Iwata Is Asked Whether He Will Bring Virtual Boy Games To eShop


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was asked by investors whether he will bring games from the Virtual Boy to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Iwata confessed that it’s not something he has really been considering, as the console wasn’t a success when it was released back in 1995. Here’s what Satoru Iwata had to say to investors about Virtual Boy games.

“You are looking forward to much virtual console of Nintendo 3DS since out, but I want you to restore the Virtual Boy soon. Or not the plan. Because I think those who do not is the thing that’s of or below the age of their own, were also played quite a lot, I want you to examine it by all means.”

“For products that have not been announced at this time, I am not afford to say here, Nintendo has released previously, Virtual Boy is a game machine in the world of only black and red that looks three-dimensional look into. It did not go very well as a business, but who He will say that there was also attractive very unique in the flow of those days so come, as to whether not utilize well the software assets of Virtual Boy, valuable I look forward as your opinion. Thank you all!”

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        1. You’re asking for common courtesy on the internet? Sure, when the sky’s toxic green worldwide.

        1. That’s no way to talk to a lady…let alone comment! If you can’t speak(or text) in a civilized fashion, then I suggest you go back to that trailer you call a “house” and spank your monkey ’till a better idea comes around!

    1. Mark Cerny the Chief architect of the PS4 loves and respects nintendo and their close knit intellectual company. If Sony’s big wig maker of the PS4 knows of nintendo’s greatness, why do Sonyans fret?

      1. You do realize that most people who like Sony also like Nintendo and vice versa. If anything, your companies of choice should be Sony and Nintendo as they deliver the most first-party games.

        1. Thank you for being wise. I enjoy Nintendo and Sony games. I respect Sony’s PS1 and PS2 policies. My greatest hope is that ‘The Last of us’ forces Sony to head in the gaming direction. That game has stirred up Nintendo too. Most fanboys on both sides see this not. You and I do. Am glad it will be a WiiU3DSPS4 generation this time around; hopefully the PSVita gets a price cut and games mid next year.

    1. Probably to troll him since he can’t say “because the Virtual Boy sucked” like we can

            1. It takes people, time, money, and other resources to remake games that didn’t sell. It’s not worth it and Nintendo doesn’t like remaking everything. That’s why we have the Virtual Console.

        1. Red Alarm and Wario Land and probably 3D Tetris are maybe some of the better ones, I con not speak for the japanesse games only.

          1. Would definitely love to see these VB games remade in color on 3ds eshop! Not many people got to enjoy these games because VB wasn’t successful and only displayed red due to technological limitations. Now that the 3ds has “glasses free 3-D, those games can be resurrected in full color! Would be nice to see that even though the VB was a loss, the games that came out on it weren’t!

    2. Personally I’d like to have Virtual Boy games on the 3DS. The Wario game is good, I’ve tried that one, and the Mario game looks pretty good too.

    1. Don’t know if you saw it, but Smosh made a video on Youtube called “Japanese Titanic” that totally made me aware of the Google Translate issues…LOL!

    2. ” but I want you to restore the Virtual Boy soon. Or not the plan. Because I think those who do not is the thing that’s of or below the age of their own”

      This could be considered above the law to say Iwata was quoted as speaking to the one under of adults to be true as this. Googleglass.

  1. > wasn’t a success when it was released back in 1995.

    THE FUCK YOU SMOKING IWATA?? It sold 800,000 units in a single year. that’s MASSIVE for 1995. Not to mention the Gameboy color only sold 200,000 units in its first year. The Virtual Boy also had an amazing line up of new games coming out for it (as announced at Space World 1995) as well as a link cable project that VB fans are desperately trying to revive and make homebrews for. How in the WORLD does anyone thing the VB was a failure??

    1. The Virtual Boy was a console, not a handheld, and it sold 800,000 total. That is a failure, especially after the millions the SNES sold.

      1. 800,000 in its single and ONLY year. It wasn’t given the chance to grow and expand the way other console/handhelds did. It’s not like SNES or Gameboy started out with an incredible library either. Even then the Virtual Boy was a pretty advanced system for its time. It was one of the most powerful things in the market. 32-bit processor w/ 16-bit graphics using a dual-projection system to simulate 3D, and an 8-bit sound chip — although the sound mostly came from the carts themselves allowing for more than 6 channels. It was pretty much superior to other systems at the time in every way but color and sound quality.

    2. Pfffft Wrong.
      They only SHIPPED 800,000. Shipping a product is not the same as selling it. And the Gameboy Colour sold much more than 200,000 in the first year.

  2. Iwata’s English in these excerpts is so bad… Almost makes you wonder if the original source used Google Translate or something…

    1. I know, I thought the same thing, because I have HEARD him speak better English than what was written up above. 💋

      1. You’re probably right, but possibly when we hear him at Nintendo Direct or what have you, it’s just a scripted, rehearsed speech and he’s not thinking and speaking on his feet.

  3. Look, I would totally buy each Virtual Boy game for the 3DS, yeah, they’d have to sort of remaster them in COLOR, for me to enjoy them, honestly, I’d like to see the red and black one if that’s what they decide to do, but this is a GREAT question, and Iwata’s investors know what they’re doing, and get my applause for asking such a relevant, and GREAT question. I truly hope to see the Virtual Boy titles released for the 3DS, lets just hope they don’t give everyone a headache from playing them.

    1. the headache excuse is only relevant to people with severe eye problems (e.g. color blindness) and people too lazy to adjust the focus like the safety manual and start up screen ALWAYS TELLS YOU TO DO. I’ve played my Virtual Boy for hours straight without an issue.

      1. Cool, I’ve never owned a Virtual Boy, but have lately been browsing Ebay for one at an affordable price, I might pick one up now. That Wario Land title looks pretty fun actually, and getting to play a piece of Nintendo history like that, it’s the first Nintendo 3D console, sounds pretty awesome to be totally honest.

        1. Check out Planet Virtual Boy. they have an amazing community dedicated to the system. They make homebrews, flashcarts, mods, custom parts, reproductions.. the works.

          if you’re looking on ebay, look for a lot. I personally won the system, the soft case, and 5 games for 108 dollars. The system itself (in working condition) normally goes for 60 dollars, the soft case itself goes for over 100, and the games I obtained (Wario Land, Red Alarm, Teleroboxer, Mario Clash, and Mario Tennis) go for approximately 20 each. So with some patience, you can get a great deal. Most games on the VB are actually really good. Only ones i’d suggest avoiding completely are waterworld, virtual fishing, and virtual lab. Otherwise, I can assure the other 19 games are quality titles. Good luck on your search!

  4. Why arent people asking if Gamecube games are coming to Eshope? If they want to bring a game to VC bring back that horror game with the 8 kids going after Jason on NES. Now thats so shit worth playing. You pick a house and see if Jason is inside. You search everywhere. If he not there you leave on to the next. If the kid dies you have seven kids left. That game was scary as hell. Anyone remeber the name of that game?

          1. Based on his description (excluding Jason’s name), the two games are almost similar to one another, so I could understand that

  5. That game was so fucking scary. I was only 5 years old.So it was Freddy not Jason. Thank you. Damn because its Rare it won’t come to VC then. Fuck!!!

  6. Knowing Iwata’s dumb decisions, he’s going to go ahead and push virtual boy before adding GameCube and N64 games on there.

    1. Most VB games are actually quality titles. There’s only 3 out of all of them that are actually rubbish. I can say that first hand since I own nearly every game for the thing as well as a flash cart for the more expensive ones. (some like Space Invaders go for hundreds)

    1. You and I think soberly and wisely as regards to the Virtual Boy. Moments of smoking the wrong herb happened on making and releasing the virtual boy. Just like the ones high releasing the PS move and the Kinect lol.

      1. The Xbots that created the Kinect saw too many movies about these things and thought that it would look just as good in real life as it was on those movies…

        Dead wrong they were…

        I don’t want to talk to a machine unless it’s a Terminator, Skynet or something similar…

    2. And me. but, you know, you can be biased against a system that gets bad rep just because people are too lazy to pay attention to the safety screen that pops up with every single game.

    1. like 12 games or so only a few were even worth mentioning, which were teleroboxer, jack bros, Mario tennis, and Mario clash. Nester’s funky bowling is only mentionable because it had the old Nintendo power mascot nester in it. Only Mario tennis and teleroboxer even used the virtual boy’s 3d effect correctly, so jack bros, Mario clash, oh and wario world, were games that didn’t need to be on virtual boy, making them doomed to obscurity.Which is shame they were okay if not good games. The VB should have never have been released and it’s games moved to other consoles, where they could have been much better off.

      1. > 12

        I think you mean 19. And most of them are actually VERY good titles. I own nearly every game for it and a flash cart. Out of all of them, only 3 are actually total rubbish. The rest of them are actually quality titles and play extremely well. Considering it sold 800,000 units in its only year and over 20 games were announced at a Japanese game expo in 1995 (all really good looking, too) I have no clue why it was taken off of the market. It could’ve been very successful if it was given time.

        Seriously, so much bad mouthing going on here. Has anyone even tried the thing before? if so, did you even pay attention to the safety screen that appears at the start of EVERY GAME?

    1. Not really, it was more a lack of technology to make it be more than it was, seriously lacking advertisement because in my young days I never saw anything about VB and because people were happy with the NES and so on…

      1. See why I said they were High. They learnt their lesson and built the marvel of this eighth generation the 3DS. The 3DS XL is glorious. Games on it are stupendous and well crafted. It has quality after quality releasing every month. Yes nintendo commander, even the Wii U is on the rise, haters and even nintendo fanboys just don’t see it yet. Though the Wii U Pikmin 3 has Japan singing in July :).

        1. The reason the VB was even in its current state is because Nintendo rushed Yokoi (the original creator of the VB and the Gameboy) to get it into the market so they could put more resources onto the Nintendo 64. It could’ve been a much better product given it had more time to be developed. Even with the current state it wasn’t a bad system and sold pretty damn well for it’s single year of production. Was getting some wonderful 3rd party support as shown at a Japanese expo in 1995, too.

          So, no. they weren’t high. They just didn’t give it time to become a better product before production nor did they give it time to grow after it was released.

  7. What the hell is up with the awful Engrish? Iwata’s English is a WHOLE lot better than… whatever the fuck it was that I was attempting to read up there.

  8. okay…. what the hell did I just read? It looks like someone took what Iwata said word-for-word and put it into a sentence. -.-

  9. Just bring the Wario Land game to virtual console, it’s the only good game on the Virtual Boy.

  10. They should release a Virtual Boy Collection as a Club Nintendo Platinum reward for 2015 as part of the Virtual Boy’s 20th anniversary.

  11. ” I am not afford to say here” “looks three-dimensional look into” “valuable I look forward as your opinion.” oh my gosh. Iwata is Yoda. How could I have not noticed?

  12. What a stupid question to ask him. Why would Nintendo bring games from the most failed system EVER to the eShop? And who wants to look at those eye-straining, migraine inducing red graphics? However, it WOULD be interesting to see Nintendo re-make all Virtual Boy games with color. Although they’d just be ordinary games then, and nothing unique or special.

  13. A modernized Virtual Boy to compete with Oculus RIft. I think it is time for Nintendo to give it another go. Virtual reality, Augmented reality.

  14. I think Teleroboxer and Mario Clash should be on the 3DS eShop. If anything, I enjoyed those games the most. The rest kind if stink, but those ones were alright.

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