tons of moves in skyward sword and TP and yet most enemy’s can be beaten by being wailed on, making most enemies weaker to some attacks or immune to other’s would make things much more interesting imo.

      1. btw thoguth I should probbly add I do still like the ocmbat in the newer zelda’s especially in SS but I just think its too damn easy now, don’t need superhard dark souls level gameplay(although I won’t deny I would love a difficulty level like that) but at least make it a bit more difficult so the player has to think before they attack.

      2. That’s not really to do with combat, more to do with health leveling, other TP has the best combat, it’s got variety, and different enemy types that require different moves.
        A mix of TP’s, SS’s, and a dash of Dark Souls/Witcher’s combat would be amazing.

      3. I agree with the Hearts, they should remove that completely…

        It should be like Metroid Other M where the enemies do not leave health products after you killed them…

        I also think that he should keep the Stamina meter from SS because it made things more interesting in some parts…

        1. hmm I know it might be a bit too dark souls like but maybe inplement the stamina meter into the combat and dodging more as well, that sound’s like a good idea to me, if you could upgrade it similair to the heart meter then even better.

          If there going for a really big world like there hinting at (they said dungeons might be completed in a non linear order so i’m guessing most of the world will be accessible from the start) then I think some bigger optional and hidden dungeons could be thrown into the mix.

          Also dear god ninty throw in a good instrument this time, ocarina and wind baton GOOD, annoyingly forced in harp which leads to awful silent trials BAD.

          1. We are’nt saying remove the hearts(although I don’t really consider hearts to be a main feature that makes a zelda game)
            Just remove them from grass and enemy’s so you have to plan ahead and buy potions or atleast make hearts alot more rare anyway.

            1. IN Skyward That is exactly what they did…well until they put in the “Heart plants” everywhere. If that is what you are referring to then I see the point you are making.

  2. Hnnnnnnnnnnnngggg

    Except the combat will be good in Zelda xD

    Jokes aside, that’s all i wanted to hear, i just want the game to be more open, have that feeling of exploration, have loads of side dungeons and caves to explore, a day and night cycle

        1. His reply was a bit of the top, but Aonuma’s comment is kinda vague. We know next to nothing about the game, but he clearly states he doesn’t want it to be a carbon copy of the game, so there’s really no way of knowing whether it will be disappointing or not.

  3. I hope he makes it harder. SS was the first Zelda I played from start to end and I hardly died…only the final boss was frustrating because of motion controls :P

  4. Oh fuck yes…. Oh fuck yes! MY BODY IS FUCKING READY!!!!!!!! I knew it, more and more I see that Zelda U is going to be the most epic game ever!

  5. It is so weird to think that skyward swords the first game in the timeline, but to me feel like the last, the last as In creativity and visuals, Zelda looks like its changing into something I’m afraid is going to ruin the series, I mean with all this talk of Zelda having Zelda as a playable character, zeldas the next skyrim if this is true, ill cry, I have a feeling windwaker hd was made for the people who love creative cause I don’t think it will go back to for a while, first mario now Zelda, I no your probably going wat Mario’s going great, well from wat I’ve seen from,new super mario bros u 2 Wii, super mario 3dland and world is laziness, the franchise died after galaxy its a shame and I wish they leave mario and focus on other franchise like they didin the 64 and GameCube, anyway back to Zelda, link between world’s has no soul it looks very bland, and has nothing on a link to the past. Zeldas gonna stink this gen I no It

  6. Going to buy Skyrim cause I played it and it was fun, so I definitely buy the Zelda Wii U, but not Wind Waker HD.

  7. I’ve said before that a title in this fashion would be a smart move (granted, I’m not looking for a straight-up reskinned Skyrim). However, I hope the Zelda people at Nintendo continue to experiment with the series and not just make every game after this just like this game. I’m always interested in the new interpretations that come along w/ each new game, from context to visuals (which in turn can effect the mechanics). When a popular form comes along like the Space World 2000 model, suddenly there’s people who decide “that’s what Link is, and he can’t be anything else,” but I do feel he and the series needs to change from time to time.

  8. That would be amazing. The traditional LoZ model is very dated now. Skyrim is hugely popular and received rave reviews, so hopefully a LoZ inspired by it would be something very special.

  9. YES!YES!YES!sometimes when I play skyrim I think “it would be really cool if zelda took ideas from this game.imagine it.tons of different weapons and they could bring magic back to the legend of zelda franchise.while this isn’t any confirmation of anything,it makes me even more aonuma,I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve

    1. Yeah it’d be neat. A more variety of enemies would be nice too. I haven’t played Skyward Sword so I don’t know if it has a diverse enemy base. (I only own OoT, MM and A Link to The Past, on the original consoles.)

  10. I loved Skyward Sword! They should keep gameplay, use whatever art style they want (though, I liked the SS art style…), bring back Epona, add more exploration, and later in the game add a fast way to travel place to place…

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  13. YES!!!! This is exactly what I’ve been saying. Make Zelda U so captivating and amazing that it makes people go out and buy a Wii U just to play Zelda U like some people did with Skyrim. That way Zelda can be the blockbuster hit it deserves to be.

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