Spin The Bottle Wii U Developers Explain The Delay

spin the bottle

KnapNok, the developer behind Spin The Bottle on Wii U, has explained exactly why the amusing game has been delayed. The team say that they won’t make the initial July release date which they are genuinely sorry about. KnapNok says they feel their fans should know a bit about what is going on behind the scenes. Here’s their explanation.

“The game has been done for months now, we are going through the last quality assurance with Nintendo and it has taken way longer than anticipated. One of the problems is that we are doing so much weird stuff with the Wii Remotes, such as pushing buttons with your nose, passing them to each other over your heads and players blindfolded crawling around on the floor trying to find the controller. Each of these things is non-conventional and there are just so many rules and requirements that can go wrong.”

“I can’t really guarantee anything but my best bet is that we will release in mid august. I don’t regret that we are doing all this weird stuff, this is what makes the game great, but the last couple of months have certainly been painful.”

“We are not wasting our time while waiting for the release. We have already started prototyping our next update. There is so much interesting design space to explore of games that makes the players look at each other, communicate with each other or touch each other and we are looking forward to be able to start talking about all this new stuff .”



  1. o.o Sounds like an interesting game. Too bad I don’t have people over in my house to play it with me…

    1. Indeed…

      Pushing buttons with the nose?…

      Unless you can cheat by just pushing with your finger, the gamepad must be used as a tracker system of some sort to ensure that you cannot cheat…

      It sounds as if these developers are using as many creative ways as possible to use both the Wii remotes and the U Gamepad…

      I might buy it if it is fun once it’s released…

    2. Yeah. If you think this game looks or even sounds interesting I’m not surprised that you don’t have anyone to play with either. You sound like the type that’d find a game about key dangling entertaing so as long as it has a Nintendo logo on it.

      1. This game sounds interesting to me, I’ll get a bottle of strong Russian vodka and you can come over and play it with me and my mates if you like Wat. You never know, you might like the game!

    1. Appeals to me, as I very frequently have numerous people of both sex over. Will also appeal to casuals and young kids. Honestly, I believe it has a pretty wide appeal.

  2. Yeah yo
    Lets go
    This is just lame
    you got no game
    Oh i ask “Why this crap must come”
    No easy task to get people buy this shit
    Hide behind mask so you safe your face
    And keep this crap away
    Oh uh
    Yeah yo
    bye bye

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