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Plenty Of Copies Of Xenoblade Now At GameStop For $90


US retail chain GameStop has acquired a number of copies of the critically acclaimed Japanese RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles. However, the retailer is selling the game pre-owned for a staggering $90. There are apparently a number of coupons floating around online that should take the pricing down a little. Would you pay $90 for Xenoblade Chronicles?

101 thoughts on “Plenty Of Copies Of Xenoblade Now At GameStop For $90”

    1. I’m hijacking this waste of a first comment.

      I HAD to know what they hype was about and bought Xeno new. (complete with interchangeable covers) Quite honestly it is one of the most epic RPG’s. Even my xBox, anti-platformer, graphics whore of a brother (I still love him <3) said the gameay was so good it almost made him want to abandon his xBox and Skyrim. (he didn't though)

      Ine of my biggest gaming disappointments is that when I hooked up my WiiU to my 50in HDTV, all my Wii games look like shit. The edges of all the characters are squiggly and choppy. I know this isn't really the WiiU's fault, but I wish SOME upscaling would get patched in.

      1.) I wanted to finish Skyward Sword on Hero mode.
      2.) I wanted to finish Xenoblade.

      I've tweaked all the settings. I may try to hook the WiiU to a standard def TV for my Wii games. Fingers crossed.

      I would PAY Extra, per Wii game to enable gamepad play for Wii games.

              1. yeah really good game….. fucking hate noa so much though, monolithsoft doesnt see a penny of these sales anymore because nintendo had to make it a gamestop exclusive. look its a best seller on gamestops website for 90$ pre owned. hey but if ot wasnt for gamestop you wouldnt even able to have got this game.

                  1. yeah one thing the wii was good for was that game. if noa just brought it over it over in the first place it could have sold over 500,000 copies of the game in america. noa sucks really bad unlike noe.

    1. Not a waste of money considering it’s a 100+ hour game. You have to be absolutely sure you want it, though.

      Although, quite soon you’d be better just buying a European Wii and European copy of the game…

  1. Bought the game day one, Europe. If there’s a game you’re interested in always buy it early. Unless it’s popular titles like FF, Mario, Assassins creed and Call of duty. Those always become cheaper.

    1. Because GameStop approached them and basically begged NOA to bring XC to the US. If it wasn’t for GameStop, Xenoblade would have never come here.

        1. I know that. Problem was NOA was still reluctant to bring Xenoblade over until GameStop struck a deal with them to sell the game to their stores exclusively.

  2. fuck that shit. only a dedicated collector would spend 90 for a preowned game. best go to piratebay. I got the last story for 30 at gamestop so no reason xenoblade can’t go for that price either.

    1. Supply and demand. Xenoblade is VERY rare and VERY wanted. The Last Story printed so many copies, that you can find it anywhere.

  3. 90 dollars? That is what a normal Nintendo game cost here in México, I do not want to know the price that game when it get here or the rest of the world.

  4. Do you guys think pokemon soul silver and heart gold will keep going up? Its at $50 used at gamestop. I cant find a new copy anywhere

    1. That’s odd. I picked up my copy a few months ago for $20. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a bunch left still. The gamestop closest to me has the most popular games in stock and in largest numbers. Since when did prices skyrocket?

      1. No idea when. I checked there site a few hours ago. I really do want the game but i dont want to spend that much

  5. Are you shitting me? Shit, I really am considering hacking my Wii to play imported games and getting a European Xenoblade…

    1. The game is getting kinda rare over here too so if you want a copy you better grab one now. They refuse to reprint it atm so nobody will blame you if you download it. It’s not like Nintendo’s getting any money for used copies anyway.

    2. Do it, it’s pretty straightforward to do, little buggy but games you’d never get the chance to play at your fingertips

  6. Nintendo doesn’t get a dime of that and even worse monolith doesn’t either. might as well sell mine now before they release it again.

  7. I’d stock up on a bunch of retro games on eBay before I’d EVER pay that much for just one Wii game. CRAZY!

  8. its a fucking best seller too!!!! a freaking 90$ pre owned game!!!! thats what you get for being stupid noa!!!!! people dont want it, well apparently they do bitch!!!!! none of that money goes to you and hey, gamestop does because they were fucking smart in making you bringing it over for exclusive rights!!!!! monolithsoft could be getting a lot of money but know bitchtendo now it all goes to gamestop, and do you know what they deserve it because they are the ones for this and look it payed off. next time reggie aka “my body is ready for no good games” bring this shit over in the first place!!!!!

      1. He has a point though. NOA really dropped the ball on this one badly. They did to X as well, Reggie might want to start using that body of his to run to a different country.

      2. no you retarded drones just ride on nintendo and dont know facts. so then i say it and guess what you read it and still dont comprehend i guess you just like nintendo to suck more than they have dug themselves into. everything i wrote is true bitch but keep getting bothered by me, you are bate and keep on feeding the ones you apparently hate.

      1. All their wii games are buy 2 get 1 free right now.But I new something was up because a few days ago no stores in a 100 miles of my house had this game and all of a sudden 50 of the stores have it.It only took a day and most stores sold theirs only about 15 stores still had it yesterday.I think all the copys were new and they opened them to sell them used because I saw an employee planing to buy one and in looked brand new minus shrink wrap.I am now thinking this was planed and gamestop has been hoarding these games since they and nintendo were the only ones that had large amounts of this game.Now I thinking this game never had to be so rare and that it was GS was creating a fake shortage.This is what happens when you give one huge company the only rights to sell a great game Nintendo.

        1. yeah wtf!!!!! noa is so fucking stupid, i bet these are brand new copies and they opened them to sell used for profit. monolithsoft doesnt get to se a penny of that because of gamestop. good job fucking nintendo, this is what happens when you dont have faith in good games. those copies are new, they have to be.

          1. I did see an old posting on this site I had forgot about just now trying to find this again[just type in Xenoblade].And Gamestop did offer $45 credit for the game a few months ago.I remember they sent me an e mail trying to buy the copy they sold me when it launched.They keep records of every game we by with are reward cards.So they likely had been ordered to send all those games back to home base in stead of selling them in the stores at that time.Someone at Gamestop had a pretty smart idea rely.So it’s still a conspiracy but not as big or evil of one as we were thinking most likely.

  9. Um no just no….I would or Metroid Prime Trilogy but luckily I got that one the day it released and I’m not about to let my copy go. Favorite in my Wii collection by far.

  10. No game in this day and age is worth 90 bucks, despite all the good things I’ve heard about Xenoblade.

    Let me know when it gets to a more REAL price (at least closer to 50) and then we’ll talk.

    1. Thing’s are worth whatever people are willing to pay for it.If I didn’t have it already I would gladly pay $90 for it.It that great of a game.

  11. It’s a great game, but no reason why it should be this high in the digital age where everything can be duplicated so easily. You’d think by now Nintendo would have re-released it on the eshop.

  12. They should make an HD version for Wii U, seriously, Wii U needs games and there is a strong demand for this game, an HD Xenoblade Chronicles would make a lot of people happy.

  13. Gamestop’s plan:
    Put a small number of copies in stock
    Then sell USED copies at nearly twice the price a year later.
    Nintendo…there was a whole operation dedicated to support the localization of this game. Couldn’t you assume there would be a high demand ?

    1. I am afraid you are 100% right.They covered their reserves for xenoblade and save likely 1000’s of copys to sell now.Nintendo should look into this as they are the ones that have had to that a lot of $hit for not meeting the high demand for this game. Now I wonder if nintendo is planning to release xenoblade digitaly or re release it and gamestop got word of it.

    2. We were wrong these are copys they bought back a few months ago.Look at the old Xenoblade posting on this site were they were paying $45 for it.They tryed to get mine.

    3. Just looked at the link to this posting and these are likely a new reprint so this game should be rare no longer.I’m just glad more people will get to play it now.

  14. If I’d known how awesome it was beforehand, yes I would have. Fortunately I bought it the first day it was out. Best game in history, never had a favorite game before this came out.

  15. Where are the damn moderators!? I’m really tired of all the bs that goes on here.

    And to answer the question, NO, I wouldn’t pay $90 for a pre-owned game.

  16. That’s a steep price, but they are apparently the cheapest going. This is what happens when you intentionally bottleneck supply for a game that proves to be excellent and super popular, though. Now, let’s see how many copies they move at this exorbitant price.

    Pretty glad I ended up preordering it when it was new, myself. Thank goodness the internet told me about how good it was and I’m not left out in the cold!

    1. They sold 30 out of the 50 copy’s at the stores within 100 miles of my house in MI in half a day.So it think they will all be gone within a week for sure if not faster.

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