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Rumour: Receive $30 eShop Credit When You Buy Shin Megami Tensei IV And Fire Emblem For 3DS

shin_megami_tensei_IV_charactersRumours are afloat for a brand new deal coming to the North American 3DS eShop when the release of Shin Megami Tensei IV hits on July 16. It has been suggested that – in a special promotion – when you buy Fire Emblem: Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV for the Nintendo 3DS, and then register them on your Club Nintendo account, you will receive $30 credit for the eShop.

By all accounts, the promotion could be for both the physical and digital versions – though there has been no clarification whether the games would have to be bought together, or can be registered from an earlier purchase. It wouldn’t surprise us if this special deal is the “cool announcement” that Atlus teased yesterday on Twitter to their fans. We’ll let you know when and if there’s confirmation of this deal.


  1. If its for physical and they have to be registered at the same time then I’m a lucky SOAB. I still haven’t registered my Fire Emblem on my club Nintendo account and I plan on getting this amazing game.


  2. already got and registered awakening. can someone explain wtf shin megami is about cause this deal sounds beast.


    1. Shin Megami Tensai is a critical acclaimed series due to its amazing and original story telling and the breath taking soundtrack. The gameplay is similar to that of earthbound but each title has its own unique twist. This game contains a large amount of monsters that can be fused together to combine their stats together and create a new monster that can aid you in battle. SMT 4 is now referred to as the hardest game of the entire series so if you’re not into a deep RPG experience, then I suggest you think about it before purchasing it. All in all, the SMT series are absolutely amazing.


  3. Awesome!!! I was actually going to get both of these when I get paid at the end o the week!!!!! So wht to do with the 30???????? Mario and Luigi dream team I do believe…..at least Nintendo is killing it with the 3ds.


  4. Might be a rumour about 30$, but something with fire emblem + shin megami tensei is very possible, considering that both teams are working on a Wii U title shin megami tensei x fire emblem.


  5. I already registered Fire Emblem qiute a while back so maybe this promo will allow that? I might get smt4 now


  6. So what if i registered Fire Emblem Awakening already? Will it still work? (its official this is real..)


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