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Cooking Mama 5 Serves Up A Winter 3DS Treat

cooking mamaIt’s no surprise that Cooking Mama Limited has a sequel in the works for their successful Cooking Mama franchise.  Cooking Mama 5 will be revealed at Shogakukan’s Ciao Summer Festival on July 28, and joins Gardening Mama: Mama and the Forest Friends, which is due for a September release in Japan. The fifth instalment is heating up and ready to be served this coming winter for Japanese Nintendo 3DS owners, but it will no doubt head over to the West in due time.

30 thoughts on “Cooking Mama 5 Serves Up A Winter 3DS Treat”

      1. shut the fuck up, fucking bitch. if you like cooking so much go back to the kitchen and make somebody a sandwich.

        1. Real original, how about you continue to ride sony and microsoft’s cocks, because surely you are butt hurt lol.

          1. speak for yourself child girl. I only roll with sony and nintendo. it used to be nintendo only until they started fucking up big time.

  1. Now I can teach my wife how to cook. My daughter needs to learn how too. That’s all she’ll be good for anyway.

  2. Yeah, not really hyped. lol But the games aren’t actually terrible or anything. And they aren’t amazing either. It’s a game about cooking. That’s pretty much it. You swirl around the stylus doing stuff in the game. Baking bread and whatever. Like like the previous games.

  3. Contrary to popular belief, the games don’t actually teach you how to cook. It’s more a collection of fast paced mini games like warioware. It’s a pretty decent series.

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