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Breath Of Fire II Coming To Wii U Virtual Console


Following the announcement that Breath of Fire 6 will be coming to PC and mobile devices, Capcom has revealed that the Super Nintendo classic Breath of Fire II will be released on the Wii U Virtual Console in the coming months. GregaMan from Capcom has said that he hopes that fans will populate the Miiverse community when it launches.

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52 thoughts on “Breath Of Fire II Coming To Wii U Virtual Console”

    1. You deserve a cookie, though not for your spelling.

      It sure is nice to see SOME company, ANY company excited about Virtual Console releases. At the rate they’re churning these out (one a week now) we should have a totally complete retro library sometime within the next 827 years.

      1. So in other words, our Empire will last atleast 80.1 cycles until the final Nintendoom is upon us…


        1. Pi Pika Pikachu Pika ⚡
          (I was just saying that because my phone logged me out when I made the last comment ⚡ )

  1. Breath of Fire 2 is one of the greatest RPG on the SNES even though it’s not very well known compared to Chrono Trigger. A bit like Lufia 2. Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised.

    1. Breath of Fire 2 and Lufia 2 are fine games, but no sir, they are not the greatest RPGs on the SNES, and frankly don’t belong in the same sentence as Chrono Trigger.

        1. Yes, Justin does. As he was simply stating his opinion that it does not compare to Chrono Trigger at all.

          Do you know what intelligence is? Obviously not …

            1. Hahahahahahahaha! I love how you still call yourself the Voice of Reason. Quite funny indeed.

              Obviously you did care otherwise you wouldn’t have replied the way you did. You acted like he didn’t know what an opinion was, when he clearly did. It seems you don’t know what intelligence is.

        2. They are two games which are great in completely different ways than the other. BOF2’s town building mechanic is still my favorite game mechanic of all time. BOF2 had the most amazing and unique game mechanics packed into that one game than any other game I’ve ever played. While in Chrono Trigger, I can’t remember a single neat mechanic that I actually cared about enough to remember.

          I used to think BOF2’s story-line was impossible to beat, after all, its about a corrupt religion, and seriously those are just so easy to make a great storyline out of, but Chrono Trigger topped it easily with its storyline.

          Chrono trigger was also just so well built, everything was finely tuned to perfection. While it felt like BOF2 had a genius working on their game making all the decisions on what to put in, it suffered from being rather poorly tuned. WAY TOO MANY RANDOM BATTLES….

          Chrono Trigger was more about being revolutionary than anything else. It set something like half a dozen standards for how RPGs should be made. BOF2 didn’t do any of that and just threw a lot of really fun ideas into the tradiitonal RPG mix.

          I’d actually say if BOF2 didn’t have so many random battles, it would be equal to Chrono Trigger for me.

  2. Just let me get EarthBound out of the way, and hold off FF6 for a few months, and I’ll finally give this game a proper playthrough.

    I don’t know how many times I’ve played this game — I own it on GBA — but I doubt I’ve put 10 hours into any one file.

  3. WiiU has an amount of games so small this site needs to post everytime they put a ROM up on the virtual console to rip off “LOL SO RETRO XD” retards who can’t use an emulator or play the games on real hardware like they were supposed to.

  4. I loved this game growing up. I’ll have to download this when it comes out. Never got to beat it cuz my flash drive crashed (don’t hate me. I was a kid and found it on the ground walkin home. Just so happened it had an SNES emulator and like 50 SNES games on it)

    1. Indeed…

      Something that cannot be said about the other 2 boring stiff enemies…

      And let’s thank our Nintendo Comrade Desi for his vote of confidence…

      We might praise our Empire alot but we do critisize them when it is logical to do so but these Nintendo haters are so blind thinking every Nintendo Drone is the same…

      1. Desi on behalf of the Nintendo Commander, nintendo special forces of goodness and marvel. We thank you for your vote of confidence.

        1. Nintendo fought and overcame an ancient war with sega. At that time in fact there were more enemies of our empire. Neo geo, turbo graphix 16, Atari, commodore, Phillips.

  5. BoF2’s a good rpg. Would love to see BoF3 come to Wii U and/or 3DS.

    a shame 6 is gonna be a “tap to play” phone game.

  6. Nice of Capcom to show that they care about the old games…too bad they don’t care about making it shine again…

  7. I totally know how you feel about mennionitg your blog to you friend or having it interfere with your real live. I was so embarrassed when my sister found out =P Although she did like it – it just felt so weird. Anyhow, you and your boyfriend are defintiely one of the cutest couples ever! Everytime I come here and read about your boy I wonder if I’ll ever find someone who is such a perfect match. >.<Oh and you look great in your lazy day outfit – we all got those ;)

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