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Nintendo UK Shows You How To Control A Crew In Pikmin 3

With Pikmin 3 not far off its European release on July 26, Nintendo UK’s Wii U YouTube page has shared another video with fans. In the video above, you can meet the three travellers – Alph, Brittany and Captain Charlie – and how they interact with the different types of Pikmin to advance across the land. It doesn’t show us much more in terms of gameplay, but it’s good to know that Pikmin 3 is generating lots of advertising steam within the UK. Will you be picking up the game when it’s released in Europe on July 26, Australia July 27 and North America August 4?

20 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Shows You How To Control A Crew In Pikmin 3”

    1. Lol i pre-orderd two copies just to let my sister try out pikmin 3 for her wiiu, she was a sony fan till she bout a wiiu. :D

  1. This is one of the most gorgeous game I have ever seen. It’s got really nice scenery and realistic looking plant life. I’m really looking forward this although sadly the UK gets before NA :(

  2. Day one pick up, will be my first Pikmin experience. It’s looks gorgeous and fun to play, nuff said.

  3. Still no ads in America….Nintendo is doomed in the US if they don’t start doing a good advertising campaign. I am a big fan of Nintendo but it brings me such sadness to know that (in the US, at least) people won’t know that Pikmin 3 or any other Nintendo game even exists. I mean, my family still thinks the Wii U is a tablet!

    1. The game doesn’t come out till August, Nintendo usually hypes up a game a few weeks before it’s release date.

  4. I can’t wait for this game. Nintendo domination starts July month end. Sales are gonna be skyrocketed every single month.

  5. Looks so god damn gorgeous. Jealous that Europe gets it 9 days earlier then North America. Wish every game was a global launch like Pokemon X/Y.

  6. Played pikmin2 and pre-ordered this one. I hope this franchise gets the recognition it deserves. It’s clever as hell, difficult and rewarding. This about sums up every Nintendo game. In Nintendo I trust

    1. Isn’t that the truth. I pre-ordered it about a month ago, I think. My hands are aching to play it. Gonna be a blast.

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