Nintendo Launches New Miiverse Community For EarthBound Series Announcements


Nintendo has launched a new EarthBound community for Miiverse which will give users official updates on the revered series. The page, which is dubbed the Onett Times, will be used by Nintendo representatives to post news and information related to EarthBound. It’s not clear if Nintendo’s looking to localise Mother3, but it’s a possibility given the sales of EarthBound on the Wii U Virtual Console.


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    1. Nope happening.
      Itoi said many times that he won’t be making another one. And if he ends up making another out of fanbase pressure, things won’t go well.

      1. HE won’t. Nintendo owns the franchise. They can do whatever they want with it. If anything, opening up this page just to discuss the series means they have plans for the brand, be it a Mother 3 localization or something else.

    1. Well, to be fair, I think it’s considered the weakest out of the three. I mean, it’s a really hard game, it’s old, clunky, dark, and not nearly as entertaining as the other two. It’s not BAD, mind, it’s just got a lot of flaws.

        1. True. Then there’s the fact that it really has not much going for it except that it was first. Earthbound had the honor of the only one being officially released, and Mother 3 had the really, really high-quality patch for it.

          1. we could of had the NES one but the super nintendo had a launch coming soon so they decided not to release it but they did have demos for it. like I said it would of made it to the US for the NES if we didn’t have the Super Nintendo coming out

      1. I played the first one and beat it. It can be very unforgiving and frustrating, but if you push through it, it’s a breathtaking game!

  1. hmmmm thats interesting bitch, remember when you almost didnt release xenoblade because you for some reason didnt think it would sell, or because that reggie is a piece of shit and would rather play carnival games. nice pick up and play, STFU BITCH, get out of here!!!!! also xenoblade WAS here in america only because GAMESTOP, seriously why wasnt it on amazon, like TLS and PT, even though the sales for the pre orders were number 1 for a while. exactly because gamestop saw the demand and not NINTENDO, so they made a deal for gamestop exclusive and it hurt the game sales because of how many people cant seem to find a copy from that limited to put this at end nintendo, mainly noa in general is a piece of shit!!!!! fuck you!!!!!! this this isnt… true, yes it is bitch stop white knighting nintendo, they are greedy fucks.

      1. dont know….. nintendos stupidity?? it took them how long to re release this game, it turns out their was no issues with bringing ti to vc. explain that one, and look it seems to be selling too. maybe they will release mother 1 and 3 now. took you long enough shitendo, if earthbound was on sony it would have been re released years ago.

        1. At least somebody on this goddamn site says something out of their fanboy goggles. I love Nintendo but their ways recently don’t please me that much.

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        2. Man, I loved Nintendo to death up to the GameCube. They “rose to the top” with the wii because they pandered to the casuals, turning their backs to us long time fans. Since then it’s not been that good, though I follow their stuff, it’s been pretty fucking bad. Good thing the 3DS is a nice console with nice games, but their consoles turned into garbage.

          1. The Wii sold a ton for Nintendo and the Gamecube kind of dwindled. They were just making business decisions. You can love Nintendo up until the Gamecube, but the fact remains that the Wii was their highest selling system of all time. They may make decisions in certain areas that you, YOU personally are disappointed in, but perhaps many others are pleased with their decisions. For every misstep they take, there’s a bunch of other great decisions being made. Everyone has an opinion, and while sure, you’ll probably write this off as fanboy garbage, the fact remains that I am pleased with a lot of Nintendo’s decisions thus far (not all of them though) and you can’t change that.

            1. Everybody has an opinion, sure, I was throwing mine there.

              But it also remains a fact the Wii sold more just because of wii sports and casual pandering and you’ll still defend that? E3 2008 is looking at you.

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          only thing cool around here is the wiiu, it is so fucking cold that no respected developer will touch it, lol.

  2. Who knows maybe this will encourage them to make New Earthbound game or full remake.

      1. I think he’s referring to the original, darker, longer game before it became Mother 3. I would like that too, but I’m happy with what we (well, Japan) got.

  3. If only other company’s had the knowledge that classic are profitable e could be seeing to other gems being released on the vc like mystical ninja, poki and roky, ogre battle 64, hubris heaven, turok and others they would be swimming in money uncle scrudge stile.

        1. The auction has been going on, if its not already over. It could take a while for a result, but yes, Atlus is being auctioned off.

                1. As long as Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem won’t be affected, I don’t mind who buys them. In other words, I’m fine with anything that isn’t Sony.

                  A lot of people might bitch if it happens, but if Nintendo buys Atlus, it would be highly benefitial for them; their exclusive is what they must rely on to sell the Wii U, and they’d get plenty with Atlus.

                  1. yeah it would be really good for nintendo and that will be big on exclusive software and less droughts. would rather have sony get them than microsoft, another rareware is going to happen then.

                    1. I honestly hope they buy Atlus JUST for the imense butthurt it’ll cause.

                    2. Microsoft won’t get Atlus. It’s illegal for an American company to purchase a Japanese company. It all boils down to Nintendo, SONY, and a few first-parties. Nintendo gets first say though, as it loaned Index some money to help cope with bankruptcy, which most other companies (SONY included) didn’t.

                2. the Wiiu does not require saving its the people that require saving. so many have been infected by hate. Live and let live.

                    1. yeah im hoping te see that. like bayonetta 2. its like bitches without nintendo there wouldnt even be bayonetta anymore!!!! im hoping they buy them so nintendo has less droughts and seeing pussies cry over it!!!!! looks like nintendo is making you buy the worlds finest vacuum cleaner, the wii u!!!!!

  4. I noticed it this morning. It was completely blank at the time but given the fact that its there Nintendo has to be planning some sort of announcement… I hope it’s good.

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      (o.O uh-oh this is bad. I can’t let this happen although it would be kinda funny to see what happens ⚡ )

  6. Pi Pika Pikachu Pi Pika ⚡
    (I can’t wait to see what interesting news they have in store for us ⚡ )

    1. “Today we like to announce new title its called Mother 69. In this new installment you take a role of Mess a young boy who likes to watch Milf porn from redtube. Mother 69 will be avalaible this holiday season. Itoi is very excited about this, he always wanted to make hentai game and what a better way to do it than in Mother universe. Please Understand and Wii Undertand”-Iwata

  7. The WiiU has got games. Earth Bound is a Classic. Mother 4 is going to be great when it releases summer or fall next year. I am calling it now. 100 to 150 hour rpg with super smash brothers WiiU graphics, 1080P and 60 FPS.

        1. you do realize that accounts for 400+ hours of your life. the only one you get. playing 2 video games. im not judging you but maybe there are better things you could be doing.

      1. Everybody who doesn’t is not a gamer…

        Core gamers spends hundreds of hours a year, casual maybe 100-150 hours while non gamers barely 20 hours…

        1. What the fuck is wrong with you? Some people might adore games but not have the time to play as much as they like (because unlike you, we have priorities in real life).

          1. 1. What most of these call “priorities” are actually social things like going to parties or clubs etc etc which are NOT important so no it makes them invalid to be called “core” gamers…

            2. A big part of these people work alot because they choose to do so, only a small minority actually works alot because they have families to support so they hardly have the time to even think about games…

            3. Just because you adore something doesn’t make you a “core” gamer…

            1. These core gamers you speak of sound like lonely virgins in need of some human interaction, hang on, that’s just you!

              In fact, put me in with the non gamer crowd. I don’t want to be a pretentious fuckhead like you.

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                1. ‘And I’m done with human interaction, nothing more than a waste of time like you once again…’

                  Words of a hopeless virgin.

      1. Xenoblade chronicles was once never coming to regions outside japan. Thank me next year :).

        1. Itoi to Earthbound is like Sakurai to Smash Bros.
          Furthermore, as I’ve been posting in other topics, Mother 4 can’t happen because of Mother 3’s ending.

  8. It’s SO great to hear how good Earthbound is doing. I’ve waited FAR too many years for Earthbound to finally make a comeback (if you can call it that). I hope they localize both Mother 1 and 3 too. But fix the problems they both had. I wish they would make Mother 1 more like Earthbound (Mother 2). In the way that you can see enemies as they’re approaching. I HATE how you just go into random battles in Mother 1. I have the Earthbound Zero NES cartridge, so I know.


        1. I would love a CoD/Scooby Doo crossover…

          Shooting things while examining mysteries and escaping from ghosts…

  10. This certainly is a good sign, no doubt about that. Mother 3 would be so awesome and a new title for Wii U would blow minds. I mean, just think about what it would be like for a moment. There, mind blown.

    Off topic, but I spotted NFSMWU for 30 bucks today. It seems all the retailers have dropped the price on it, online too. I checked the eshop and it was still 60. I’m tempted to get it.

  11. a Mother 4 would be something HUGE for Wii U. It’s unlikely, but I hope it happens.
    Itoi doesn’t really need to be deeply involved with the game, but of course, he should be an advisor or supervisor

      1. The majority of the time it was stupid crap, like “personal information” or “profile comments”.

  12. You know when i was 5 Rare was owned by Nintendo. I have lots of memories towards Earthbound and i think its best Rare game ever, Grunt Kirkhope writed very epic story for this game. They made fine work with Banjo, but after they finished Earthbound all of the stuff went to work on Gta and part of the Rare magic was gone. Rare was great Italian video game company. What i dont get is how Nintendo managed to get rights to this ip back from Sony who bought Rare from Nintendo 9 years ago. Rares last game Super mario Galaxy for Gameboy Advance proved that Rare still had their magic, but when Sony bought them all of the good stuff including Sakurai went to work for Rockstar games. Its great to know that Nintendo has right to this ip, but did you know that Earthbound was published by SEGA in 1999 for mexican market?

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  13. Am I the only one who actually prefers Mother 1 instead of EarthBound or Mother 3?

  14. Hmm, interesting.

    Hopefully there will be an official localisation project for the Virtual Console releases of Mother (EarthBound Zero) and Mother 3. I know of plenty that would absolutely welcome this news, especially those still bugging Reggie about it in America.

    Chances are it won’t be that, but still a nice thought to have in the pipe dream.

  15. I almost want to buy this even though I can’t cause I don’t have a wii u yet, just to give my dollar vote.

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