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Wii U Game Development Requires Twice The Human Resources Than Before


Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto says that Wii U video game development actually requires twice the human resources than before. Miyamoto explained that the teams have struggled to adapt to the HD era, and a result a number of software titles were delayed. However, Miyamoto says that Nintendo is almost out of this phase and are creating an easier development approach.

“When it comes to the scale of software development, Wii U with HD graphics requires about twice the human resources than before. Please allow me to explain that we may have underestimated the scale of this change and as a result, the overall software development took more time than originally anticipated just as we tried to polish the software at the completion phase of development. However, we are almost out of this phase, and we are also trying to create something unique utilizing an easier development approach called “Nintendo Web Framework.”

166 thoughts on “Wii U Game Development Requires Twice The Human Resources Than Before”

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        Not original man. Keep practicing for more stupid comebacks that ain’t gonna work for shit like Xbox One’s DRM mess that its still struggling to clean up. Microsoft buying Nintendo? Not a damn chance even if apocalypse comes knocking on our doors.

    1. Super Mario Bros. U says hello. Even haters like IGN and EDGE gave it a 9.5, 9.7 out of ten. Then Comes Pikmin 3.

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          1. Really ?? God dammit .
            And yes I don’t have a 3ds I am going to buy it , didn’t know there were no block list :/

    3. What? Thats why most Games made by them, sold better than any 360 and ps4 game!? 35 million for mario kart, right? Oh and, dont get me wrong, but because nintendo games are so bad, they always get best reputation from costumers and gaming magazines. Dude, dont talk crap. Nintendo made mistakes, a lot of them, but if they can do one thing good, than its games.

                1. I own almost every wiiu game, Super Mario Bros.U,Ninja gaiden razor’s edge,Nintendo Land,Injustice,Darksiders 2,Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate,batman AC,Assassin’s creed 4,avengersBFE,Lego city undercover,Sonic&ASRT,TekkenTagTournament 2,Warriors Orochi 3, CodBO2,Fist of the North star 2,Scribblenauts Ulimited,Est. The List Goes On. :)

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                          1. Not sure, i’m on my wiiu’s gamepad, but i didn’t set the time on my wiiu lol

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                                1. And the poblem eith zombies is that it is very hard and it takes like, forever to finish it…

                              3. Wow somebody that actually owns more Wii U games than me! That’s awesome. But to be fair I also own a 3DS and have a lot of games for that system as well. I do bet that I have more Wii games than you though.

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              1. Once the ball is rolling, it’ll be fine, but yeah, the difference in hardware certainly caused issues

              2. why are they still adapting to HD? they should have been practising, and learning over the past 8 years. bunch of old dinosaurs…

                  1. Sad, but true! Nintendo does, however, get alot of cool graphical effects out of last generation hardware than any other publisher I know…Mario Galaxy for example!

              3. That’s really sad, actually. Not only is Nintendo a whole generation too late with HD, they’re also having problems with figuring it out even this late. This is just sad.

              4. Its all about gameplay anyways. Nintendo is FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAAAAAAAR ahead compared to games on other consoles. There are however PC game devs who is FAR FAR FAR FAR FAAAAR ahead of Nintendo, which is why PC > Wii U > Shitsoles

                    1. I don’t get the hate for Minecraft. It’s a unique game, it’s especially fun when playing with a lot of friends and you can get really creative with that game.

              5. If they just overstaffed to begin with then they wouldn’t have had this problem. Having too many workers would have been better than too few and they could just let them go once they developed a good way to produce games. Ot would have kept development times on schedule at least. 💋

                1. ^ This. I think launching your first HD console, and changing your image so people stop thinking all you can make are sub-par graphics warranted a staff increase. (which they recently remedied.)

                  At least I feel like this was an honest, straightforward answer to the root of the cluster fuck. Not a corporate apology that’s getting overused and stale.

                  I sincerely appreciate Nintendo owning up to this and respecting us enough to tell us the truth about what happened. Not just “Well, we wanted to make it better.”

                  I can respect, “Well, we got caught with our pants down and wdre not ready to produce HD games.” Thanks for finally being honest with us Nintendo. :)

                  1. yeah but more staff also means more supervisors, managers and testers which puts more financial pressure per game (ie needs to sell more units). So yeah, more staff is gd but not as easy as it sounds

                    1. Oh, I entirely agree with you.
                      they can’t just make HD games, but they have to make them good enough to cover the increased costs… another challenge altogether.
                      That’s where I think Nintendo can succeed, selling more units, given they jump the first hurdle. X.x

                2. I agree with you, but I can’t think of one employer who would. It’s hard to reason with greed.

              6. good to hear. show those motherfuckers what you can do with hd. zelda wiiu will no doubt be that example. I hope.

                1. Agreed, I think Pikmin 3 alone shows off some beauty. But then again, I’m not a graphics loving gamer. Most of my SNES games are better than anything Microsoft can do.

              7. Listen Nintendo, I actually know why you rushed the console to the market, but looking at how things have gone, I think we all can agree that you should have just waited until this Spring. Rushing NSMBU’s development and the console just to TRY to take of advantage of third parties, clearly wasn’t worth it. Would have saved you a DAMN lot of bad press too…

              8. I don’t even know why the Wii wasn’t HD. That’s like asking for a death sentence when the Xbox 360 was released in 2005 (IN HD).

                1. Fail. Wii won. Microsoft and Sony didnt need to go HD. They went farther then needed now graphics arent an issue with Xbox One and PS4. Sure there better but not like WOW. Just oh…yah I guess its a bit better. Nintendo finally being HD is a far bigger deal.

                  1. I’m not talking about sales, I’m talking about how gamers treat Nintendo like a joke. Nintendo had almost no 3rd party support and because of this, gamers think the Wii U is a load of shit. Had the Wii been in HD, Nintendo would still be treated well by gamers.

              9. Well they certainly aren’t doing anything in HD yet. The resolution of the screen is in HD but all the rest is still stuck in the N64 (beginning of 3D for them) low polygon era. They like 5 years behind still. I dunno why they take so long to make a game if everything they do is low polygon and simple. They can’t even bother to add full voice acting to any of their games. Making a game in HD is also about adding much more detail into the environments and characters, facial expressions etc (that where a lot of the time in development goes). Just look at the simple environments and buildings in W101 or even Mario Kart 8. Mario Kart 8 and W101 have low poly very primitive looking trees, they have a bland green table cloth texture that is supposed to be “grass”. Real HD games grass looks realistic with individual strands of grass. I guess they probably need to render their low poly trees and grass like they do to keep Mario Kart 8 at 60 frames, else it would drop to 20 on this underpowered baby console. I guess this is also why Nintendo sticks to making baby cartoony looking games. They can’t make detailed environments on their underpowered baby hardware.
                It like if you go outside (yea I know Nintendo fanboys rarely go outside ) and everyone is dressed in cartoon overgrown simple outfits and they all mute (Nintendo) versus seeing things in full detail and listening to people talk like they actually are(the real world, real HD games).

                1. Wauw, if you weren’t such a douchebag, you would have a sensible argument.

                  While this is quite possibly true, i cannot imagine what it must be like to create a title like The Last of Us.

                  Nintendo games are well thought through, with many creative aspects, but graphics, sound and gameplay is still very much leaning towards the old formula.

                  Nintendo has truly been too conservative with regards to the industry, and i doubt very much that they will make a Metroid or Zelda game with a realistic enviroment out of sheer fear of they own lack of capability to do so.

                  The new HD Zelda was supposedly making use of an unseen artstyle too, so i can’t be like Twilight Princess… which i had sort of hoped, just with better texture and resolution. In any case, i’m excited to see what they can develop, and if any of these games are gonna look better than the current gens best titles, because right now there’s a lot of titles on the Xbox 360 and PS3 (especially) that looks way better than anything delievered on the Wii U, that’s not to say the Wii U couldn’t handle it, but it just doesn’t have the software, so there’s no way to really know.

                  1. You know I actually hate Twilight Princess’ look. It’s too bland and colorless. Not much effort put into it. If you want an example of a good graphical style on the Wii there’s Xenoblade Chronicles. But I don’t get why people love Twilight Princess’ look so much when there’s barely any color in it. They said a new style, maybe they mean an art style even BETTER than TP. On kinda like Twilight Princess but with more color and a more realistic detailed look. At least that’s what I hope. btw X is looking pretty damn sweet:

              10. Well, as I’ve said before. The HD era had been around for six years before WiiU was released. They really should have done their research. Now they’re feeling the effects for their lack of preparation. Maybe they can bring it back, but I honestly think that it’ll be too late to make WiiU a commercial success by that point.

                  1. I think worst case, they bomb their intro into HD, and their next console (Yes, there will be a “next”) Will be better… Yeah? D:

              11. unimportantbystander

                I hope they get used to it quick especially when their competitors are about to be released. Nintendo didn’t go HD last gen is because HDTV’s wheren’t a norm back then. Now that most people in the world have an HDTV, Nintendo can finally create an HD console. For being HD for the first time I have to give them props with the new games that are coming out. All of them look very good and can prove to be system sellers. As Nintendo gets used to HD…….oh boy I can’t wait to see their upcoming games in the future.

              12. Nintendo Web Framework?
                IIRC, that’s the thing that recently attracted over a THOUSAND indie developers to the system.
                Must be pretty good stuff to do that.

                1. Stop being a racist jackass, also stop calling people out on sterotypicle beliefs. It’s ashamed racism is still alive…

                  1. If you think racism will ever end you are a fool. Ignore the otherwise racist comment, no need for a lecture. I’m not supporting this turd, just stating the obvious.

              13. you had the whole era of the wii that you should of been adopting to hd, online, and stuff. instead you drive all the core away and give the middle finger to everyone thats not a sheep. nintendo is going to have to make a mad 180 to fix this shit.

                1. We get it; you hate casuals and all the new blood they represent because it doesn’t cater to your own needs.
                  Your side is understood.
                  You can go away now.

                  1. Big three are overrated

                    And are you happy about all those carnival games that wii had, not all of us are sheeps.Lol ps3 got Gta 4 from rockstar and wii got that freakin carnival game oh happy day sun is shinin yeah.

                    1. Way to stand by the same type of “causals suck” mind-frame.
                      Praising GTA4 while ardently looking down on everything else that doesn’t suit you makes you just as much of a sheep as the casuals you unjustly loath.

                      1. Big three are overrated

                        Im not lookin down on everything else but most of the wii games were those lame carnival games that you enjoyed, but get this i didnt. Sure there were good games but they were without few exceptions 1st party titles, so many great games were on ps3 while wii got carnival games. Ive been Nintendo fan since 1997 and i have to say that wii was disapointment so many franchises were ignored like Star fox, F zero etc. when gamecube didnt get support much from others nintendo themselfs kept it goin with F-zero,zelda,mario,starfox, etc. almost all N franchises appeared on that thing, then N64 had all those Rare games that kept it going. Point is wii was full of carnival games which was lame and i dont wanna go trough that again with Wii u.

                        1. You’re not even giving the names of good titles on the wii, you’re just saying “carnival game” all over… Talking to you would destroy brain cells, seeing has how you make no sense, what-so-ever…

                          1. Big three are overrated

                            I have destroyed many brain cells and i enjoy doing it and yes i dont make sense but then again so doesnt god or religions among other things.

                            1. But i’m not religious,so surely that doesn’t effect me… You detroying brain cells is basically done by you typing the most idiotic comments ever seen before… If you think being a dumbass is honorable,than hey that’s you…

                              1. Big three are overrated

                                Thanks i prefer being called as asshole instead of dumbass. Oh does hentai btw make sense i dont think so.

                                1. Hentai means pervert in japanese dumbass, and i hope dumbass fits you well, dumbass..

                              2. Arnold Swollenpecker

                                You are a high ranking officer in the Nintendo defense force……how you liking the Virtual Console so far? Third party support, system stability, first party selection, online infrastructure, and the rest of the f ups that make me wanna take a dump on my wii u? How can anyone defend them? They have been apologizing every other day since they released the thing…..this has been a fiasco so far. I hope they turn it around cause Sony and Microsoft are about to drop the hammer.

                                1. Are insults are so shitty… I’m not that big of a Nintendo fan, they are my favorite of the main three, but i support them as much as sony or just a bit more, if you’re looking to piss someone off reply to a different person, cause your bullshit is not working on me ta ta! :)

                                2. Wii U is still more backward compatible than competitors so even when there is not much games to buy from eshop there is still lots of Wii games to choose from.

                                  Internet browser and netflix works much better on Wii U. All my HD consoles freeze time by time so can’t say it’s only Wii U’s problem.

                                  It’s nice console and gamepad is great when used right in game but there is just not enought games. Online party chat in system itself would be very useful thing too.

                                3. Your name is enough to insult your otherwise low IQ. However I must add to this triumph. Bitching about bullshit we already know is really annoying so please stop. August will give you enough reasons why the Wii U will do much better than you think. The rest of this year is all about the Wii U. But I do agree, that Nintendo needs to step it up to ensure they do successfully against the other two.

                2. Big three are overrated

                  You hit the nail man, you hit it hard. I agree so much they had so much time, but they becomed blind by succes and they didnt see what is happenin outside their building. Respect,respect to you dude.

              14. Gonna have to agree that they should have been researching making HD games long ago, even if their new console wasn’t anywhere near ready yet. At least they are trying to solve the issue.

                1. Don’t you think that might be what they are working towards. Bring out the system sellers now and the hardcore nintendo games later.

              15. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

                It’s just more proof that the Wii U was released a year too soon. Nintendo should have waited another year and figured all of this stuff out BEFORE releasing the console.

              16. It is simply taking way too long for Nintendo to make games to support the Wii U. Where is Nintendo’s great huge open world 3D action adventure cinematic platforming puzzling HD classic?

              17. Arnold Swollenpecker

                Don’t remember Sony or Microsoft or any other dev whining this much about how hard it is to make hd games….

                1. FoolyCoolyUpInHere

                  They did, especially the people who had to learn to develop on the cell processor, but Nintendo’s been pretty stupid for not catching on to how much more work it takes when they’ve had 6 years to see how much everyone else struggled with the transition. Even with an easy to develop for system it’s still a lot more work. They were overconfident in themselves and now it’s costing them and everyone waiting for the games to come out. If you’re a business you should always plan on a challenge being harder than expected and compensate for that so that if something were to happen they wouldn’t be off schedule, and considering how often Nintendo already had delayed games it’s pretty much a guarantee that something would cause things to take longer than initially hoped for by them anyhow. Heck, just look at Pikmin 3, developed for 5 years or so and still delayed another near year beyond it’s launch window release. Ugh, I’ve got a Wii U, I love the interface and have enjoyed the system, but I’m not a big Mario guy so I’m pretty much stuck waiting for Nintendo games, luckily Sonic pretty much makes it worth it to me when that comes out and I’ll get Pikmin and Wind Waker HD too, but no big new first party games that really get me going, but hey, maybe Pikmin will end up being one. But that should’ve been out 6 months ago. I’m a patient person, but I hate when businesses get cocky and screw themselves and their customers up like this, and Nintendo has messed up pretty big here, and even after the mess that was the 3DS’s launch, but at least they picked that up by the end of the first year, this looks like it won’t be as quick a recovery at all. Well, Smash Bros and Mario Kart together will probably be enough incentive to pick things up quite a bit for them, or at least enough to give third parties a reason to support the platform, which would then get more people to start up since they wouldn’t be as limited with just what Nintendo feels like putting out




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