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Miyamoto Says PlayStation 4 & Xbox One “Easily $100 More If They Came With GamePad”


Nintendo executive Shigeru Miyamoto says that Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One would easily cost $100 more if they came with a Wii U GamePad style tablet controller. Miyamoto was questioned whether the system would receive a well-needed price cut, to which he responded that when you purchase a Wii U, you get a Wii U GamePad, which bumps up the price. He said that if competitors included them, then their consoles would also be more pricey.

“Unfortunately, I’m not the one who determined the price, so I can’t provide a specific answer on the price of the system. But the one thing that I think everyone needs to understand is that when you’re buying a Wii U, you’re buying a hardware system that comes with a tablet-like device and so if any of the other hardware systems were to try and include a tablet or device similar to the Wii U GamePad, those hardware systems would go up in price by easily a hundred dollars or more.”

“From my perspective, with regard to the more powerful hardware systems, to me what still remains incredibly important is the developers maintaining a focus on creating unique games because if all that everyone does is uses the enhanced power to create more and more games that look and feel the same, then all that it becomes is a competition about the power of the hardware rather than the uniqueness of the experience. That, to me, is where developers should be devoting their effort.”

445 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says PlayStation 4 & Xbox One “Easily $100 More If They Came With GamePad””

    1. meaning the wii u is 200$ inferior specs to the ps4, but I would take fun over graphics anyday, graphics can only go so far

      1. and a whole lot of waiting for that true nintendo gem. we get that too as a result. hell, now nintendo has made it worst. they made wii U powerful enough for games to require a lot more money, man power, and time, but they also made the wii U a lot less powerful than next gen technology and it makes it hard for anyone to support nintendo. so nintendo is stuck between a knife and a sword. either way, the wii u is in a painful situation, and there’s no easy or fast way out of it.

      2. $200 worth of performance, that I will agree with… Nintendo did show MK8, that looked WAYYY beyond anything done on the PS3 and its running 60fps(good looking ps3 games never went beyond 22fps) WHILE the Wii U is rendering two screens.

        the system is at minmum 3x-4x times faster than the PS3, and the PS3 still sells for over $200 USD today new… So yeah, $200 is a great value for the Wii U alone, but it will still need a price cut so the total package is more appealing when compared to PS4 during this holiday season.. (btw you have to buy a game with the PS4 unless you just like playing with the UI instead of gaming with it)

        $250 for basic, and $300 for Premium would be an excellent price point this holiday season to compliment the awesome software the Wii U is getting

  1. Thank god somebody said that. Should be the games that come with it, not always the fancy graphics. I couldn’t even think what a Mario game could do with PS4 power because it looks amazing on Wii U that you just think how can you do better than that anyway!

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hey Kallum Moron do you have other jokes your Mario for morons is a garbage not game got it and Nintendo are joke compared to Sony and MS clowns

        1. “gamer”….. it puts such a pathetic label on people. it’s like calling someone “that black dude” “that gay guy”. it’s immature and dumb. i’m a person and i like games, period. i don’t call myself a reader, a cooker, a sexer, a sleeper, a movier.

          1. I was referring to his name.
            I find it funny he called himself a real gamer and then starts to talk shit about Nintendo.

      1. Hey, Nintendo’s doing it better than Microsoft. But Sony’s doing best of all by far, yet I don’t wanna see Mario on a console that isn’t a Nintendo one. Also I’m pretty sure Nintendo is not gonna stop making consoles soon.

    2. Too bad Wii U doesn’t have a great library at the moment, have to wait till the end of year for that.

        1. Well, whenever X or Mario Kart comes out. Those 2 games are the only ones that interest me a great deal.

            1. I never liked Bayonetta 1 and number 2 doesn’t do anything for me. Still undecided on Pikmin 3.

              Smash Bros, I love the series, just I want to see a full character line up before I make my judgement.

                  1. i don’t really like to use violence to solve problems, but man, I would love to put there head through a wall.

                    You are a disgrace to Nintendo fans and people who enjoy video games in general. Just check yourself into the mental ward right now.

    3. the money used on that worthless gamepad could have been used to atleast allow wii u to play next gen games.

  2. I feel like Miyamoto’s said similar things like this many times. Also feels like he’s slightly hinting that Microsoft and Sony are focusing on power too much. Cmon Myamoto, let’s go back to being the positive Nintendo. Instead of defending the Wii U, we should just get a price cut

      1. Oh, I completely agree with what he said, it’s just that it feels like he’s just taking shots at Sony and Microsoft now. He’s already talked about how making meaningful games is better than power several times now. At this point it’s like he’s trying to defend the Wii U by constantly reminding us and taking subtle shots at the other consoles

      2. the power could have been at least acceptable by next gen standards so that developers could easily bring next gen games on wii u. nintendo doesn’t need to use the full power of their consoles to develop beautiful games, but that additional power should be implemented to make developers that want it, attracted to wii U. there’s always one factor that makes nintendo fall behind though. on nintendo 64 it was cartridges, on gamecube it was small discs with low data capacity, on wii it was a weaker console, on wii u it’s a weaker console once again. nintendo never makes it easy for third party developers.

    1. Nintendo can’t do a freaking price cut!! They were selling at a loss when the console FIRST CAME OUT, and the price has dropped already, so Nintendo is losing even MORE money. People will have to buy the Wii U at the price it is now and thats that. It’s already wicked cheap so IDK what everyone is waiting for… 💋

        1. True, but we have no knowledge of them coming down and if they have; by how much? It may not even be a substantial amount. 💋

          1. Basic Wii U should be sold without the gamepad (have it sold separately, and bundled in the deluxe), which should mean instant price drop to $199.
            So if Nintendo do manage to lower manufacturing cost, they could add a game or even lower the price.
            A new-gen console for lower cost than the PS360 !

      1. something other than super mario kitty land a 3ds port look alike, a zelda remake that looks the same as the original one but with slightly upgraded graphics for HD, a game about a character that died ages ago (sonic), another donkey kong country right after a wii game and a ported version on 3ds.

    1. Your an indie developer!? I am SO JEALOUS! I have had amazing game ideas, character artwork, ect. For EVER! It is pretty much my dream to be able to develop an indie game for Nintendo’s Wii U eshop! :D 💋

        1. Still, you have a future in which you may even be able to work on the Wii U. That is incredible! I do not retract my previous comment… I’M STILL JEALOUS! 💋

          1. You realize they Wii U is the hardest system to develop for. It makes the PS3’s cell processor look friendly by comparison.

            1. Ok Adarazz you just crossed the line of moronic bs I can take lol! The cell processor was by far the hardest to develop for you lyin ass troll. WIIU’s GPU is a customized PC grfx card! The only difference is the cpu being underclocked to offset tasks to the GPGPU, much like the ps4 cpu being underclocked! You are so full of shit, now we all can see youre nothing more than a childish troll, who now is a confirmed lyer. What a dick.

                    1. I’m not N-Dub.

                      You’re just mad cause Nintrendo dominated E3! #WiitoldUso #WiishowedU!

                        1. Nope. I have the PS4 that will satisfy my gaming needs. It’ll do a better job than the Wii U ever did.

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                        Nice trailer, Tony Lane!

                1. This isn’t true, its only hard to develop for if you don’t know its GPGPU centric not CPU centric. And seeing as Nintendo has a contract with Unity it makes life a lot easier if you want to develop for it (when they finally release a way to build wiiu games in Unity)

          2. i also have games idea on my head they are really bothering me since they are focused on stories more than how i wished the game plays ( maybe not understanding of what you meant with “ideas”). Though they are not in ide games area… well maybe one

      1. Miyamoto has a point. I’d say it’s common sense.

        Also, the 7th Gen in more ways than one seemed to be too much of a pissing contest between Microsoft and Sony. Guess the 8th gen will be more-or-less the same (sans Nintendo).

        1. Wiimotion Plus stuff. Also, the GamePad can run a separate image in real time. That’s very, very impressive and will work well for things like rearview mirrors.

          1. Plus the Wii U controller is not connected to the T.V so you can do periphrial stuff like we saw in Luigi U. The Wii U controller is ALSO much better graphics than the DS or 3DS and the screen is larger. So while it is a similar concept with the Wii U, it does it in a more advanced way on a HOME CONSOLE this time instead of just a handheld. 💋

        2. Other than some asymmetrical gameplay I don’t know. There’s more obvious uses in multiplayer I feel

        3. You can move 1 screen independent of the other and make use of the orientation of the screens in conjuction with each other, you can share one screen for multiplayer, but keep the other private creating asyncronous gameplay (now that i think about it… you should be able to do this on 3DS…). But of course you can use these (3)DS principles as wel, like maps, menus, 2-screen view, etc…

        4. lol

          so ds allowed one screen to view into the other,so ds allowed remote play,so ds allowed multi screened multi player,so ds allowed buddy play in game to help each other,so ds allowed coffee table mini gaming with multi player,so ds allowed one player to hidevthings from the other player


            1. For all you know he could have relatives who have cured diseases, how can you make such a claim that Miyamoto is wiser than his entire family?

            2. Go back to preaching like a cult leader about how Nintendo will save humanity. Seriously, dude. I hope this is an Internet persona, because if you act the way you do here in real life… You need help.

      2. True. And Gamepad >>>>> Kinnect 2.0 ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

        It actually costs Nintendo about $130 to put the Gamepad in the box.

          1. The device its self is awesome and the benefits such as off tv play. But yes , it is kind of ridiculous.

            Say it costs Sony $40-50 to put a DS4 in the box , it costs Nintendo $130 by comparison to put a Wiiu Gamepad in the box lol.

            I personally love the bold approach of Wiiu , it’s whether the casual audience does or not. I have faith in it selling well , you can see Nintendo’s software selling power right now on 3DS all over the world.

            1. the problem is their competition in the handheld market is their own DS, and vita…
              the competition in the console market = ms and sony.

          1. Cuz Smart Glass and Kinect is kinda stupid. Kinect controls really badly compared to the Wii Motes and Smart Glass has nothing to do with “gaming.” It just helps you switch your Netdlix from your phone to the T.V… -__- Wii U actually IMPROVES videogaming. 💋

              1. yea thats why everybody is loving the thing now right. No way people are going to buy the Wii U or PS4 when you have a console that focuses on tv and is 500$ and doesnt support used games without paying a fee. -_-

                  1. Wii U- No fee for used games, Most exclusives, Cheapest
                    PS4-No fee for used games
                    Xbox-Fee for used games, mandatory kinect, Most expensive

                    No it won’t do as well.

                    1. I bought an Acer tablet 500 a year before Wii U. After I got the Wii u, hardly do I use my tablet. Now I only keep my Acer at work. I don’t have no problem use for it at home.

          2. kinect lol lag glass lol AT ANTI GAMNG CONTROLLERS




            1. So, does the glass have buttons and joysticks and shit? Does the Kinect have anything I care about?
              I’ll admit illumiroom is cool, but that is +1 goin against what, -5 at least? Good luck M$.

            2. If someone wanted an Xbox One and desired to get Smart glass, does that mean a consumer has to first buy a $600 tablet including a $500 console?

          1. It’s ridiculous. They make an expensive controller and they’re to even trying to make games that use in a meaningful way. At this point, Nintendo is throwing things at the wall and hoping they stick. I was planning to buy a second Wii U… But after that horrible direct and reveal of the PS4, Wii U looks like a huge scam.

            1. Honestly, I’d have to agree, I liked the looks of X and Mario Kart and all that, just PS4 offers me a whole lot more and actually will have games I want at launch -_- Unless Nintedo pull there finger out, I may not buy another Wii U.

              1. Nintendo really needs to step up.

                I hope it was just PR crap when Nintendo said they think Wii U has great value compared to other systems. If they were serious, it shows how out of touch and delusional they are.

                  1. To be honest, I think Nintendo should discontinue the Wii U and drop out of the console market. Regardless of how much money they have in the bank.

                      1. Hello, TonyLane/N-DubNation/TheUnation/TheOriginalUnation/N-Unit/TheUPadWatcher/TheGpadWatcher/TonyKanameKuran/TheObserver/TrollWhsiperer/TrollPatrol/TheAdministrator’sAnti-TrollSquad/TonytheWeaboo/JackTrettonCEO/AeolusHater#1

                    1. But how would that benefit them? If Mario ever went to the PS or Xbox i swear i would never touch that game or any of their other games. Kind of the same feeling i got when i heard that kingdom hearts is going to be on Xbox as well, it felt suddenly rushed and bad. some games doesn’t fit on other platforms like how Nintendo fans wants Sora for super smash no matter how much i like the game or the character still doesn’t fit in that game (super smash)

                    2. To be honest , Nobody cares what you think. Stick to your other platform of choice , Nobody gives a flying fuck especially not us Nintendo fans lol.

                      The only scam is the Xcocks One. The Wiiu is a pure gaming device with an awesome controller which is awesome just for off tv play , miiverse and browsing.

                      Yeah , I know your opinion dictates that none of that stuff matters , but again , nobody cares.

                      1. Obviously people care if they get massively butthurt over it. Even Nintendo fans are starting to second guess Nintendo, face it, now that the next gen consoles have been revealed, Sony have proven that the Wii U is of little value. And the fact not even Nintendo is using the gamepad to it’s intended use kinda says a lot about it.

                          1. Hahahahaha oh your childish attitude never ceases to amaze me corniliuss. It’s amazing how someone who acts like this online could be a lifesaver XD

                                1. Lol. I gave my opinion and will continue to whether you care or not. Wii U is a scam. You’re lucky Xbox One has all the BS surrounding or Wii U would be dead in the water.

                                  1. Its wierd to me how you spend time here… I think Xbox 1 is a scam, so I’m not on an Xbox site.
                                    Instead I’m here, because I want to stay informed on a system I plan on getting. Why are you here?

                              1. You are being a bit naive and making a suggestion that is might be in your best interest, but definitely not in the best interest of Nintendo and the Wii U supporters so far.

                    3. In terms of hardware specs , yes , yes they did. That being said I am a huge fan of the Wiiu gamepad , it’s fucking great. I hope others are too for their own benefit.

                      Being able to play Smash brothers (or any other Wiiu game) on my GP whilst watching say a Football match simultaneously is an extremely rewarding experience!

                1. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

                  It’s that pricey Game Pad that makes me hesitate about the Wii U. I mean, what happens if I drop it and it breaks? : /

                    1. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

                      Yeah, I watched that video before. But I’m always afraid that I’ll be the one person who has the bad luck of the screen getting cracked. Even though I’m very careful with my games and accessories.

                  1. The chances of that happeneing are like very slim. I own one and honestly it is super light. Like as light as a Wii Mote. Two things to add. One: you will probably be sitting down while playing a game so if u drop it, it will most likely land in your lap. Two: Even if you do drop it, because it is so light, I doubt it would even break! So don’t worry bout it, honey! 💋

                  2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                    I know what you mean but they likely considered that before they decided on including the GamePad. It’s pretty durable, I must say.

                2. Still doesn’t mean you couldn’t make it cheaper. Or how about actually do something creative with it?
                  I had all sorts of ideas on what they could do with a 3D Mario….
                  And what do we get? A 3DS game with multiplayer and about as shallow touch screen “innovations” as the the 2 player mode in Mario Galaxy.

                  What a waste on development costs.

                  1. Why is it a waste? Ideas will come. It is the first wave of games. That 3DS game with multiplayer have increased Wii U sales without being out yet. Yes this is a small number but after showing the trailer to 3 family members who had a Wii decided to buy a Wii U. Waste I think not.

                    1. it’s always “just wait and you’ll see!” with Nintendo. There ALWAYS seems to be some big event that will “silence the haters and blow everyone’s minds” (ie: Wii U launch, Nintendo E3 2013) yet when the event comes it’s disappointment every time.

                      1. I did not say anything about a wait and see. All I said was the ideas will come. The ideas always come. If a person cannot wait it is fine but the way people speak about video games; it seem like people hate video games instead of enjoying them.

                                  1. You know that’s not true! Jack and the Sony goons lied. PS4 WILL have DRM for every game except first-party.

                                    Nintendo wins! WiitoldUso!

                                    1. Who should I believe? A successful well made man, or some perverted fanboy behind a computer screen?

                                      Hmmm tough choice … /s

                                    2. Personally, I would go with Tony. He has made previous predictions about Sony that have been correct. For examples he said the PS4 will have a GamePad clone, the Feb. 20 PlayStation event was to announce the failure of the PS Vita, and the PS4 will be 599.99 USD. :P

                                      1. I wonder how Mr Hardy’s sixth sense for gaming is coming? ;)

                                        “There will be no PS4”
                                        “Retro is making Starfox”
                                        “Smash Bros for 3DS will be out in Holiday Season”

                                      2. lol no its not .. PS4 will wait. I will buy this console only when better games then Wii Us exclusives comes on it.

                                          1. Ok, Tony you are taking this WAAAY to seriously. Why the should you care what console they prefer. You don’t work for Nintendo ( I’m assuming this because of our idiotic behavior), this is not going to affect you so stop being so stupid!

                                            I fine it sad that another Nintendo fan has to put you in your place. Not everyone has to like or favor Nintendo, it’s just reality dude.

                                            Play what you like. It’s just plain simple :/

                                            1. You said you were 14-15 right? Gotta say dude, massive respect, It’s not every day we meet someone your age who is this mature.

                                              1. Yep I’m 14. Thank you, that really means a lot especially coming from you :)

                                                It just discusses me that a 39 year old man waists his life to worship one company and bashes others who don’t think exactly like him. I mean they’re just video games who gives a damn. Most of my friends play on Sony, and Microsoft platforms, and some of them thinks that Nintendo is not cool or it’s for kids. Even I believe that the PS4 is better than the Wii U. Me personally, I don’t care even if sometimes they give me shit for playing Nintendo games; that doesn’t phase me whatsoever. I would love to get a PS4, but I can only get one. Maybe in the future, when I get a job (which is not that far), I can enjoy both systems :)

                                                And I have to say you’re one of the people I respect the most here. I wish there were more people like you :)

                                                Ok now I’m just rambling I’m going to sleep lol. chao

                                      3. We’re all waiting for something:
                                        I’m waiting for the gritty, gray, desensitizing Shooter genre to die in a fire. Also waiting for a Wii U Metroid and for Microsoft to care about gamers. Nintendo always releases a system with fun games that differentiates itself from its predecessors and its competition. I think those waiting for the PS4 are waiting for the same experiences they had with the PS3, only prettier.

                                        1. If Retro made a metroid game, I probably would care a lot more about WIi U than I do. Microsoft care about gamers? That’s the same odds as Nintendo dying tomorrow. Nintendo haven’t done it as well with the WIi U as they did with the Wii (You can’t deny that) The launch was terrible, but there E3 was pretty good.

                                          You’ve basically hit the nail on the head with the Sony stuff. Prettier, new IP’s, deep story telling, that’s why Sony does well.

                                            1. Honestly, the Wii U felt like the Vita for me. It had its amazing moments, just too many meh moments. 2014 is probably when it will all change. That year will be exciting for all … except xbox, no one likes xbox anymore.

                                              1. Agreed. Patience is key, 2014 can’t come soon enough. If my plans pan out, I’ll be makin’ Wii U Youtube vids with a Hauppauge by 2014… patience…

                                                1. I want X. I don’t care if any other game doesn’t release. I just want X.

                                                  Mario Kart is a must buy for me. Smash Bros probably will be (I just wanna see the line up first).

                              1. Now if only Nintendo knew what to do with the gamepad. At E3 they showed absolutely nothing that uses the gamepad in a way that couldn’t be done on any other console. No innovation whatsoever.

                                1. Well all the Nintendo games will have not options and menues to click through on the T.V screen Mario, Zelda, DK, etc will all be clutter free!!! Even that new “X” game which would probably have a LOT of menues, will probably have it all taking up space on the Gamepad instead of our HD Television. 💋

                                  1. I’d rather go to a pause screen to access items, options, ext. mostly because it pauses the action so I don’t have to frantically search around for some knick-knack.

                                      1. This!^ Plus in games like ZombiU, it adds to the thrill of the experience. <Which is "exactly" what Nintendo aims for with the Wii U tablet. 💋

                                      2. I’ve haven’t really played many online game where I had that issue. I can’t dig around in my pack in Borderlands 2 for my shotgun in the middle of a fight, but oh well, I can switch after combat or my buddies can cover me if I’m really having trouble.

                                        1. That’s fine, and the option to pause for gear select should be there when needed. Like in Darksiders 2, however I very seldom paused the game to do things I otherwise would gave. Use of the map and gear plainly.
                                          The result was much smoother gameplay, many pause screens take time to load.

                                2. You plan on buying an Xbox 1 + Smartglass + at least 1 game that supports sg + Xbox live?
                                  If you want to do all that on another console, be my guest! ($700?)



                              3. The last part that Miyamoto said was so beutifully smart, it was music to my ears. “to me what still remains incredibly important is the developers maintaining a focus on creating unique games because if all that everyone does is uses the enhanced power to create more and more games that look and feel the same, then all that it becomes is a competition about the power of the hardware rather than the uniqueness of the experience.”- So true, Nintendo cares about uniqueness and innovation while Sony and Microsoft cares about power. Its all power, Power, POWER with those two…. mostly Microsoft though… 💋

                                1. I don’t share your point of view with Sony. They have power, but they have interesting concepts as well, (my favorites being the community-driven longevity of Little Big Planet, and outrageous weaponry in Ratchet and Clank)

                                    1. that’s basically what it is.. a low cost touch pad like the ones you can find on laptops.. to even compare that to the wii U controller is ridiculous Oo

                                  1. Almost everything (PS4 related) that they showed at E3 utilizes the touchpad. All of the first party games they showed for PS4 use the touchpad, and so do some third-party games. Yeah, it is kind of gimmicky and I think it will end up like the Vita’s rear touchpad (barely used), but it had a presence at E3. Also, this was on the showfloor of E3:


                                  2. @RAR you dont know if anything made use of the gamepad or not. All they showed was trailers, and a small amount of offscreen play lol. Troll failed.

                                1. it has a touch panel found on every single laptop on earth lol dude its there to FOOL A FOOL


                                  PS4 IS A JOKE

                              4. well the xbox one is already 100$ more expensive than the PS4 .. probably mostly because of the camera.. but at the same time it has cheaper hardware

                                so that’s not hard to believe at all

                              5. I see where he’s coming from, but I’ve seen unique experiences on all consoles, and on other consoles it’s not just because I’m holding a weird tablet-controller hybrid.

                              6. I may agree with Miyamoto, but if every third party publisher ignores make games for Wii U and its Gamepad, then it doesn’t matter how unique it is, no one will buy it.

                                  1. Dont forget sega game aka sonic lost world and thrid unnannouced games.

                                    I want jynx to have her evolution since magmar and electabuzz alread got one

                                    1. If Jynx gets an evolution I hope it is SEXXXY and maybe they could change her to a Fairy Ice type!?! :O That would be awesome! 💋

                                1. My point is Nintendo has to meet publishers halfway, they have to make a machine powerful enough that third party developers want to make games for it. Nintendo has billions of dollars, they could have made the Wii U mare powerful instead of being cheap with the CPU and memory and direct x11. They should also update their motion controllers ANC include them in the box.

                                  1. This gen CPU is secondary (being that modern consoles are mainly powered by GPGPU, dev’s complaining how the CPU is bad isn’t yet up-to-date on modern tech). Also from a GPGPU standpoint the WiiU isn’t that much less powerful (and mostly only useful for “realistic” graphics that will look again really dated a gen later)

                                  2. Well I don’t think that is possible, because Nintendo would have done that. Nintedo wants innovation to come first (hence the Wii U gamepad) and graphics come second (hence why it is not as “powerful” as PS4 and Xbox1). Nintendo also wants the console to be AFFORDABLE: which is a big deal, because if they made the console more powerful it would have been like the price of the Xbox One. You can’t have both “innovation” and “power” or the console is too expensive. 💋




                                    RETARD DX11 IS A API NOT A INDICATION OF POWER

                                    YOU ARE CLEARLY A INDUSTRY WORSHIPING SLAVE

                                          1. I aM just pointing out some facts , like for example , I have never seen a fanboy worse than n-dub nation , that’s why I am saying this , but yeah you are right fanboys are fanboys no matter what thing they support , sorry

                                            1. Really? Look what Sony and MS fanboys did to Wii u, you can bash a console to the level where it’s funny but it went far as hell. Well most of the Sony fans went far with Xbox one as well. As for Nintendo fans not sure so much, stopped visiting other Nintendo sites than this but they are probably bashing it too

                                              1. N-Dub Nation would have to be the worst fanboy I’ve come across, he even attacks known Nintendo fans when they make just one little bit of criticism.

                                                1. if its about one fanboy maybe since its one its easy to avoid so i dont pay attention to them but when its a big horde it gets a litle annoying you cant have even start a good conversation. like E3 for an example who won? Sony, why? because of the console.
                                                  that almost looks the same and even have a “kinect” look alike (I know its not kinect just dont remember whats it is called… eye camera?). and this is direct from the hate on microsoft reveal of xbox1.

                                                  but me as a normal gamer could for one not give a damn about consol hardware a game could look as bad as chrono trigger (in graphics) but when games are awesome theyll always be awesome no matter how they look. though console to console ps4 is a winner. but not of E3 dont get me wrong in this but if i had to chose it would be microsoft or ubisoft, since nintendo didnt have a conference they dont get to win enything even thought they had great games on the direct.

                                                  (this is getting long -.- not sure if your even going to respond to this)

                                                  why i say microsoft (so that you dont get the wrong idea and think im sort of fan because they had better games in my considerations and i rememberd more better games. while sony piled up with games it got confusing and i remebered only 4 concidered as good looking games. though these cind of opinions are very hard to find because in the most sites there are only: Sony Won! VCR (xbox)1 sucks! and Nintendo can fuck-off with their kid toy.

                                                2. Hey keimacorp the internet is not ready for a guy/girl like you. this guy is clearly a fanboy read his post clearly that every thing he writes is negative about this console and positive about the other he then goes with bs like all fanboys are bad but clearly a nintendo fanboy is worser. One thing is to have a opinion the other is being negative on the subject . You whant to talk to a real gamer talk with SimpelG

                                                  1. It seems foyfoy only read what his fanboy mind wants him to read. I’ve praised the Wii U plenty of times, but Nintendo seems to be out of touch, you don’t think N-Dub is a fanboy? Really? And I specifically said before all fanboys are the same. Learn to read please.

                                                  2. Thats the bullshit im talking about. i never said that N-Dub wasn’t but you couldnt see that since i said that you are a fanboy. The wii u has two faults
                                                    1: the idiots of that company thinks that everyone knows that wii u exist Becausee of wii success but there are no trailer no banners. So how does people know about the comsole?….
                                                    2:game support. not because that developers think that wii u is selling bad its because of the media. And were did they get it from the amount of people that have badmouth this thing. Media loves bad news becaues good news never sell as good as bad.
                                                    And No you havent praised the wiiu.

                                    1. Power doesn’t necessarily attract devs- if that were true, the 3DS would’ve been abondoned for the Vita. And Nintendo gave publishers practically the Wii U’s entire 1st year out to carve out something for themselves, but only a few took that chance.

                                    1. Type in Witcher 3, Elder Scrolls Online, or Dragon Age 3 if you want to see what real next-gen RPGs look like.

                                          1. I hope it turns out alright too, I enjoyed Skyrim.

                                            Witcher series would have to be my favorite RPG series of all time though.

                                            1. The Witcher 3 will turn out good, I’m confident, it’s the last of the trilogy and they have real momentum behind them after The Witcher 2. Play it on the PC though, it will be the best version.

                                              1. I’ll grab it on PC and PS4 :P Here about the mod coming out for WItcher 2 about overhauling its combat system?

                                  1. Would rather of seen a Pro controller with Dualshock 4 capabilities and the GamePad as an accessory/add on. It’s not to late :D

                                    1. They should’ve made the pro controller as their main, traditional controller and with similar functionalities as the dualshock 4. Then have the gamepad as another main asset to the Wii U console.

                                      1. Maybe they will make a smaller, lighter, more ergonomic GamePad that actually looks like a controller and nothing at all like a tablet. One can only dream…

                                      2. If they did that, I would not have bought it. Controllers change. The Gamepad is a traditional controller with new features like a screen and touch controls.

                                        1. If it aint’ broke, don’t fix it.

                                          I’m not saying that Nintendo should ditch the gamepad. I’m saying that they shouldn’t have neglected the normal controller. I like the idea of having the gamepad, but what if I don’t need a second screen when I play a game. As you can see, the gamepad isn’t used nearly to its full potential.

                                          For instance the next Smash Bros. doesn’t use the touch screen. Not only that why would you want to play a fighting game with another screen distracting you.

                                          I just wish that Nintendo focused more on the pro controller and include it in the box as the main controller, then the gamepad as another main feature included with the Wii U.

                                          1. I can play any game using any type of controller. I see your point. My point is without the gamepad. My gaming would have ended for the next generation. A normal controller (whatever that is) gets stale (only speaking for me). If they don’t change then I lose interest. There has only been one or two console makers that used the same controller with every new console.

                                            1. That’s understandable, however, Nintendo should’ve made a traditional controller for those who are uncomfortable with the gamepad.

                                                1. They should’ve focused more on that and made is as good as the 360 or ps4.

                                                  But I’m not complaining. I really don’t have high standards for these kind of things so it’s not a big deal :)

                                          1. it’s still optional… developers will not add any important gameplay functionality that relies solely on the PSvita.. they simply will not do that because most of the players never even get to see it

                                            “remoteplay at a system level” will probably just mean that you can play a game on either the vita or the PS4.. big deal.. but that’s not exclusively what the wii U gamepad is for

                                      1. I don’t want a PS1 controller, i want a controller without a big ass screen on it. Why couldn’t they just use the 3DS? No one knows because Nintendo is unpredictable as hell when it comes to hardware.

                                        1. 3DS -> optional hardware

                                          look at the PSvita and crossplay to see how well optional hardware is used by 3rd parties…

                                  2. no shit. do you know what, i say ditch the gamepad and sell it to the side if you wanted it for off tv screen play. the they can focus on actual fucking games and seell the console foe 250. look they one the generation in sales, but sales dont count in the end, the wii was a piece of shit with hardly any games. thats a loser in my book.

                                    1. Exactly. Nintendo is trying to fix what isn’t broken. There is nothing wrong with a traditional controller and a vast majority of devs prefer it anyway.

                                2. Well built in Kinect 2.0 is what adds $100 to the Xbox One so thats whats Microsofts “Gamepad” As for the PS4…well Sony just wanted to be cheaper then the Xbox One lol.

                                3. Pingback: The PS4 and Xbox One “Easily $100 more if they came with a Gamepad” says Miyamoto | PLAYERESSENCE

                                4. Enlever la game pad le prix de la console sera réduit il aura encore plus d acheteur de 1000euro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                5. DX11 INDICATION OF POWER

                                  LOL I POINT AND I GIGGLE AT THESE IDIOTS




                                  WHO ARE YOU THE GRAMMAR SHERIFF

                                7. They will price cut Wii U one month before PS4 and Xbone will come out, i guarentee it. I also guarentee guarentee isnt spelled right…

                                8. REAL DEVELOPERS CODE TO THE METAL

                                  DX11 IS MIDDELWARE FOR TALENTLESS COLLAGE HACKS

                                  DID SHIGSY NEED DX TO MAKE MARIO ZELDA METRIOD ETC

                                  LOL YOU PEOPLE SERIOULY DONT GET IT

                                9. I find it ironic how he talks about games that look and feel the same when he is the creator of New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. 2, New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario 3D Land, Mario 3D Land and all the other titles that look and feel the same I could put in here but won’t because I don’t want the list to get too long.

                                  1. Some other guy handles the ‘New’ games, while the other Mario games tend to differ greatly across platforms. Gameplay for SM64, to Sunshine, to Galaxy were upgraded/changed each time, so the ‘same games’ don’t play like games we already played.

                                    1. Yes, older Mario titles did differ, you gave a good example for that. But you can’t deny that recent games from Nintendo are quite similar to each other, the ones that belong to the same series.

                                10. if you think only power is generations then you are simply retarded wiiu is next gen on so so so many levels

                                  choosing ps4 and xboner over wiiu is taking a shotgun to gameplay and creativitys face and pulling the trigger

                                  gamepad and wii remote plus are next gen not dualshocks and cameras FFS

                                11. A gaming system shouldnt need a gimmick controller to justify additional expenses. It should be about quality and variety of the games.

                                      1. How is it a gimmick did you play nintendoland or zombiu, really them games would’nt work without it especially zombiu.

                                        you can call it a bad idea if you want, but it’s certainly not a gimmick, the ps move and kinect were gimmicks because they were built after the consoles were released wiht the sole purpose of driving casuals away from ninty and they barely made any games for them,(the xbox one kinect is’nt a gimmick but it’s certainly a bad idea.).

                                        Sorry but does anyone actually know the difference between innovation and a gimmick as it mainly seems to be just opinions, I dislike this so it must be a gimmick, no no it’s not.
                                        I think an innovation is a different idea more then anything else, hell i’m gonna say it the xbox one is innovating it’s a HORRIBLE innovation but innovation none the less.

                                    1. Gimmicks don’t have to be soley a negative thing. Look at the included feature of Bluray in the PS3. It’s a gimmick. A good gimmick.

                                  1. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

                                    Aiming with a advanced wii remote gamers mouse with out need of scolling is a Gimmick

                                    Having a tactile second screen is a gimmick

                                    Controlling all 11 team members in pes with wii remote is a gimmick


                                    Try playing fps on a artari joystick ftom the 80s try playing todays games on a qwerty keyboard


                                    I stopped aiming in fps games with a pladtic stick 7 years ago

                                    GIMMICK LOL U RETARD

                                12. I don’t get what miyamoto is saying. sounds like he is worried about his console. There’s no need to sheild your console against the competition, it’s a decent thing at best. But you will regret slagging off every game at E3, I hope those kingdom of heart guys, didn’t take that to heart, you silly old fool :)

                                    1. were you talking to me? haha, you are funny.

                                      I own every nintendo console, and handheld, including the Wii U. And all Nintendos games too. shows what you know huh? lol

                                      I have been watching nintendos actions for a while now, and they are in the deep end with this console. Iwata has gone crazy, and miyamoto has taken a step back to his younger days, which I find rather sweet.

                                      But alas, nintendo has faultered with the wii u, it’s obvious. And I will not lick the ass of a company that has lost it’s way. In this world, the real world, it’s do or die.

                                      1. Well said, they need a damn price cut and they have to bring out SSBU and MK8 this holiday and they can’t, poor planning. Wii U sucks.

                                13. He’s not wrong. To use smart glass you have to buy a $300+ tablet and for he PS4 you have to buy a $250+ Vita. Looking forward to the PS4/Vita connectivity myself but after buying the PS4(already own the Vita) I’ll have spent $750 in total.

                                  1. The thing about tablet, smartphone, and Vita connectivity between next-gen devices is that they’re OPTIONAL. Sony (and Microsoft) know that a lot of people have these devices in their homes, especially smart phones and the use of tablets is on the rise, so people who already have these laying around can pick them up to use with the system.

                                    Additionally, when they’re not home, they can still use them and connect to the system at home.

                                    They’re not necessarily saying, “go out and buy one of these” to use with the PS4 or Xbox One though.

                                    I bought a Vita to play a Vita. Being able to use it on the PS4 will just be an added bonus. I bought a tablet for work, reading, etc. Being able to use it with my PS4 will be an added bonus. I have a smart phone just like almost everyone else, being able to use it with my PS4 will be an added bonus. They’re all added options.

                                    I bet a lot of other people with Wii U’s have tablets, handheld gaming devices, and smart phones around too.

                                    1. I wouldn’t argue with you that people have these lying around, I would only argue that because tablets are primarily used for others reasons and that the use of them is optional it is less of an incentive for developers to use them in the same way Nintendo will with the gamepad.

                                14. get a grip sony and ms casual fans


                                  Nothing out did mario kart ether cod looks like shit and bf looks like a grey concreat bland mess and nothing thete wiiu cannot do

                                  Xeno took nuckles to final fantasys face graphically sony fans PLEASE CHECK INTO REALITY

                                  Single screen is OBSOLETE STOP WANTING THE BETTER NINTENDO DEVICE TO GO AWAY

                                  Lol at your dualshock and laptop touchy thing taped togethet

                                  1. The fanboy is strong with this one. The PS4 had some of the most beautiful looking console games there; games which showed actual gameplay running on the system and had demos on the show floor.

                                    Also: What happened to “graphics don’t matter”?

                                  2. who cares about what mario kart looked like? people play games not just for graphics, but for it being just a good game :)

                                    Final fantasy, and mario kart, both looked like a heap of fun to me ^_^

                                15. I gotta give it to Miyamoto, he’s right. The tablet controller seems to be a terrible idea at first until you get to tested yourself. I personally loved this and when I bought it, I was not disappointed. none of the other systems are close to being inexpensive (except for fucking Microsoft, whose Xboxone parade fucked up completely the hype for a new console) because they have regular controllers. However, Wii U it’s the first one to have it like that and being so, it will be much more expensive.

                                  1. I wish it had better uses, because I have a Wii U and I’m not impressed so far with how developers are using the gamepad Very few games use it gameplay-wise. It’s mainly feeling like an expensive map/menu add-on right now.

                                    And of course he’s right. It’s kind of obvious that if a screen was stuck on a controller, it would be more expensive. That’s common sense.

                                    1. I think scanning in a Wii U Metroid at this E3 would’ve eliminated this kind of Gamepad negativity, but (sigh) I understand why Retro went with DK… $$$.
                                      The Gamepad’s features are unique though, and lots of fun on Rayman at least.

                                16. Kind of sucks when you consider that without the GamePad Nintendo could’ve had a console that’s good enough for all 8th gen multiplats. They could’ve still had the cheapest console by going with 6GB of RAM instead of the 8 that’s in PS4/Xbone and have 5GB dedicated to games, which would’ve put it on par with the Xbox One. Then again I have no idea how all this tech shit works and there’s probably other people on this site who knows a lot more than I do and can explain things better.

                                  1. Oh well, I just have to put up with it cause I can’t avoid Nintendo’s games. Thankkfully i’m not a blind fanboy and will have a PS4 to play any interesting games I can’t get on Wii U.

                                    1. I used to feel that way as well. Now, I’ve grown tired of Nintendo’s games. They abandon most of my favorite series, like F-Zero, Mother, Metroid. They refuse to make compelling new franchises (Nintendo fanboys, don’t give me Wonderful 101, I could name 100 indie games for less than $20 that are waaaay better than that crap).


                                      It seems Nintendo has lost it’s direction. They used to create the best games in the world on a consistent basis now most of their games are meh.

                                      This might sound rude, but I would love to see an article titled “Please Understand, Iwata and Nintendo Board of Directors Fired”.

                                      1. Well, you are entitled to your opinion, even if I don’t fully agree. There’s still games that Nintendo makes that I love.

                                        1. Great. Nice to meet an enthusiast who doesn’t feel the need to throw perverted, immature insults at anyone who doesn’t worship Nintendo.

                                17. 3DS leading and progressively pumping out wonders everyday right. Was hardly selling in 2011. Then we all know what happened next. It is made by Nintendo. Wii U, great machine with nintendo’s hardhitters on the way :). We all know what shall happen. As the PS4 is bashing xbone we shall be bathing in gaming glory.

                                    1. I think this gen will be a repeat of the PS2 era. PlayStation and PC only for me this gen. No spyware or gimmicky wannabe tablets will get into my house.

                                        1. They probably will do better than MS

                                          I wish Nintendo would drop the “Wii are for everyone” crap and make a console that is like the Super NES for the modern era. With all the money they supposedly have, I’m sure they could if they wanted to.

                                          I agree with Adarazz also, FIRE IWATA! FIRE HIM NOW!

                                          1. I sure hope they make an Ultra/Ultimate Nintendo Entertainment System for the 9th gen. They should’ve done it this gen but I digress.

                                      1. Unless Nintendo pull out some big guns, It’s looking that way for me too (except I’ll still play 3DS)

                                        1. Remember when the same was said about the PSVita and the 3DS? what happened there, Nintendo are always 5 IPs away from dominating, always remember that.

                                          1. Nintendo had the handheld market consolidated though. They actually have competition in the home console market, that’s the main difference.

                                        1. Not everyone have the energy or knowledge to build their own PC, which is pretty much required these days if you want it to run the latest games flawlessly. ( So you can update it when you need it too. ) The PS4 will get games that PC will not.

                                          1. Rin it is SO easy to build your own PC these days, you could do it an afternoon with no previous experience. The PC will get games that the PS4 will not too.

                                        1. We can’t compare the ps2 era of gaming to the new one gaming as a whole is kinda heading to a crash again and its because of industry focus on fps, movie games (games that feel like movie then games ex asura’s wrath(still love the story but should have been something else) and metal gear soild 4)dlc, lack of innovation and lots of other crap. I will be getting a ps4(not until kh3). but here something about preordering the ps4

                                        1. Dude, it was a joke. But yes I do believe PS4 will have the most sales this gen. Even then I don’t care about sales, I care about good games, and both Nintendo and Sony will have good games.

                                          1. “UknowWiiwilldominate”

                                            Say it or the administrator will kick you out faster than you can say “Xbox DRM”!

                                            1. I can understand why you attack people like myself and Neutron… But going after people like Anubis and Mike S… You need a serious dose of respect and humility.

                                                1. Part of me is wondering if this actually is Tony. I remember a guy not too long ago who imitated others accounts … could be him … aw well, I’ll stick with thinking it’s Tony.

                                      1. Handhelds are very different to home consoles. Vita was insanely more expensive than 3DS. PS4 isn’t … plus PS4 has a strong line up …. Vita didn’t. Wii U will be dead compared to PS4.

                                        1. ps4 doesn’t have anything for me right now i’m waiting for Kh 3 or a good first party. Infamous an knack look good but its not enough it doesn’t seem they have a lot this year or next most of their games are either ports or will come out late 2014 so say the wii u is dead. Wii u does have some issues but they are going have a stream of games coming in aug til dec with sonic lost world, mario 3d world, wonderful 101, luigi u, pikmin, game and wario (coming this month), donkey kong, zelda wind waker, and few more titles on the way. 2014 will have more to plus nintendo directs are shown to have some surprises (yoshi’s yarn, x, fire emblem x Megami Tensei and few other titles).

                                18. It will be interesting to see what nintendo does during the holidays to gain momentum..I too see a price drop coming but in this digital age I cant see why they shouldnt do better bundles..

                                19. I for one actually enjoy the Gamepad because I love playing free from the TV. With that being said, I’m not sure if Nintendo will win out this holiday season in terms of sales for Wii U. 3DS will do great of course but Wii U is not at all where I wanted it to be. I thought for sure they would blow our minds with the E3 Nintendo Direct and they didn’t. It was mainly stuff we already knew about. I think the big way to sell games would have been a price drop bundle with Mario Kart 8 in time for the holiday season but that’s not the case. I’m sure Wii U will do well because everyone I talked to at the Best Buy event said they planned on getting a Wii U for the holiday season so it will probably do pretty well during the holiday season but I think the PS4 might actually sell better and will have a better launch then the Wii U did. PS4 is going to be the one to beat this generation and I don’t know if Wii U has the brass to do it right now. Xbox One shouldn’t concern Nintendo too much but I do believe they will be a threat later on.

                                20. So what, the Gamepad is not selling the Wii U, there has to be apps or games or something that makes people want the Gamepad, besides the Wii U isn’t as powerful as PS4 or Xbox1. Nintendo really needed to bring out Super Smash Bros. U or Mario Kart 8 with online multiplayer and the Wii U would be saved, but because they are potentially great online multiplayer hits not because of the Gamepad.

                                  1. And they needed either SSBU or MJ8 this Christmas to sway people from buying expensive Xbox1 or PS4 or alternative Xbox 360 or PS3.

                                21. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

                                  CONTROLLER EVOLUTION IS APPARANTLY A GIMMICK

                                  Any human whos thinking this please apply pistel to forhead pull trigger you havr no busines in a gaming site posting opinions

                                  Controlet evoljtion a GIMMICK u keep telling yo selves that dualshock casuals

                                  1. 1) Learn to spell
                                    2) Almost there with turning off the cap lock! Good work!
                                    3) It’s a gimmick, a bad one? No. A good one? Hasn’t been used properly, so no.

                                      1. My point was, if used properly, gimmicks can be good, Wii U is not being used properly (I know it’s hard for your fanboyish mind to comprehend). 3D on the 3DS is a gimmick, but an amazing gimmick.

                                        Kinect = Gimmick
                                        PS Eye = Gimmick (But no one knows if it will be a good gimmick)
                                        Wonderbook = Gimmick (I liked it, but I know it was not received well by many)

                                22. Stop bringing up the 3DS launch comparing it to WiiU and saying all they have to do is make good games and Wii U fortunes will turn around like 3DS. People forget that 3DS had a $70 price drop and that’s what started selling the 3DS.

                                  1. Uh! Like Mario 3D land and Mario kart 7 had no part to play in it.

                                    Kart 7 received positive reception, gaining aggregate critical scores of 85% and 84.96% on MetaCritic and GameRankings respectively. 8.08 million copies sold.

                                    Mario 3D land :

                                    8.29 million copies sold.

                                  2. Plus Nintendo already owns the handheld market. They seem to forget that there is little to no competition in that area at the moment.

                                23. I feel he’s right. At what point are we going to start worrying about a game’s fun factor instead of putting so much emphasis on power? Nintendo isn’t perfect. The biggest problem for them in my opinion is that they don’t put out their games on time. Fortunately for them, I already have a huge backlog of video games so I can wait.

                                24. Supreme Commander Miyamoto is right about everything…

                                  However they have not reached the Wii U’s full potential when it comes to the Gamepad…

                                  I’m sure they will eventually and it is obvious that both the Xbots and Sonyans would have a $100 dollars more expensive machine if they had a Gamepad copy…

                                  However they are still more expensive than they are, specially the Xbox One considering it’s ultimate gimmicks all in one system…

                                      1. And yet Sony’s version will be used more effectively and well … more so than the Gamepad itself … Kinda sad don’t you think?

                                          1. Hardly, it’s stating the obvious, Gamepad has not been used at all to it’s full potential (As Much as Nintendo fanboys deny), and Sony have stated all games (that don’t require PS Eye) Will be playable on Vita and have come out and said it’s built in at system level for PS4.

                                            But hey, if you think that statement is fanboyish, you can go with all the other people on this site who think that, you’ll fit in well with N-Dub ;)

                                            1. You’re stating, that Vita is being used more effectively?
                                              You have anything to back that up?

                                              We still dont know too much about remote paly, and how it will play out.
                                              But thats pretty much the same, as off-tv play on Wii U.

                                              So what is this more effectively you speak off?

                                              If, in fact you can play over the internet, then whoop dee doo (cant stay off your ps4 even for a full hour? I might rather play some actual Vita games though).
                                              Still, thats only good, if you buy your games digital.

                                              Yes, Gamepad is not being used to its full potential yet.
                                              But still dont think, that Vita is the better Gamepad here.

                                              1. Because sony has stated it’s built into the system, meaning if you develop a game for PS4 (Unless it involves the PS eye) it will automatically be able to be used on the Vita, plus the Vita is always just optional and hit has it’s own library of games that’s bound to get better, plus it does youtube and all that too.

                                                The Vita is getting used more effectively at the moment, the only company to use the gamepad all that well has been ubisoft.

                                                1. Still dont see it.
                                                  Only thing, its used for every game, is remote play, except for games that require other peripherals.

                                                  So thats just as same as what Gamepad does, off-tv play, except for the games that have been designed to use Gamepads features more.

                                                  Lego City Undercover has had fun uses for Gamepad too, though only disappointment has been, that certai features are limited to certain instances.

                                                  I’m expecting great things from Watch-Dogs and Splinter Cell.
                                                  Latter I already seen theyre on the right track.

                                                  All that being said.
                                                  Vita: I would not like to switch from relatively comfortable Dualshock controller, to Vita, with not so comfortable controls and way too small screen.
                                                  And on the go, I would rather play, like actual Vita games?

                                                  Lets skip the fact that it could be much more.
                                                  Off-tv play, you keep the same controls, even if you switch from pro controller to Gamepad.
                                                  And, even though small screen (still larger than Vitas) its relatively good option, if wife is insisting on using the only TV in the house.
                                                  And on the go, well, I could get 3ds (that is cheaper than Vita?) and play some 3ds games.

                                          1. If that’s the case you’re not allowed to make any more assumptions (like you have been) about the Vita, Xbox or PS4 until 5 years is up, otherwise you’ll look like a Hypocrite ;)

                                            How do I know? Realist (aka not a blind fanboy(like you)) + research = things tend to become more clear

                                            1. I don’t care about Xbox or Microsoft in any way, I don’t care if they fail or succed, they do not deserve to be in this market…

                                              The Vita has been out for about 2 years soon, it’s doing mediocre at the moment which is better than before atleast…

                                              When it comes to your Sony Dominion, I am against that graphics is the main factor for a game to be great which is what every Sonyan always say…

                                              Graphics matters the most, everything else is secondary is your agenda…

                                              And my “asssumptions” whi