Pokémon X & Y Japanese Trailer Showcases New Pokémon Oorotto

A brand new Pokémon has been unveiled in the Japanese trailer uploaded today for Pokémon X and Y. The trailer was originally aired in Japanese theatres alongside Pocket Monster Best Wishes! The Movie: ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens. Though the movie title is quite a mouthful, that’s not where the interest lies. Oorotto – a new tree-like Pokémon for the Kalos region – was revealed through a horde battle, bearing a creepy visage and looming from the dark forest background. Fans of the series may have seen a few drawings of the new Pokémon around the web, but you can count this trailer as the first official image of Oorotto, and can spot it at the 30 second mark. Pokémon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS arrives October 12 worldwide.


    1. *there are rumors going around that there is anothe Eeveelution coming other than Sylveon. Go watch Dookiesheds video to understand

      1. I had a feeling they would announce another Eeveelution. They usually do so in pairs like Glaceon and Leafeon, Umbreon and Espeon. So is the type revealed with Sylveon going to be a Dragon Eevelution possibly?

        1. Sylveon type is a Fairy type. Fairy type is a brand new type in the game. Some of the old Pokemon will have a fairy type just like Magnemite obtained a Steel type in Gold and Silver.

  1. Somehow it feels as if Yveltal and Xerneas are also created in a lab like Mewtwo…

    1. Commander,

      My apologies for being absent yesterday. We’ve started a prolific discussion about your favorite Nintendo platforms/games and I suddenly vanished. Hard times.

      But I went over that post and saw that you alongside other Nintendo enthusiast knights could scrutiny your guys predilections about Nintendo games. Glad to see that.

      By the way, Metroid Prime/Echoes, Majora’s Mask, Perfect Dark and Resident Evil 4 are excellent games, but sincerely I didn’t enjoy MM as much as I did OoT. Also, I never played Starcraft, and I regret to say that I even didn’t know I had been released for N64!

      1. Mr.erich80…

        Don’t worry, we all have our little busy moments in life…

        What are your favorite top 5 games ever?…

        Indeed it was, but I did not buy it as I already tried Command & Conquer for it and I didn’t like it one bit so I just skipped Starcraft 64…

        I am ofcourse enjoying Starcraft 2 these days making both newbies and veterans cry…

        1. I wish they were just little busy… But things will get better, hopefully.

          Well, I confess that I’ve never thought about which are my top-5 favorite games of all time. But I do have a tendency to have fond memories from my NES/SNES times.

          What I can do is to list 5 games from each Nintendo home console lauched so far, except for Wii U.

          NES: Mega Man 2 / Battletoads / Mega Man 3 / Super Mario 3 / The Legend of Zelda (I could mention more than 15 games here);

          SNES: Super Mario World (the best Mario game ever made in my opinion!) / A Link to The Past / Earthbound / Mario Kart / DKC 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (same here, my list could include more than 15 games in addition to the aforementioned);

          N64: OoT / Goldeneye 64 / Banjo-Kazooie / Mario Party 2 / Paper Mario;

          Cube: Luigi’s Mansion / Metroid Prime / Mario Kart: DD / Soulcalibur II / Star Fox: Assault;

          Wii: Galaxy 2 / Galaxy 1 / DCK Returns / Metroid Prime: Corruption / The Last Story (Wii list should be much bigger…).

          1. NES: Excitebike
            SNES: Super Mario World
            N64: Majora’s Mask (my fav of all time) if not Majora’s Mask then probably Mario Tennis
            Gamecube: Kirby Air Ride (seriously it is fun)
            Wii: Muramasa: The Demon Blade

            Sega Gensis: Gunstar Heroes
            Dreamcast: Phantasy Star Online
            PS1: Sypro
            PS2: Obin Sphere
            PS3: Batman Arkham City
            Xbox 360: Shadow Complex


                1. I was wondering where was the gravy to top the meat!

                  By the way, I know that Muramasa: The Demon Blade has stunning graphics. Is the game play really that well worth?

                  1. I actually like it very much. I guess I am more of ARPG (Action Role Playing Game). I like it a lot better than Odin Sphere gameplay. There is easy and normal mode. When in your easy mode, your blade almost cannot break but in normal mode it is does. Normal mode is challenging so far. I have completed it on easy mode. The story is very interesting as well.

                    At first I thought the male story was dumb and female story was better until I get halfway and it is quite opposite. XD

                    1. Nice!

                      Actually, I believe if the game wasn’t good, it wouldn’t be re-released for the Vita.

                      I’ll look for some gameplay videos on YouTube.


          2. Great list you have there, I shall make mine a bit later as I’m not infront of my computer right now…

  2. The trailer shows the special edition 3DS LL’s (JP)
    So maybe if the Western trailer does the same hopefully we’ll get them as XL’s. It only seems fair since they are themed for the new games and the release date is the same worldwide so I hope in Europe (and US) that we get them! Really want an XL and these are my top choice!

  3. I know people had some complaints for the designs of the last gens Pokemon, but the designs for this gen look soooo good. I absolutely cannot wait for this game. Grottoo looks awesome.. Ugh inner child in me releases when I see stuff like this.

    1. Yeah I agree, love pretty much all the ones that have been announced, why can we only carry 6 at a time!!!!

    2. Yes this gen has some of the best designs and they haven’t even announced all the Pokemon yet!!!

  4. N-Dub Nation:

    I’m sure you guys are aware that the Xbots and Sonyans already copied us yet once again…

    Now they have created Playstation Nation and XBO Nation…

    Really, is nothing ever original with those 2?…

    I miss the war against Sega, worthy adversaries…

      1. Says the misguided hater lurking in a Nintendo dedicated site, yes very intelligent of you…

  5. *Sees Fennikin do a Fire Punch (at least it looks like one)
    ….REALLY Hope this doesn’t hint at Fennikin’s final evo being a Fire/Fighting

  6. Hopefully Oorotto is Grass Ghost because if it was a Dark type that would really give it a lot of weaknesses, and glow punch sounds very fairy/ psychic like

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