Miyamoto On E3: ‘I Didn’t See Any Games I Would Have Liked To Create Myself’


Legendary video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto has confessed that he didn’t see any titles at this year’s E3 event which he would have liked to create himself. Miyamoto was previously spotted playing PlayStation Vita game Tearaway, and presumably he played a few other games. Sadly, it seems as though nothing captured his imagination this year.

“Of course, I would like to know what they do with their machines, but there is no game that I feel the need to go see. So far, from what I’ve seen on the show this year, there does not seem to be any games that I would like to have created myself.”


      1. Or maybe the game didn’t fit the way he created games. He didn’t say they weren’t good, I imagine he enjoyed what he saw. But just because it’s not game he would have liked to develop, doesn’t mean he didn’t think they were good.

    1. Nah, Nintendo only makes baby games and since the other companies make adult games obviously there was nothing that interested him. Just like I am NOT interested in any of Nintendo’s baby games, been there done that.

      1. Yeah Mario Kart 8 , X , Smash bros , Pikmin 3 , Bayonetta 2 , Wonderfull 101 ,DKCTF , Windwaker HD all look way better than anything shown at MS and PS shows.

        1. I think Wind Waker could have had one feature that would make it seem a bit new…

          They could have used the Gamepad screen to act as the Sea Scope too look around 360 degrees while you are sailing…

          I mean that would give it an even deeper feel…

          1. You already can, you can also use the gamepad as the camera item to look around and take screenshots. Correct me if I am wrong.

        2. Ignore such filth, if he’s blind to the fact, let him be. Nothing will change is ignorant opinion. I for one, think Nintendo is doing exactly what they said they are doing, creating games for EVERYONE. When the other 3 mature games come out (Star Fox, F-Zero and Metroid) we’ll see whose saying this still. THEY ALL BETTER MAKE AN APPEARANCE!

        3. Are you a retard or something?!? The two games that contradict anything you said were Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 both of which have been hyped for a while. No gives a crap about Mario remakes so don’t talk about them in such high caliber, there the same as Call of Duty.

          1. Final Fantasy ? lolololol Dead series.

            KH3 yeah , We’ve all been waiting for it for a long time. But would you rather play Smash Bros Wiiu , X and Mario Kart 8 ? I know I would…

              1. That’s because you’re a butthurt Nintendo hater. Kingdom hearts is amazing , but not on the same level as Nintendo’s franchises kid.

        1. But the games on those consoles are obviously targeted at a more mature audience. I’m an adult and I’m not interested in Mario games. Maybe when I was younger but been there done that. (And in case you didn’t notice it is actually mostly adults and grown men that make games). All my adult friends play the other consoles, only kids play the Wii U.

          1. If playing a Mario game or any other “baby” game makes you that insecure of playing a “baby” game, that says more about you than the game! So who is the baby again?

          2. And yet you as an adult dedicate your time to being present here on a site solely based on a company that “only makes kids games.”

            Just another convoluted user here, people. Move along.

          3. Yeah, Knack is for the TRUE HARDCORE AUDIENCE, and Little Big Planet, HOLY SHIT, WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO HARDCORE?! Idiot.

          4. I can’t consider Call Of Doody an adult title. Sorry, but I know more 12 year olds playing that than Mario. Good day, sir.

          5. Kinda iroic that you’re calling yourself Katamari, and stating that you have no interest in kids games.

            And could you define adult games and kids games? I would very much want to know where you draw the line.

          6. Only kids play the Wiiu ? that’s BS . More kids play Xbox 360 than Wiiu mate – Ratio .

            Xbox 360 is full of 12 year olds/high schoolers. FACT.

          7. Im an adult, 37 years young and I love Mario. I have seen Mario sell like hotcakes ever since I was a kid. You are kind of ignorant of the facts to say such things. Heres a tip, if you dont like Nintendo or what theyre doing, just stay at a sony or ms website. That simple.

      2. i saw a really great game nintendo showed… that wasnt for babys… but only none retards actually watched so leaves you out


        Is aimed at adults is it

        The biggest BABYS GAME iv ever seen in my whole life is GTA

        Lol everything sony ms and most 3rd partys do is aimed at BABYS. Wen these idiot im cire 11 year olds grow up and lookback they will go fucking hell ehat was iI thinking


        The way they build these SO CALLED mature games is clearly aimed at kids

        Kiddy games nintendo please stop repeating the same lie from 1980s to today ITS OLD ITS NONSENSE AND EVERY SINGLE GEN IT BACK FIRES YET OUT OF

        Imurturity ie thinking like a BABY u dont ever learn do u

      4. Baby games? Fuck you, you cunt. Katamari? That was a bitch ass baby game for Playstation Japanese cunts, like you. Get the fuck off this Nintendo page if you hate Nintendo, faggot. This is for Nintendo fanboys like myself that jack off to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, not asshole like you that pretend your balls are Katamari’s and roll them over your parent’s faces.

  1. He said the same thing about Halo. He needs to understand that different people like different things.

    1. Different people like different things, tell that to Ness when he thinks DKCTF is a fail. I doubt it. Wind Waker and Animal crossing are rehashed. Look how new Leaf sold. What makes you think Wind Waker want do the same?

    2. All he’s saying is that he personally doesn’t like them… He doesn’t have to learn anything

    3. Exactly, I don’t like Mario games, but the rabid Nintendo fanboys can’t understand that.

      1. ok .. u dont like mario, hows that effect the rest of us. u dont want mario go play last of us or halo on their box… good day.

      2. So you say that you only said you don’t like Mario and Nintendo fans started to insult you ??

      3. Because they’re a bunch of butthurt losers who are upset that 3rd parties now think they’re irrelevant leaving them with just exclusives that are utter shit.

        *cue “oh but my psp port and lego gaem is sah cool!”*

  2. MS conference: 60% FPS 19% original games 1% a stupid reboot of a SNES saga
    Sony 40% FPS 40% Exlclusives 20% P$4 launch announcement
    Nintnedo: 20% Mario games 10% MP games 70% OMFG exclusives

        1. Wrong!
          They didn’t show a Metroid game. They have Retro’s talent working on another baby game. Pikmin is a baby game btw LOL. They didn’t show a Starfox game either. So stop making stuff up.

          1. Dude I’d like to see you try and complete DKR at 100 percent and still tell me it’s a kiddie game…..

              1. I can’t get 100% on no Donkey Kong game. The closes on a Donkey Kong game I got was DK64.

          2. I’m sorry, usually I don’t respond to trolls but….

            Apparently one of the most challenging console platformers, is a baby’s game
            A Real-time strategy game, is a baby’s game

            Also your name is Katamari, a game full of colour and cuteness, which are qualities of these “baby games”…. someone’s name isn’t hypocritical

          3. some of these so called “Baby Games” come from timeless classics i assume you were born in the 00s to not appreciate where some of these games origins lie

      1. Katamari I’m seriously thinking you’re way younger than most of us here and nothing but a troll. Please stop coming here if all you’re trying to do is making yourself looking like a fool.

        When you have a legitimate comment in which you can say why the games Nintendo makes are “for babies” we will listen. But as far as I’m concern you’re just here harassing Nintendo fans just to show off to your friends. Please stop and just go away.

  3. I dont think he is insulting them in anyway he is just stating his opinion on what he likes and yeah i dont see him making or liking those kinda games ….Now my take on it is we have way to many shooters and games that focus on violence … me myself i love a good gore and blood fest but not all the time that’s why i love having plat formers and stuff like that just about every MS or Sony exclusive involves gun play or cars

  4. Hardcore gamers: If guns and fps is the shit, and these Wii U games coming out this year, why did Animal crossing on GameCube and 3DS sell so well in the States?

    1. If fps is the shit, and New Leaf sold 200,000, what makes you think Wii U’s upcoming exclusives can’t?

  5. I will be completely honest now…

    I love Nintendo and probably always will until the day they decide to do the same things the Xbots are doing right now, if ever…

    However when it comes to the point of the Wii U, I think so far they have somewhat failed…

    When the Wii U was first unveiled and they showed these trailers of upcoming games I imagined now that you have a 2nd screen, that the game would in one screen show the main enrionment of the game while the Gamepad is used to check 360 even if the TV screen does not show it…

    Similar to the Panorama View that will come out for the Wii U, if it hasn’t already…

    Using the Gamepad as an inventory, maps or other menu type features is great but to me that’s not what the Wii U is for…

    Like when we saw the short first trailer of Aliens Colonial Marines, when the alien attacks you and you see it up close, I imagined, wow the gamepad will act as the character’s vision, it sees the alien closer while the TV screen shows the game as always and then you had to fight the alien with the gamepad similar to ZombiU when you have to push away a Zombie…

    I really hope the new Metroid and future games are made around these ideas because even the Smartglass can do most of these current features which is not good at all…

    Or use the Gamepad as Black Ops 2 for the Wii U does, 2 players simultanously, or why not have the Gamepad user become the villain of the story or a villain and set new difficulties there for the main player…

      1. Yes but it’s something that can be done very similar in the Smartglass or Vita…

        I want more innovation than touchscreen…

        I mean ultimately it’s all about the games but if you put a machine out there that promotes a second screen with many features then it should be used atleast in some games in a new way of playing, like the examples I gave…

        But of course I will get my own Wii U later this year if everything is in order with things…

        1. you know I thought the new mario game would bring all that innovation .. but it does not like so…

          What I think is that nintendo has got a lot of pressure of increasing the sales of the wiiu, makes sense that it probable why there are bringing mario,zelda,donkey kong etc all in just 5 months.
          They just want their games to come out as soon as possible now.

          1. What’s scaring me more is they’re releasing a lot of good games (Pikmin, The Wonderful 101 etc.) before they release their system sellers (SM3DW, MK, SSBU). How many potential customers will miss out on these great games when commercials for them stop running, before people start buying a Wii U for Mario?

        2. Smartglass has a big disadvantage though.If you hold a tablet, eventually it will get uncomfortable because it was not designed as a video gaming controller to hold for hours.

    1. Agree with you there. The whole concept of making the Wii U was this 2nd screen that was supposed to bring new ways and innovation into playing games. At E3 they showed absolutely nothing that does that. Same old games that could had been done on any console. Looks like they don’t even know what the gamepad is for.

      1. Well it certainly makes it easier to play these games but innovative it’s not quite yet…

        I really hope they have atleast a few games during its lifetime that has these types of features that the Wii U was made for…

        And Metroid should be the most obvious example or F-Zero…

      2. Sony same fps involving humans aiming at other humans. Map located at the bottom right. Gun shown the person holding it. Vision: either you see that characters back or the screen represents what the character is seeing. You call that new?

        1. Sony: Also having the best JRPG support out of the 3 consoles. Apart from PC will have the best indie support too. Have fun FAAAAAAAAAAG

    2. So behind all the smoke and mirrors you were just another doom and gloom crackpot similar to those that lambasted the 3DS early in its life(And before you say you’re not, keep in mind just how exactly you started your comment, by claiming you love Nintendo, but still think they will fail, EXACTLY like the hateful 3DS bashers of the past who no longer stand by their statements as much as they used to), just with extra flair that has finally sizzled out? Nice to know.

      Meanwhile by the end of the year, I’ll be more than happy to laugh at all the skeptics like you (well, moreso than I am now) while you continue to second guess yourselves while probably securing a $600 cable bo… I mean the Xbox One.

    3. Enen though SmartGlass can do a bit of what the GamePad can do, doesn’t mean we’ll see much cool stuff coming from it. Simply because developers don’t want to risk making a game that is dependent on SmartGlass, considing not everyone has a device that can use that feature.

    4. i dont know what black ops 2 u played but i couldnt use that feature, it would only let me use the hud, or off tv play.

  6. Buyers need to be carefull at what they see in E3. When the smoke and lights of the division and the crew ended i could see none where original ideas and thats sad.
    The division = Fredom fighters
    The crew = smuglers run.

    1. Just like Mario Kart, where the originality there, been there done that.
      Wind Waker remake: everything looks the same, even the water effects and sound effects
      Mario game: same stuff we seen before, oh wait, now he can transform into a cat! LMAO that so original.

      What innovation? Of all the games they showed absolutley none uses the gamepad in a unique way that couldn’t be done on any other console. They made the WIi U with a gamepad but looks like they themselves don’t even know what its for.

      1. Isntead of saying the name of games being original on your console of choise you just agreed with me and say that Nintendo did the same lol.

      2. And what’s innovative about Sony’s games. Pikmin was very original BTW. Also Pikmin 2’s two played mode is totally different than Pikmin 3’s. I see Sony copied the innovative SB game BTW. All the other fighting games still is up to 2 players and who ever makes someone gauge go out before time runs out wins.That’s innovative?

          1. And Capcons best RE looks like it was still 4. Nintendo’s sports games are different and yet apply by the same rules EA sports titles must obey.

            1. What’s really different from Halos 1-5? Compared to 3D Mario games from? What’s really different from GTAs 1-5, True Crime, the God Father and Lego City? Compared to Donkey Kong Country titles?

              1. Didn’t crash bandicoop copy Mario Kart? Didn’t Sony bring out a Mario Party Knock off? Didn’t Godzilla Destroy all Monster by EA copy Super Smash. Hell Banjo-Kazooie is inspiration of N64. Diddy Kong racing inspiration of Mario Kart. Yet Nintendo is not innovative but has the most copied software and hardware.

                  1. Move didn’t come out until Wii. Kinect inspiration of Wii. Yet Nintendo still did not put a DVD in none of their consoles.

                    1. Yet its a problem when Nintendo wants to copy their own exclusives. But its OK for other developers yo copy Nintendo’ Exclusives though.

        1. KI on xbone. What’s so innovative about it. Xman, Street Fighter, Marvel’ Tekken, MK. All rehashed. Batman vs Marvel. Super Smash was and still is the only unique fighting game. Plus you can add your own rulz. You can be teams or 4 player rivals. Characters can be big or small. You can increase or decrease the percentage or even add HP or gagues. And even though some Wii U haters are not impressed with the graphics, it has better graphics than the KI supporting a console with 8 cores.

          1. Talking about Nintendo games ain’t innovative. Firstcheck your favorite console’s games first. What’s that one game Xbox bragged about when fish swim away from you and it has night time and daytime? Nintendo did that first. Pikmin, SM64, Animal Crossing, Starfox Adventures.

        2. Dude we can tell ya like nintendo but calm down. You are talking to yourself and looking like a freak.

      3. They did great putting in creative ideas for 2nd screen gameplay in Nintendo Land, but where did the creativity go from there?
        I can understand in Mario Kart and Super Mario’s case, since those games are multiplayer-based games and based on already-existing franchises, but it doesn’t make up for the lackluster E3 showcase of what the Wii U can do that no other console can do.

  7. Almost seems a little petty. It’s like he’s taking a shot at Sony and Microsoft…I guess anything to keep the console wars going

    1. A five year old could’nt understand Pikmin. All their Pikmin would be gobbled up one Day 1. If they played Zelda. They would just go through the village without knowledge of where to really go on their mission. If they played Donkey Kong TF, they would miss the easiest secerts on the first stages. Yet a FPS game they would do better at because you are usually more restricted and have no choice but to go forward and shooting at people. Unless its GTA.

      1. Also. I see the result in Rushing games in order to make it on time for launch compared to waiting until it is really ready. KI supporting an 8 core console vs. Super Smash Bros. Wii U supporting a 3 core console. Which fighting game’s graphics looks better? Yet we just have to wait till 2014 TO PLAY SMB WII U. Unless you want it rushed and have it with bad visuals like KI.

        1. Also, Nintendo wanted to make Pikmin 3 as stressful as Pikmin 1. Therefore it is more hardcore than you think, Pikmin is hardcore!!!

      2. @Jtz..Great points! I’ve constantly said, FPS’s are much more easier for a 5 year old to comprehend because all you do is point and shoot. Whereas with games like Pikmin 3 or Tropical Freeze, there’s a level of strategy you need in order to succeed I’m those games!

  8. Very clever Miyamoto, you are snubbing the competition, in favour of your own creations, just to drive the sales of your games.

    Not showing any respect to sony is dumb.

    Did you realy not like any of their games? you are a miserable old fart.

      1. I did not ignore your comments, I read everybodys comments.

        But, it’s not only my choice whether to respond or not. You seem like you were talking to yourself. talking to yourself is very good for you :)

  9. I’m glad he said what he said. With so many people trying to take cheap shots at Nintendo, I’m glad he casually did the same!

  10. He is a human being, saying this, makes him seem cold, and heartless.

    most old people get this way anyway, so I’m not surprised.

  11. But… so many games shown at E3 were fantastic… If he wouldn’t have made anything like them, then is his new game in development really going to appeal to gamers!? Oh God! It’s going to be WiiU Music isn’t it!

  12. That’s kind of an assholish remark. There were plenty of great games that were shown across all systems.

      1. You are a fool. Ssbb was innovative enough to be copied. Name a Sony game that is innovative. Name me an innovative Sony game?

        1. The Last of US, Knack, The Order 1886, The Witness etc etc

          inb4 hurrr durr fanboy bullshit from jtz

  13. Murdered: Soul Suspect looked really cool, but I’m not sure how much sleuthing you have to do yourself or if the game kind of does it for you. PC for that one though.

  14. I find it a bit conceited of him to say such a thing. It’s a bit sad to hear something like that from Shigeru Miyamoto.

    1. Whats the point of even complaining rather you haters think Nintendo games are innovative or not if you can’t name one Sony game that is?

      1. Sorry but I’m having difficulties at understanding what you are trying to tell me. But I am definitely not a hater.

          1. Tearaway
            The Last of Us
            The Order 1886
            All of them are creative titles coming for Sony’s Playstation 4. And each of them are more innovative than anything Nintendo showed at their Direct event because, well, you can’t tell me that catsuits or hovercrafts make a game innovative. They simply didn’t show anything entirely new and nobody can deny this.
            And uh, no need for caps, I can read normally typed words too.

              1. The Last Of Us looks like a village surrounded by Zombies. Tearaway looked innovative but I thought you Wii U haters wasn’t into gimmics. But it’s ok for Sony to make gimmicy game huh?

                    1. Sorry, I can’t take you seriously. “The Last of us looks like a village surrounded by zombies”. So you’re one of those who judge a game without even knowing what it’s about. That one sentence shows me that I’m pretty much done with you but I will bother to tell you a few other things nonetheless.
                      Okay so,, I have no idea where you pull your hater-bullshit out of but running around and calling everyone who criticizes Nintendo in any way a hater makes you look like a complete idiot.
                      Next, you can’t expect me to explain you all of those games. If you wish to know what they’re about, look it up yourself ffs you got the names after all.
                      Calling Tearaway gimmicky shows me that you’re not even aware of the true meaning of “gimmick”.
                      Then, I suggest you to keep your eyes opened the next time you watch a trailer of a PS4 game, you obviously weren’t looking at them if you say those graphics suck.
                      And one more thing, next time write everything in one single comment instead of making a new one for each sentence, otherwise it seems like you’re talking to yourself.
                      Oh, and you should think of the possibility of people existing who might like more than one single gaming company at the same time. Criticizing one company for something they did doesn’t make anyone a hater. Your behaviour is pathetic, judging people without even knowing them at all except for what they write in 1 single comment.
                      I have no interest in talking with someone as narrow minded as you, don’t expect me to answer to any of your future comments. I do not expect you to answer to this one either.

  15. Wait…didn’t he just also said that he doesn’t care about what the other companies are doing?

  16. OH MY GOD. You haters are all on Nintendo not being Innovative but none of you fuzzbrains can name nothing Innovative about SONY!!!

    1. Considering you think Nintendoland is more innovative than the Last of Us. You can’t be taken seriously ever again.

  17. Velsca. Ohhh look while all the Sony drones are about power and Nuetron, lying about FF15 not being on Wii U because it’s not powerful enough. You trying to make an excuse of PS4’s graphics. For 8 cores those graphics SUCK. Xbone had better visuals than that!!! And also Sony Tearaway is an Everyone game. But when Nintendo does it its bad. But its ok for Sony to do that huh.

    1. Xbox visuals were shit. And even then they were porven to be running on PC’s with Nvidia GTX cards and NOT the dev kits.

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