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Mega Kangaskhan Revealed For Pokemon X & Y

Mega Kangaskhan has been revealed at the Pokémon World Championships in Vancouver. When Kangaskhan undergoes Mega Evolution which is triggered by a hold item, lasting the entire battle, it’s not the mother that evolves, but the child. Once liberated from the mother’s pouch, the child fights along its mother and their new ability, Parental Bond, allows them to each attack in the same turn.

Thanks, Jordan D



    1. Actually, the ability makes it a really cool pokemon. Even strong. I can even hear the Smogonites complaining right now. I love it


      1. From what I know, its a pokemon metagame community which rules are often enforced in tournaments, which can piss many people off. It is also the name of Koffin’s German name, Smogon.


      2. Oh and they ruin the fun out of the game by banning certain pokemon in tournaments. The game is supposed to be about collecting, training and battling other people, not about who better reads all codes in the game.


      3. Realistically they are just trying to give the pokemon games a sense of competitiveness, in a sense, they are fixing one of the flaws that the pokemon games have. The developers choose the pokemons moves and stats but essentially they have made 600 of the 649 pokemon obsolete. They should base stats on training, not evolution. Smogon gives many non evolved pokemon a chance to be used. Without rules tournaments would be 6 mewtwo’s or that false god pokemon I forget its name. Competitions are already plagued with the same pokemon repeated over and over and over. People need to start talking about just having fun. If you are not competing to be the best at something then there is no fun in that. If you don’t agree with me then you are wrong, period.


      4. Ok so you are telling me that Smogon is trying to get a Togepi beat a Garchomp ?? LOL

        Lets use this example: There is a math competition going on. People enter to participate. The organizer sees that Archimedes is trying to enter. The organizer says Archimedes can’t enter because he is so intelligent he would easily win.

        Now let’s replace names: Math competition= Pokemon tourney Archimedes= Garchomp or any banned non-legendary pokemon
        The organizer= Smogon


      5. If you don’t know shit don’t say anything or you’ll just look like an ignorant fool. If you want to play legendary pokemon in your team there is something called “uber teir”. It’s your personal choice whether or not you want to run a togepi in your team comp. And honestly, it can beat a garchomp if you set it up with a baton passing team.


      6. Nice to know that I’m not the only one that hates those muppets. They just annoy the hell out of me, and I can’t even explain why.


      1. Pretty sure Garchomp and Salamence are broken enough without a Mega, but then again they have already announced Blaziken has a Mega so w/e.

        I really wonder how much of an impact this new deal is gonna have at the end of things.


  1. I dont see why everyone flipped out when kang was shown but when the child came out that was the moment to really flip out for.


    1. Screw balance. Every Pokemon is OP now…Seriously though holding the item is the balancing thing. You have to find them hidden in the game.


      1. MEGA STONES AREN’T AVAILABLE ON NORMAL GAME; just distribution stuff, streetpass stuff and that kind of things


  2. Can we please consider how fucking scary that ability is?

    Double counter? Double Double-Edge? (lol) Double Focus Punch? Double Crush Claw? (lower defense first attack, then strike again), Double Drain Punch? There’s tons of cool possibilities for this ability. I’m going to have a love/hate relationship with this <3


  3. Looks like Pokémon X and Y will be introducing some really inventive and great features. I wasn’t too exited at first, but it’s looking like a day 1 buy for me at this point.


  4. Ummm..this isn’t mega evolution at all..like literally. Its just the baby coming out of the pouch after 17 years since introduction. Its should’ve been counted as a separate Pokemon itself. Bore.


  5. Are they only doing final forms? If not then I HIGHLY recomend they do the Crystal Onix from the Pokemon Show where it gains an ability that makes it immune to Water, but weak to Fire. Also they could buff up Onix’s stats so he could rival Steelix.


  6. I’m convinced that I’m losing my gamer status. I never feel any excitement over this game. I’m always like, meh. Probably because I never even played the last 2 Pokémon games. I have them, but have no interest in touching them.


  7. Mega Hydreigon
    Mega Haxorus
    Mega Chandelure
    Mega Bisharp
    Mega Zoroark
    Mega Spiirtomb
    Mega Sableye
    Mega Scrafty
    Mega Weavile (OH YES PLEASE)
    Mega Tyranitar
    Mega Heatran
    Mega Skarmory
    Mega Gliscor
    Mega Scizor
    Mega Volcarona
    Mega Roserade
    Mega Gyarados
    Mega Ninetails
    Mega Gastrodon
    Mega Altaria
    Mega Tropius
    Mega Metagross
    Mega Gengar
    Mega Alakazam?
    Mega Machamp

    and, the most important of all… The mega evolution of the Evolution Pokemon:


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