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Zelda Wind Waker HD Launches September 26th In Japan

zelda wind waker cast

Nintendo Japan has announced that the remastered version of the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD will be available to purchase in Japan on September 26th. The HD remake won’t be launching until October in North America and Europe. Let’s hope Nintendo reveals exactly when we are getting it here in the west in the coming weeks.

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68 thoughts on “Zelda Wind Waker HD Launches September 26th In Japan”

    1. Nintendo of America always releases their games on Sunday, so the earliest possible release date would be October 6th. I hope it will be the 6th.

  1. I hope the price is right. 39.99-49.99 would be a good price. Nintendo did rebuild the graphic engine, possible adding a hard mode(hopefully its a master quest), new features, easter eggs, new items and over all a much better experience. Most Hd remakes don’t do this dmc hd collection add slightly better or clean up graphics, trophy mode and the vergil mode(special edition dmc 3). The sly cooper hd collection offered only trophies and clean up graphics. Its not like hd collection are cheap. I found all three slys for 5$, dmc 1 7$, 2 5$ and 3 13$. Hell thats most hd collections that exceed what they are actually worth. Kh 1.5 is good hd collection because americans never had the chance to play final mix, they also added in 358/2 cutscenes with some new ones. I wait a bit for wind waker because i want sonic, but i’ll get wind wake hd since i’ve never official own it only barrowed it.

        1. Well that sucks. You can’t call those HD if they look exactly like an unHD ones.
          Did you see the Ratchet Deadlock HD?

  2. So I was able to get Amazon to lower the Wind Waker HD I had in my cart from like 2 weeks ago down to the $49.99

    Gotta make sure to preorder as soon as I can to avoid this price rise bullshit from happening again



  4. I thought it was being released October 31st in the states? I mean, I hope I’m wrong. That’s basically waiting all October.

  5. Sigh, why all this hype? I bet most of you played this game years ago. For all of you who didn’t I get the hype, but really, I doubt alot of the people who are hyped did not play the original…

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  9. hola yo igual soy un fans de zelda tengo casi todos los juego de zelda pero algo que no me gusto de los zelda fue zelda wind waker hd no entiendo porque lo asieron porque el juego de zelda wind waker para la gamecube ya estaba mejorado no entiendo porque lo mejoraron espero una respuesta de nintendo clara para que me explique bien porque lo mejoraron

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