Famitsu Reviews Pikmin 3


The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has the first review of the long-awaited Pikmin 3 for Wii U. The magazine awarded the Wii U exclusive a more than respectable 37/40. The four reviewers awarded the game three 9′s and one perfect 10. Pikmin 3 launches in Europe on July 26th and in North America on August 4th.

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  1. Nice. I might actually get this game even if i havent tried the other ones on the series . Just based on the great review. Truly nintendo quality game ;)

          1. Titan Dweevil FTW! MY favorite enemies are the Mamutas. In the Prima guide they were given the second name, “the great protector.” So good.

          1. The GameCube version used to be hard to come by until it was re-released for the Wii. Now it’s pretty common.

        1. Ebay, man! Just get the Wii version for like $20, play through it, then if you want you can sell it back. Net loss of $5-10 for experiencing one of the greatest games from the GameCube days.

        2. I found a used Gamecube copy of Pikmin 2 at a local game store recently. I haven’t played it yet lol

    1. I have to disagree with the commander on this one, you need to try first one, that is the true pikmin experience, the second is broken in so many ways.

      1. I think both are awesome. I liked the time limit in the first one because it forced me to be smart and skillful. But I didn’t like the time limit because it stressed me out. Also I can 100% the game in under 6 hours I think. Pikmin 2 is significantly longer with more enemies, bosses, and treasures. The feeling of exploration is increased, as well as 2(or 3) additional Pikmin types to add depth to the puzzles. On the other hand, anyone can beat the game if they gather dozens of the Bitter/Spicy sprays, and there is no time limit. So some of the challenge is gone. Plus the purples are kind of overpowered. Overall, I like the 2nd one more, but I can totally understand the opposite.

  2. 37/40 = 9.25 or 9.3/10 if you round up. I knew this game was gunna be tits since it was first announced.

    A lot of people don’t seem fully interested in this game , but it’s up their with Smash and X for me , definitely.

    1. The problem is, is that it’s not a system seller, this and 101 will not push units out. I’m getting both day one, but we are the minority.

      1. They will most likely push some units out. But definitely not as much as say Sonic , Mario kart , Mario 3D world will…

        Pikmin 3 should sell 1M+ at least. I’ll be suprised if it doesn’t. Wonderfull 101 could sell between 500K-2M we have to wait and see.

        Hopefully w101 gets great reviews , then it will sell.

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      2. It’s a start though. It’s one of Nintendo’s IPs that is still relatively new, so it ISN’T Mario or Zelda, and once this comes out, we’ll be getting one Wii U game per month. It’ll start with these two, then Zelda Wind Waker HD (I didn’t play the original, so this will be for me), then Donkey Kong, then Mario.

        1. I agree. I think Pikmin has potential to be up there with Mario, Zelda and Pokemon. The difference is that those games have been around for about 25 years, so they have quite the fanbase. Pikmin on the other hand has only been around for 12. I think that putting Olimar in SSBB helped a lot in getting the name out there though.

      3. Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 won’t be system sellers in the sense that they’ll cause a huge turnaround for the Wii U, but I assure you that the sales of the system will improve a respectable amount due to these 2 games.

          1. LOL windwaker won’t be a system seller. who wants to play around as a little pleb sailing the seas and pretending to be a pirate.

            1. The same people who want to play Assassin’s Creed 4, dumbass.
              WW is an awesome game, and it’s definitely going to be a system seller now that there have been changes to sailing speed and the Triforce quest.

      4. Will we will find out what Pikmin 3 can do when it launches. After neither is Knack for PS4 yet i don’t hear you complaing about that.

      5. A Miyamoto game not a system seller? Besides Wii Music, Mario is, Zelda is, Donkey Kong…well sales seem to indicate it would be. So why wouldnt another Miyamoto game not be? Pikmin 3 isnt a Smash Bros but alot of people bought a Wii U for Pikmin 3. It’ll raise sales by a fair amount.

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      1. Lets see: 37/40 is equal to .925

        Multiply .925 by 100 and you’ll get 92.5% out of 100%

        That’s an A, A-

        Not that gaming scores have anything to do with academic grading percentages .

                    1. 502 688. Now, can we have a question which doesn’t simply boil down to using a calculator; say find the value of x from this: 4(3x+4) = 7

    2. Pikmin is a genius game, fun a hell, but it’s not as mainstream as the Mario Kart games and such… A lot of people don’t understand what it is, and it’s hard to explain (in my opinion) Nintendo would probably do well to invest in developing demo, or something so people can experience it. Maybe a tutorial Demo.

      1. Yep. People bitch about Play limits , but its been proven they can reduce game sales….

        The should have like 5 play limit imo. And put a Demo out for all big games.

      2. Imagine opening the Wii U eshop to a Free Pikmin 3 demo ad. People would download it. People would like it. Then some of them would buy Pikmin 3. Why wouldn’t Nintendo do this?

      3. They’l be missing out not us :) .

        It will be the first Graphically intensive retail Exclusive on the Wiiu. What I mean by that is the first game that actually utilizes the Hardware.

        I bet you our Jaws will drop when playing Pikmin 3

        1. Especially If you’re used to playing the first 2 on the GameCube like me. The first one is 12 years old and I still think it looks good. Pikmin 2 was a little better visually, but not much. Now fast forward 9 years to Pikmin 3…
          Jaws be droppin’.

          1. Trust me… I think Pikmin 3 will be one of the best looking console games ever released so far. It’s 720p 60FPS natively… there isn’t one game on PS3 and 360 that comes close at that res and framerate…

            1. I remember when MH3U was confirmed to be running at 1080p, and Pikmin was only 720p. And yet Pikmin 3 crushes MH3U visually. This isn’t even it’s final form!

              1. Yeh , that comparison PROVES that resolution means nothing unless used right…

                People are always bitching about Resolution and framerate , whilst they are important. it’s the actual graphics that matter.

                For example , imagine if there was a game which litteraly had the same graphics as real life right. If it was rendered at 720p 30FPS , it would still destroy anything that was out today by a hundred times over.

                Pikmin 3 looks sensational.

    3. Yeah same here, I’ve been waiting FOREVER to get my hands on this. We all know it’s going to be GORGEOUS and amazing. I can’t wait to play it!

  3. Nintendo to the world. every year or every 11 years when we don’t dmake hits we make classics!

    1. Me too but the good news is that I got Nintendo 3DS and I guess VC on Wii U somewhat help.

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        1. No they’re not, you fool.
          So my wonder is about a drought. You know what I mean? You said something about a drought.
          So anyway I saw my friend play Pikmin 2 so I think that Pikmin 3 should be a 39/40 when it comes out. But i’ll play it. What devices are it going to come out on?

          1. Oh okay, sorry, THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME. your avatar is pissing me off too, please change it.

  4. I’m a god! I’m all-powerful! Uwee-hee-hee… I’ll collect more Pikmins I’ll extract their fruits… And then… … … I’ll revive the planet Koppai! I’ve already drained all your powers! You’re useless to me now! You too! Take a hike

  5. Does anyone know of a Japanese review site similar to Metacritic? I’d like to watch for the reviews of Pikmin 3 in the next few days if possible.

  6. I guess it’s time to get excited and pre-order a copy of the game!

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  7. I think Pikmin 3 can be top ten best sellers for 8 to 10 weeks. Just in time for W 101!!!!

    1. As Anubis pointed out above, a 37/40 is equal to 92.5%. If that was the average review score for Pikmin 3 when all is said and done, it would blow away any other games currently on Wii U.

      1. And they rated The Last of Us 38/40. The Last of Us did end up getting about 95% average rating; even if it was actually a terrible gameplay experience.

        Put simply, Famitsu are fairly accurate with their reviews.

  8. i pre-ordered it today. i dont even know whether i like this game, i never played any except pikmin mini game on nintendo land(was a bit fun), but im just desperate to play a title developed exclusively too Wii U using it’s features.. I hope it’s good.

    1. If it’s anything like the first 2 you’ll be glad you bought it. It’s one of those series that I think a lot of people don’t know about yet, but is good enough that most people will in a few years.

    2. Don’t need to worry. This game will blow your mind. The Pikmin series is fantastic. 💋

  9. I have had Pikmin 3 pre-ordered and payed of since last September. Will have been an 11 month wait lol. Nearly a fucking year. Cant wait though, it’ll be worth it.

    1. Agreed, I only payed off 10 bucks so far. You know you are getting your moneys worth with Pikmin. I have to wait until August 4th to play it though…….

  10. Uhh hallo doz pikmon have somethin in common with pokemon and digimon. do you gather monsters and fight against monsters to beecome champion. i watch pkemon i never saw pikmon on tv.

    1. There’s not really any comparison with Pikmin and Pokémon. Other than a similar name, and the fact that you’re battling creatures with the pikmin.

        1. What does “tooked” mean? You’re more ignorant than he is, and he was being helpful.

  11. I’m just SO afraid to buy a Wii U right now. Because I just KNOW that right when I go and buy one, some new colors will suddenly come out. And I’ll want to SCREAM!

      1. WHEN Pikmin 4 comes out! WHEN!

        Sons of Pikmin, of Nintendo, my brothers,
        I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me.
        A day may come when the courage of Pikmin fails,
        when we forsake our friends
        and break all bonds of fellowship,
        but it is not this day.
        An hour of bulborbs and shattered helmets,
        when the age of Pikmin comes crashing down,
        but it is not this day!
        This day we fight!
        By all that you hold dear on this good PNF-404,
        I bid you stand, Men of Hocotate!

    1. Yeah because I am trying to report your comment. Anyway this game is going to rock!
      Kind of sad white and purple pikmin wont be in single player but I understand why

      1. Even you can admit how good Pikmin 3 looks. Are you telling me you’re gonna let it pass you?

        1. never played pikmin but i have had my eyes on it lately. i used to think it looked pathetic until i noticed that its one of the ips nintendo doesnt milk and also is one of the newest ips by them. so whats better pikmin on gamecube or the wii???? like pikmin one is cheap on gamecube but cost way more on wii but the second one is really expensive on gamecube but cheap on the wii. what ones are better????

          1. imo the wii ones are better, because of the improved targeting, but any ways, you’re right the community here is horrible. I’d say it’s 10X worse than N4G, 100X worse than gonintendo, and 1000X worse than nintendoeverything and all of these sites report news 10000X faster than MNN,

            1. I never liked playing with the Wiimote. It felt like I had a tougher time controlling the Pikmin. Or maybe I just think the GameCube controller is just the best.

                1. im more of a fan that wishes nintendo to be back how they were, now they arnt what they could be. its pathetic because if anybody else was in nintendos position say sony, they would have died a long time ago. nintendo CAN do a lot better than what they have become and i hope they can fix it. like the other day i was going to play dk64, been like 3 years, but it died……… nnoooooooo stupid battery!!!!!

          2. I have Pikmin for the GC but Pikmin 2 for the Wii. I like the motion controls, but then again, sometimes they will fuck you in the butt. I guess it’s personal preference. You should get this, though.

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