Altus Japan Says The Altus Brand Will Carry On


Despite Atlus’s parent company being investigated and going through possible bankruptcy, the company’s website and Twitter account have thanked everyone for the concern and said “From hereafter also, the development and sales of the Atlus brand as well as the consumer business will continue.” This means that games such as Shin Megami Tensei IV and Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl will continue to be sold as they are currently. Other games that the company is planning to release such as Dragon’s Crown and Devil Survivor 2: Break Record remain unaffected, and a release date for the latter will be announced shortly.


    1. Atlus most likely consider Nintendo to be very trust worthy. So if their parent company does indeed bankrupt, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind becoming a first/second party for them.
      However, that’d mean Persona 5 would become a Wii U exclusive and boy would the internet backdraft be atrocious. Picture Bayonetta 2, but a hundred times worse.

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        1. hahahahahahah. I don’t condone this comment or sort of behaviour , but I laughed HARD when I read this comment (no offense GamingNerdLisa) …

        1. My mind was just blown 0_o
          ( although “Teroo tearoon row” sounds kinda cool).

  1. Phew.

    But, however, if Sony buys Atlus, SMT X FE will be canceled. Any company can work, mostly Nintendo.

    1. It cannot be canceled if they have a contract…

      Much like Starfox Adventures…

      It was about 60% done when the Xbots bought Rare…

      1. This is true^ I don’t know about 60% done, but it was in a contract. Also, thank god Nintendo had the rights to Krystal even though Rare was the origional creator of the charcter. Because, then we wouldn’t be able to ask for her inclusion in Super Smah Bros. just like poor Banjo Kazooie :,( 💋

        1. from what i remember, and i could be brain farting (so please correct me if im wrong) But, Rare is able to Develop games for Nintendo just not for home consoles. The DS diddy Kong Racing fall under the “not a home console rule.”

          like i said, i could be completely wrong.

    2. I believe there are certain games that they would want to release on playstation, such as Persona 5.
      I think they’ll keep it safe and join another third party company.

    1. Because this company is working on Shin Megami X Fire Emblem which so happens to be a game for the Wii U and also just so happens to be a cross with a Nintendo owned ip!!! 💋

        1. Atlus isn’t a first party nintendo developer, and this really has nothing to do with the nintendo games they are making, so this isn’t nintendo news at all.

          1. The outcome of the situation ATLUS is in can directly impact the games they have already on Nintendo systems and those that are yet to be released.

            It is pertinent to Nintendo news.

            1. Aww man! I really love ATLUS games but I haven’t bought any lately. Now it is seem like my fault now.

            2. Well jeez, when Atlus releases Persona 5 for PS3 or PS4 (they probably will), you guys are gonna say it’s nintendo news again because the company makes games on nintendo platforms as well? That makes no sense at all.

                1. So now that you see that I’m telling the truth you’re not going to try and deny it and insult me…real clever.

                    1. Wikipedia isn’t a viable source…plus the second I saw Puyo Pop Fever on that list I knew that it was bs. I’m not denying that there’s Atlus games on that list, just that there is bound to be games on that list not developed by Atlus.

                  1. That’s not an insult, it’s the truth. By your logic, MyNintendoNews shouldn’t report on anything unless it’s Nintendo first party news.

                    ATLUS has games exclusive to Nintendo systems, such as the Wii U and 3DS, that are coming out (or already out). These titles could have been greatly affected by the financial and legal troubles that ATLUS has found itself in.

                    If Nintendo exclusive games were cancelled, or caught in limbo, would that not be worthy of Nintendo news? These developments are in direct relation to that.

                    1. to add to what Simply G has already said,

                      If anything were to happen to the games being developed by Atlus, then WE would most likely never get Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. This piece of news is actually quite important.

                    2. I’m not saying to not report on 3rd party game news, if it’s something about a Wii U game or a 3DS game I don’t care, but in my opinion this really doesn’t need to be on a nintendo news site.

  2. Atlas (let’s make misspelling the name a kind of forced meme contained to only this newspost) while not relevant to me at present appear to be doing good work for the art form of video games so I sure hope it stays alive.

  3. if nintendo just bought them with their greedy hands, then they would have even more fans.

    fuck you gruntillda this is my stupid rhyme.

    1. I don’t think you understand that Atlus games don’t really get a ton of sales most of the time, if they were bought by Nintendo that would only mean less sales. I don’t think you fanboys understand that Atlus has released most of their games for sony platforms, where they get most of their sales. For Atlus to survive as a company, they should really just remain 3rd party. If they went 1st party to Nintendo, I don’t see how that would mean more fans…it would only mean less fans, because they’d have to buy Nintendo consoles to play an Atlus game.

      1. exactly they would have to buy nintendo consoles to do so and people who like atlus will. good for nintendo. me a fanboy……. people say im a troll. you don’t know what your talking about if your calling me one of them.

        1. Do you really think that they would all buy nintendo consoles? The 3DS I can understand, but the Wii U? There’s nothing for it that really makes the average consumer think that it’s a must-buy console.
          And you’re probably the most tame fanboy, but nevertheless still a fanboy.

  4. Let’s celebrate by a Radiant Historia 2.
    It sold like shit, they’d never do it. But it would be cool.

  5. As a HUGE fan of Devil Survivor and Shin Megami, This is great news to me. :D

  6. Thankfully future releases are unaffected. So, I will still be able to play Etrian Odyssey Untold :D
    Hope that it doesn’t affect Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem though.

    1. WTF?!!! Stupid ass phone. Anyways: Nintendo needs to quit screwing around their half-assed apologies and actually do something for it’s fans. Reaching into that massive wallet of theirs and buying ATLUS would be a huge plus for the company’s fans. If Nintendo drops the ball on this, like they have been lately, and either Sony or Microsoft buys out Atlus I will be eternally pissed. DON’T FUCK THIS UP NINTENDO!!!!! Btw it’s spelled Atlus not Altus sickr.

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