Japanese Club Nintendo Hacked, Request For Password Change

club_nintendo marioNintendo has confirmed an attack on their members reward site, Club Nintendo, after 23,000 unauthorised log-ins – with over 15 million attempted – were recorded between 9 June and 4 July. A large number of errors appeared within the system on July 2, and this was when Nintendo’s Kyoto-based Headquarters began to investigate the issue. It is possible that a number of members’ full names, home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses may have been compromised.

The hacking only occurred within Japan, so other countries appear to be unaffected. Nintendo has announced they are currently strengthening the security measures on the website, and have asked members to change their password as an added security precaution. Nintendo has sent an email to those customers who may have been affected in order to change their security settings on the reward site.


  1. Btw happy late 4th of July! I spent time with my other and there were definitely rockets firing ;) Lol sorry!

    1. Xbox isnt popular in Japan, therefore I doubt it was anyone involved with Xbox. Probably there was a great reward some Japanese people wanted so they wanted to get multiple lol. Also WHERE IS THE NORTH AMERICAN REWARDS!!!

    1. yep ubisoft too were hacked and customer info was compromised, i was emailed to change my password recently, first Sony psn, then M$, then ubi and now Nintendo these hackers are vermin, and should be put in jail!! where bending down for soap can take away your manhood that would make some of these losers grow up!

      Its funny i remember every xbox and nintendrone making the psn hack such a big deal, and i kept telling them that NO ONE IS SAFE! hell the federal government was even hacked along with companies which are worth billions! now i think people realise that no one is safe!! i don’t understand why these vermin don’t use their skills to do good, like exposing all the paedophiles and child porn viewers, that would be a good way to use their talents! instead they attack companies and steal our data, which is then most likely sold on the black market! LOSERS!!

      1. I bet it’s the so called “PC Master Race” that’s behind these attacks…

  2. Well that must suck for those over in Japan. Hopefully this won’t start effecting the rest of the world.

  3. You have to be vigilant and conduct yourself as if your information has already been compromised, because it most like has been. It’s just a matter of if they decide to use your info out of the millions of peoples info they have.

  4. Except for handling the last year of Wii and this handling of the Wii U, Nintendo is the most awesome video game company in the world, anyone who would hack club Nintendo is evil scum.

  5. North Korea?… I kid I kid. I hope this doesn’t happen to N.America’s Club Nintendo!!! 💋

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