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Super Smash Bros 3DS Screenshot Showcases Super Mario 3D Land Arena

super smash bros screenshotThere’s a new screenshot in town for the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U, and it showcases a familiar stage. The screenshot – which you can see in all its glory above – details Kirby and Pikachu mid-fight and running through the Super Mario 3D Land arena, where there’s no end to the fun with the orange fall-away platforms and yellow question mark blocks. But this particular stage is yet another exclusive to the 3DS version, and joins the Nintendogs, Arena Ferox, Spirit Tracks and Gerudo Valley battle stages already confirmed for the 3DS. For the Super Smash Bros. fan, it’s just another reason to pick up both the Wii U and 3DS versions. Let us know what you think to the new stage in the comments below.

79 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros 3DS Screenshot Showcases Super Mario 3D Land Arena”

  1. I know I’ll be picking up both versions. How could I not?

    I hope there’s a discount pack that includes both Wii U and 3DS versions.

  2. I’m pick up both versions even though I’ll probably play the Wii U version WAY more. I have a regular 3DS (not XL) and I’m getting extremely worried I will have trouble seeing the characters on the tiny screen.

    1. I don’t really have a problem with that. Not only has it not been a problem for other handheld games, but they even showed they were going to outline the characters to help the problem. Besides, I bet Nintendo would do something creative with the 2 screens, like having the touch screen having the whole map and the top screen zooming in on the player. I just thought of that. lol

    2. No I remember they said they’re doing a more distinct outline on the 3DS characters so you can see them better. (Maybe the game will look like Yoshi’s Island lol)

  3. This seems WAY more interesting than that Spin the Bottle garbage. I know I’ll be buying this! Hope its online play’s more fun than Mario Kart 7 (which to me is boring, I have a better time playing the Wii version and am looking foward to the Wii U one).

        1. I’m the opposite. My friend lent me his XL my God that was shit. Image gets stretched and its to big. A handheld is supposed to fit in your pocket. XL doesn’t. I have watched full 2 hour movies on my IPod. That’s like a 2 inch screen. I get absorbed into the screen so even if its a 2 inch screen to me its the same as a movie theater screen.

  4. 3DS keeps on dominating not just hadnhelds but all gamin platforms. Gonna rap about it!

    Yeah yo
    Its 3DS in the house
    Better take your mouse away
    Cause its not fake nouse day
    yeah ideas are starting to run out of me
    But i keep on singin my rap while i crap
    Yeah yo
    bye bye

    1. Listen son that rap was wack
      Attempt that again and your catching a smack
      Go and play pokemon black
      Cause us real fans aint got time fo dat!

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    1. I feel the same way. I wished they replaced it with the Secret Level after you completed almost all of super Mario 3D Land instead with jumping over platforms, having that amazing soundtrack and the beautiful space flowing past you while you fight each other. Way better than the typical battle infront of peachs castle.

    2. it has the 3d land style but it is in a donkey kong type 2d format because the stages are always in a 2d format.

    1. Well wii fit trainer and animal crossing villager still aren’t programmed for the 3ds version yet.

      1. Well, they will contain the same Roster so it wouldn’t be a problem. I just wished they gave us exclusive characters to give the games a more fresh feel.

    2. For the last time, the new Super Smash was originally going to be for the 3DS. Even Sakurai said that moving to the hand-held was the only way the series could keep on going. If anything, they’d NEED to stop focusing on the WiiU version and more on the 3DS version because the expansion of the series is in this one game. Also, if they were going to stop developing a version, it’d be the WiiU version anyways since the 3DS version would sell more copies due to the larger fanbase that have the 3DS instead of the WiiU.

      1. I know that Smash Bros. was supposed to be for the 3ds. however, if Nintendo want to get more Wii U’s selling, they need to make Smash Bros. exclusively for Wii U.

        If making Smash Bros. on a handheld was the next step, then that’s perfect for the gamepad. the 3DS version is just grading the Wii U behind.

        1. Nintendo is trying to push it onto the 3DS instead of the WiiU gamepad is because the series needs to have a fresh start again. The 3DS announcement blew everyone away since we all expected the smash bros to be on the WiiU. The expanding series onto the handheld would allow for more people to enjoy the franchise therefore, expanding the base. The WiiU will sell a lot, but it needs more original IP’s and not depend on Smash Bros. One franchise should not suffer because of lack of games. The WiiU needs more system sellers. Where’s the pokemon console games? Where’s a new original mario game? These titles are missing and the WiiU is suffering becauseof that. This series needs the 3DS to expand.

          1. I understand, but Nintendo could have made a bigger roster and possibly more stages for Wii U and made a decent version of smash bros. for 3DS

            Smash bros, is one of those franchises that should stay console-only.

            1. If there was a larger roster, than that’d be more work and strain on Sakurai who is already in bad condition trying to balance every single character. Instead, the roster space can be instead used for the environments that are just amazing in HD as well as a large amount of stages and possibly different modes to enjoy.

              1. Well. It would be a lot easier on him, if there was just one version (Wii U). Although you are right.

          2. This is answering your “where’s console Pokemon, new original Mario?” question. What I am thinking is what if Nintendo just didn’t want to ruin the hype for Smash Bros, so they’re waiting until it comes out, and then at E3 ’14 (or whatever, if SSB comes out after that) they say “oh wait! we’re coming out with new metroid/new f-zero/super mario galaxy 3/starfox 64 2”

            yeah that probably won’t happen… lol

    3. Why? People wanted it for a handheld for years and nintendo listened to them. They know whats best

      1. the gamepad has all the functions of a handheld. Plus for people who has a regular 3DS, will find it hard to play on a tiny screen.

        1. I have never found any game to be hard to play on my screen. Maybe cause I’ve had the same 3DS for two years now and the XL felt weird on my hands when I played on it from a friend. The 3DS is more portable unlike the WiiU gamepad and its meant for each player to have their ownscreen to fight against each other.

          1. Arnold Swollenpecker

            The graphics don’t look as sharp or bright on the xl that’s why Im sticking with my og Cosmo black.

            1. I play the 3DS outside when its a rather clear day and whenever I’m going through town, I spotpass a couple of people. The fact is, the 3DS is more portable than the WiiU gamepad.

              1. I usually take my 3DS outside for street pass only. When I try to play my 3DS outside, but there’s so much light that it reflects off the screen, thus I can barley see.

                My point is that more people play the handheld (3DS) inside, and if you have a Wii U then it could function the same way.

                1. I play mine on the train/plane/bus in England, although I am wary – not through embarrassment – more through being a victim of a mugging! Got to live your life though.

                  1. Yeah, but girls like you look cute playing on them! :-D I agree with you about being mugged though. I always worry that some git is going to run past and swipe it out of my hands at the bus stop.

            2. Perhaps I wasn’t clear with my use of the word ‘outside’. Maybe ‘out of the house’ would have been a better phrase?

              I was mainly implying use in other buildings or indeed modes of transport, rather than outside in the garden, street, park or where ever. For example, at the houses of friends/family, at work, at school, at college, at uni, at a hotel, or any other building you happen to be in that isn’t your home where your game systems are.

              And on transport, on the bus, on the train, on a plane, on a ferry.

              How often do I see people playing 3DSes in those locations? A hell of a lot.

              Plus, taking a 3DS outside is not just about playing it. There is also streetpass, which is fantastic.

              1. Were the hell do you live? It’s a rarity to see people play on a 3DS were I live :/

                This explanation is better because I thought you meant outside as in outdoors. If that’s case than yeah that’s when I play my 3DS.

                1. I’m quite surprised at how many 3DSes I see because I live in the UK, where we generally hate Nintendo as a rule.

                  But I will generally see at least one person playing a 3DS on every single bus, train, ferry I get on.

                  I see children playing them in the supermarkets while their parents are doing the shopping. Have seen a couple in doctors waiting rooms too.

                  it’s mainly on transport I see them though. As I generally only exist at home and at work, where theres not much chance of seeing a 3DS besides my own.

  6. I know the 3DS has its limitations but still, the level as well as Nintendogs look plain. I do enjoy the Fire Emblem Awakening Arena though.

  7. unless both games differ in more than just stages I’m not getting them both. nintendo isn’t making a sucker out of me ever again.

    1. Then you should get the one that has more reliability on the internet connection whichever that will be. Hopefully if you get the 3DS version, we can duke it out.

  8. I love super smash bros. but nintendo should rethink the idea of multiplayer mode between the WiiU and the 3DS version. I k ow they said that tey want two different games, and yh, that’s fine with me, but please, let the games support at least local multiplayer between the two consoles!

    1. Yeah. I hope they make some stages for both consoles so I can go against my friend when he’s on his WiiU and I’m on 3DS. I heard Nintendo said something about inter-console connectivity, but I’m not sure.

  9. I’ll be purchasing both 3ds and Wii U, however, I want Sakurai and the rest of the team to try again about cross platforming because it would really be badass. In the issue about Wii U sales, I agree that it should have been only for the Wii U since Smash Bros is a instant System seller.

  10. The Super Mario 3D Land stage was already shown in the E3 trailer (the stage with the spikes).

    1. Yeah they did. I think this may be a New Super Mario bros 2 stage but the writer just thought it was for 3D Land.

  11. I am so excited for this game. I always have the urge to play Super Smash Bros, but never can since I no longer have a N64. This will fix that problem :) I am so happy to be able to play this again soon.

  12. There’s an Arena Ferox stage? I don’t remember seeing that… I’d have much preferred Yllistol or even the Midmire to Ferox but at least Awakening’s getting some representation. If we’re getting an FE Awakening stage, hopefully that means we’re getting a playable character from it too- Chrom, anyone?

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