Sakurai Says Smash Bros Won’t Include A Lot Of Third Party Characters


Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS won’t include too many third party characters. Sakurai says that the inclusion of Mega Man into the game should really be treated as a special case. He then went on to say that due to certain limitations with the Nintendo 3DS they have been forced into a situation were they may have to reduce some of the characters to a certain degree.

“I’m really sorry. If I were to answer that question, I’d get in a lot of trouble in a lot of different ways, so I can’t answer. (laughter) But I think I can say generally that there won’t be a trend of adding a lot of third-party characters. You can sort of think of Mega Man as being the special case.”

“The reality of the situation unfortunately is that there are certain limitations on the 3DS, so we’re forced into a situation where we may need to reduce some characters to a certain degree, but we’re really working hard to include as many characters as possible.”

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  1. There were only 2 playable third party characters in Brawl, so I’m not surprised. Unless he also means assist trophies etc.

      1. Why does the villager has boxing gloves? Did he stole them like he did with samus blast?

        1. Somewhere in the universe there is a little mac being beaten by mike tyson just because he is missing his boxibg gloves

  2. Good it Shouldn’t do. Looking forward to this game , I sense Sakurai is really trying to streamline it into a more hardcore , balanced game. Both versions day 1

    1. Same. It sounds like he’s putting a ton of effort into these games.
      I feel bad for the guy. He’s probably the most stressed developer at Nintendo. He’s got millions of fans demanding characters, stages, perfection, etc. and he has to deliver. And this franchise isn’t rehashed or burned out at all so he can’t make a bad title. That means I’ll also be getting both versions.

  3. Well Smash Bros. is about Nintendo characters really, and the few 3rd party ones that have been included have had some sort of history with Nintendo to justify their presence. Though to be honest Megaman feels much more appropiate for Smash than Snake and Sonic.

    1. It appears that it won’t be the case. It looks as if there will be more content on the Wii U version due to the limitations of the 3DS. They have already stated that multiplayer will be separate and maps will be different.

  4. Now I’m not so sure if the 3DS version was worth it…
    I mean, if there’s no cross-platform play, why not put less characters in the handheld version than in the console version?

    1. Cause you can level up an upgrade your charcters and transfer them to the Wii U. 💋

    2. Fuck I knew it, the 3ds is causing the wiiu version to be watered down and that sucks. I would rather have 1 epic one on the wii u than 2 sorry ones.

  5. Good. Some people seem to forget it’s a fighting game with at least 90% Nintendo characters.
    Mega Man, then maybe Sonic will return. But that’s all.

    1. I highly doubt he’d have multiple 3rd party characters from the same franchise, especially if he said not to expect many.

    1. How bout Sonic comes back, but Snake is replaced with a better 3rd party character. If you want to play as Snake, go buy an Xbox One and Metal Gear 5, cause it seems that it aint coming to the Wii U. -__- 💋

      1. This if a third party character is coming it at least need to have a game on a resent Nintendo main Nintendo console.

    1. I doubt Roy is back when we just had Fire Emblem Awakening. Snake will probably be gone like you said and CHROM will join the fray! 💋

    2. Lol, I highly doubt that Roy’s going to come back. Since they’re holding back the Wii U version in favor of the 3DS, I don’t think that we’ll be seeing any of the clone characters return.

    3. Hate to break it to you, but Roy will never be back.
      1. Chrom is most definitely all but confirmed to be in (FE:A stage spotted in the 3DS version), so if they’d want another Fire Emblem character, they’d try to find someone more original than a Marth clone.
      2. He’s not relevant to the Fire Emblem series, at all. His game isn’t as nostalgic as Marth’s saga and not as fresh as Chrom’s.
      3. Literally the only reason why people want him back is because he was once in the game, but was removed. Smash Bros fans wouldn’t have any idea who he is otherwise and Fire Emblem fans consider him the worst main character (Lord) in FE history)

      Long story short, don’t expect him or you’ll be disapointed.

  6. I’m okay with few third party characters. Nintendo and any sort of third party doesn’t to sell together anyways… But I will be pissed it the limitations of the 3ds hold back the potential of the wii u version.

    1. I’m still hoping for Pacman and Sonic so we can do a Mario, Megaman, Pacman, Sonic battle! That would be awesomeee!!! 💋

        1. Thank you, I would honestly cringe a little if Pacman was in. We got enough sillyness with the villager and Wii Fit trainer. I’d appreciate more ”serious” additions.

      1. Please no! dom64 is right i’m hoping for Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia or maybe Klonoa. Pacman seems the most likely Namco character to get in (if any if Rock is the only New 3rd Party) But is my least wanted character.

    2. I’m beginning to worry about that too :/ I feel like we’re not going to get all the characters, stages, or even extra content because the 3DS isn’t strong enough. It also sounds like the characters will be “dumbed down.”

  7. I can do without any other third party characters. What is nintendo getting out of it since its there money and time there putting to promote a character that might not even get a wii u game. people always considered mega man as a nintendo character because his games had great control and were fun and came up next to nintendos stars years ago on nes. Thats not an easy thing to do

  8. This is old news (and I swear to god you guys have posted this three times already). Still, it’s good that they’re not going to add a bunch of third party characters. Snake needs to be GONE, lol. And Sonic needs to be seriously powered-down.

    1. They’d only need to give in another Final Smash (Super Sonic was cheap and overpowered)
      Without that, he’s a pretty limited character. He runs fast, but his moves are much slower than they should be and have little variation.

      1. He runs wayyyy too fast! Lol. This is a fighting game, not a Sonic game. Besides, with the new parkour system they’ve added in Sonic Lost World, I could see Sega slowing him down in SSB as well.

        As for his moveset, I’ve dealt with so many people that do nothing but spam his homing attack. I’m not hear for that!

        1. Homing attack is his worst move though, just hit him during the five year start up to the attack!

          1. All I’m saying is that it’s annoying when people refuse to play the game like it is meant to be played, and spam attacks like Sonic’s homing attack don’t help.

        2. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks Sonic was OP in any way and/or doesn’t want him in Smash 4.

          1. I agree. Sonic in brawl is a balanced character and Super Sonic works as he is supposed to

  9. I would probally only buy the SSB on the Wii-U instead on the 3DS, although I don’t have a Wii-U atm. So for me, you don’t have to let the 3ds hold back the Wii-U version.

  10. ppl, remember we are still far from seeing this game

    if the E3 video looked great, the real game will look even better
    I really think the 3DS has 1-2 exclusive chars and the WiiU others, since there will be no cross-platform over those games
    still,Im sure that since there is so much time until the game finally releases, we are gonna have a lot of surprises from Sakurai. After all, he has amazed all us with Kirby, this wont be an exception

  11. I sometimes wish they had a separate series with nothing BUT third party characters. With maybe a mix of first party characters added. Even though I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

    1. But I sure wish that Pac-Man would make the cut. I thought for sure he would when I heard that Namco/Bandai was working on the game.

  12. Anyone ever considered Leon from RE4? Replace Snake for Leon. Leon can shoot and kick ass. Or Billy from RE0 But he’s more outdated Capcom hasn’t did much with him since.

  13. Im starting to get worried…From what they’re saying the 3ds is very limited in terms of having to many characters, and since the wiiU and the 3ds will have the same number of characters, the next game may have only 20-30 characters…And if that happens I will get really pissed off!!

    1. Yes I will be pissed too, I dont think this smash is going to be very good but I hope I am wrong I really do.

  14. I knew that this would happen, we are getting less characters for Smash on the Wii U because of the 3DS versions limitations. That sucks. I just hope they include enough third-party characters, atleast from franchises that have supported Nintendo consoles for a long time, or atleast have a history with them.

    It’s a reason we got Mega Man, and it’s a given we’ll get a Namco character like Pac-man. Hoping for Sonic to be back because Sonic is a big supporter of Nintendo hardware. And hoping for Snake. I’d be happy with those choices.


  16. First, I’m a huge fan :) Nintendo is like the best gaming company in my opinion. Second, my favorite fran. is Smash Brothers and news had been release that they are going to cut some players off… The Rooster of Smash is a very important detail of the game, lets say everything. Invited characters are one of the most important ones. You already annoucced Mega Man… Sonic should return and Snake if not it could be an assist trophy. Dont cut anyone out and just add. The more characters from different fran. you have, the more fans will come and will even get sells bigger and not fewer because angry fans din’t decide to buy the game because his/her favorite character is not on smash any more.

  17. I recommend you to post a different date for the release of the game like on June or July of 2015. The fans will understand the situation of why they change the date and they will agree with it. For example me and some other people I had talk about it will. The total of character in all should be between 55 and 60 including all the characters from other fran. and the 3 newcomers. Another thing is that if not you can reduce some character as they are the same for example: Dr. Mario can be take out and you can make an option to change Mario on his Dr. costume and the same way with Link( Young Link and Toon Link) and Pikachu ( with Pichu) the same thing you kinda did with Wario. Nintendo I hope you take this as an advice as I speak for all fans who daily like I do enjoy games of the Nintendo systems and I hope that everything goes alright and I wish you all a nice day and life. Sakurai hope you think of this :)

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