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Mario & Luigi Dream Team Developer Interested In Wii U, But Sticking With Handhelds


Online gaming publication CVG recently had the opportunity to speak to Hiroyuki Kubota who works for Mario & Luigi studio AlphaDream,and Akira Otani who is a producer at Nintendo, about the well-received series. Otani was asked whether there is a possibility of a Mario & Luigi title coming to Wii U. He said as a developer he is genuinely interested in the platform, but he thinks the series ultimately works best on handheld gaming devices.

“As a developer I am interested, but we currently have no plans for a Wii U version. If we want to convey the amusement and fun of the character animations and reactions using AlphaDream’s pixel art, I think handheld consoles are the best for doing this.”

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42 thoughts on “Mario & Luigi Dream Team Developer Interested In Wii U, But Sticking With Handhelds”

  1. I would like to see an RPG made by them but in a total different name/series. But seeing that their interested it won’t be long I hope.

      1. Well aslong as they make a completely new game about anything and not a Wii U version of this game…

              1. Well…hmmmm…you know how the first two were, and we all know how super worked… I’m thinking we can use Luigi for the second player. Each have their own battles but the boss fights might hold a problem? What if it was a 4 player using wario and waluigi? I’m not really sure but I think it would be cool if you can join players in the biggest, old fashion, multiplayer paper mario. Buuuut that’s what I think, what do you think?

            1. I don’t know how that would work, but it would be interesting. However they need to start with 3D world to have to have some sort of experience.

              Honestly, I don’t see that happening because that’s like saying add online multiplayer to a Zelda game.

  2. what will the next paper mario game be like on wii u…….. or wlll there be anther super mario rpg instead by alphadream????? intelligent systems is working on the fire emblem cross over so maybe……. alphadream will make the next wii u mario rpg since intelligent systems is doing something else right now. another super paper mario, that game is fresh as fuck and is maybe the best one. who knows but i dont think we will see another super paper mario.

      1. no…. super paper mario is a great game, its just that people are bitches and cant handle change, i hated it first until i actually gave it a real chance without wishing it could be the old paper mario way. just watch it be an instant classic in a few years just like MM was hated but now considered a classic today.

  3. I know this is off topic but no matter what i do i can’t get SMT4 and FE:A apear on my club Nintendo account… any one have any ideas?

    1. well im just going to respond so you see a notification and so your like YES someone has an answer!!!!! then your going to be disappointed when you found out im explaining what you might feel right now. your wecome, and as iwata would say….. please understand.

          1. no, it’s fine got an answer

            just gotta remember can’t ask of topic questions because of idiots like iceazeama…

    2. I had the same problem when I downloaded earthbound. I only got a postplay survey…Comb over your account history and make sure it wasnt snuck in

      1. thanks! apparently after you link club nintendo, you gotta wait half an hour for it to actually linked…

  4. I too hope they dont make a wiiu version of this game or another.This is where that peripheral to play 3ds games on wiiu would come in handy.Hope they make it happen.

  5. Well handhelds are better than homeconsoles anyway, atleast imo(except spec wise which is understandable, but its not big deal). So it makes sense.

  6. Can we get a good Paper Mario (GCN) instead then? I would love to see the paper-art style using the power of the Wii U! :D

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  8. Who want to see doctor mario in mario and luigi and different character in an alternate universe or give mario a power up. I want to doctor mario appear in rpg.

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