Injustice Game Of The Year Edition Listed For Wii U


If a recent listing from Amazon France is legitimate then it looks as though Wii U owners will be getting Injustice Game of the Year edition this November. The Game of the Year edition will be available on a number of formats including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, PlayStation Vita, and Wii U. The Amazon listing says that the game will be released on November 6th.


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    1. Now you feel my UMVC3 pain. “You feel it too, don’t you!? I’ll make them give back our value!”

  1. All it will be is the game plus all the dlc. they shouldve called it the complete edition. This whole GoTY crap is used so much as just a marketing tool

  2. Why does people like Batman? I never could understand it. I think all superheroes are boring.

      1. He-Man isn’t a superhero. He just has superhero-like powers. But if he IS considered a superhero, then I guess I don’t think that ALL superheroes are boring.

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  3. r u fukin jokin? injustice shuldnt even be on wii u. ive seen the gameplay looks liek shiet, and now they be puttijn goty on wii u? burn in fukin hell nintndo

  4. Atleast Warner Bros. is supporting the Wii U still, Ubisoft keep saying that they have confidence in it despite going multiplat with Legends. Sega also being a great support of the system aswell, especially with Lost Worlds, Olympics 2014 and the 3rd Game (I’m predicting Smash Bros. with Sonic as a character).

    1. Smash better have Sonic!.. I hope they remove Snake though, since Konami is not supporting Wii U. They could replace him with Pac-man! :D 💋

  5. I kind of feel cheated for buying the original at launch, but that Toys R Us deal was too good to pass up. But there is just something about buying a game at launch that feels awesome.

  6. I skipped this game at its launch. December really, when the six months before would be leaving us broke. Mario 3D world is releasing and a slew of great games.

  7. not getting this game i was very sad about the old game so waiting for a better game like super smash bros that way i can play as pacman

  8. Just like the WiiU PS4 has sold out in pre-orders in the US. Xboxdone is in trouble. This is great news for the WiiU. Competition is gooing to be between the WiiU and PS4 when developers of the third kind realise they are about to lose money on the xboxdone.

    1. Funny how microsoft is now also third party developers for sony. I guess it is okay for xbox to advertise for both the WiiU and PS4.

    2. Xbox one just sold out at best buy as well. So basically it is on track to sale out as well, so i fail to see your point. Where as when wii u came out there was still stock on the shelves.

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