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Pikmin 3’s Official Website Opens


The official website for Pikmin 3 is now open. On the website visitors can read about the game’s story, learn about Pikmin, view trailers and screenshots, download free wallpapers, and much more. The game features three playable captains: plant life expert Brittany, mechanical whiz Alph and Charlie, who has a rubber ducky that he takes on missions for good luck. Pikmin 3 will be released in stores and the Nintendo eShop for Wii U in North America on August 4th.

30 thoughts on “Pikmin 3’s Official Website Opens”

  1. Nintendo fan here. But as always.. Nintendo is late. They open the website when the game is out in two continents and 5 days before in America. I’m not a hater guys but cmon ,who the fuck is the responsable for the marketing decisions in NOA?

  2. We need to ask for Scott Moffitt head. This is the guy who is screwing everything at Nintendo. We need another Reggie in Marketing.

      1. But i hate Animal Crossing so that Villager mean son of a bitch should be ready to taste some Falcon punch. Stupid annoyin little creep, building his shitty villages.

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  4. Jay James Jameson Reynolds IV.

    Can anyone that has played the game confirm whether or not the graphics look like that screenshot up top? If not seems misleading.

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  6. It’s cool and all, but I’ve never understood why games had their own special websites? I never visit ANY game site. I don’t even go to Nintendo’s site unless it’s for Club Nintendo purposes.

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