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Pokémon X & Y Gameplay Trailer 5 Revealed

An all new gameplay trailer for Pokémon X & Y has been revealed today. The fifth trailer – which you can see above – showcases some of the new Pokémon announced in the latest CoroCoro magazine and press release. You’ll find Pancham’s evolution Pangoro unleashing its powerful Hammer Arm attack, Inkay using its topsy-turvy move which will reverse all stat changes in the field, while Malamar – Inkay’s evolution – will lure your Pokémon into a dreamy sleep with Hypnosis. The trailer also sees the introduction of Professor Augustine Sycamore – the next Pokémon researcher named after greenery to guide you on your journey – and Team Flare, the trickster enemy group who show up around Kalos. Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments below.



  1. it’s great to have non dragon mascots again. as much as I love the dragon type nintendo abuses legends with it. yveltal is fucking sexy.


  2. Great commercial. Dont get why the Panda has a cape like thing lol. So far I will have Xerneas, the big Panda pokemon, the cotton candy pokemon, and that blue squid pokemon. Its badass.


  3. This game is looking to be the one that gets me back into the series. Hopefully the change is enough to get me into it again


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