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Check Out The New Splinter Cell Blacklist 101 Trailer

Join Charlie Cole, Tech Ops Specialist, on a thorough debriefing of Sam Fisher’s most challenging and complex mission. Meet the members of 4th Echelon, tour the state-of-the-art Paladin aircraft, learn more about the Strategic Mission Interface, browse through the armory filled with suits, gadgets and weapons, discover the different play styles, find out how to best team up in Co-Op and get ready for non-stop multiplayer action in Spies vs. Mercs. Splinter Cell Blacklist is the winner of over 20 Best of E3 awards and arrives on August 20th for Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

64 thoughts on “Check Out The New Splinter Cell Blacklist 101 Trailer”

  1. I think all my hopes for this game are gone now.

    Fisher’s voice is just really distracting.
    Missing content for Wii U.
    “sick mods for your gear” – fucking cringe!!!!
    “Assault” should not even be an option in a Splinter Cell game.

    Will wait for reviews. But I don’t think Splinter Cell is for me anymore.

          1. No is missing a game feature not a mode. Little difference but not such a big deal has The badman fiasco (yes badman on purpose.)

            1. As far as I know, Arkham Origins is missing online multiplayer right? We finally got the deathstroke DLC confirmed for Wii U a while ago.

              So, Arkham origins online multiplayer is missing. And Blacklists offline multiplayer is missing.

              There’s not really any difference there. Both are missing content. You can call it a mode or a feature or whatever you like. Fact is, it’s content and it’s missing.

              1. True and I never said it was ok but we can still savor splinter cell all gameplay while in Batman we can’t.

            1. Its not like you lose much with Batman, multiplayer is developed by same people who punished the world with Brink.

  2. Im not sure should i buy this game. It will cost full price which is 60e and it lacks local multiplayer. Ok now to the actual game, first of all it looks like cliche police tv series they even have “icequeen” and that annoyin fruit guy very common in police shows which is annoyin imo. It looks like it focuses more on action rather than stealth, sure they have cool features for gamepad and all, but stealth is the reason why i liked pandoras tommorow and that it didnt have police show cliches, atleast i dont remember that it had. Im gonna wait till its released and read some reviews before i buy it to know what its about and is it worth it like pt. I do hope im wrong about action focus rather than stealth because i have waited a while to get new good sc experience.

    1. You just played Pandora’s tomorrow? Go out and buy all the rest now except conviction I think you would not like that one.

    1. I’ll buy the complete games. Not the ones with missing something. Rayman seems complete, let’s see what they say about watchdogs

      1. Agreed…

        If Watch Dogs for our console has anything that’s missing, I will be angry…

        If anything that game should have been made mostly for the Wii U as it fits perfectly…

        1. It’s terrible they don’t put all features and expect us to buy them. Do they think Nintendo fans are dumb? Idk, in the end they’ll they can’t support wiiu cos of sales. Let’s ser how rayman does it. It should be a smash it

          1. Well I for one will not support any game that has missing features and goes by the same price…

            If they are cheaper then maybe…

  3. i had to take my pre order money and get pikmin 3 with it but now im back to $63.53 so now im just waiting for the 20th but im trying to figure out how im gana get watch dogs assassins creed 4 sonic zelda and wonderful 101. i know i said wii u needs games but damn why so close to each other.

    1. Wiiu has more games in his first year than the ps3 and Xbox 360 ever had in there first lol. No games my ass.

      1. That’s true. We live in a different time though. Game development options and awareness have increased tremendously over the past generation. More things are becoming uniformed and unified. And we have so many consoles overlapping now, so there are more cross-gen/multi-gen options.

        The PS4 and Xbox One will also have a crap ton more games during their first year than their predecessors. I consider the last gen (PS3, 360, Wii) almost like an experiment, a learning experience to prepare us for this new generation.

        1. My fear with the ps4 and Xbox one is that the majority will be safe titles and it will rarely be a innovative title not even on the safe genres.

    1. He can speak for himself…

      If the price was 20% because of the missing feature then I would probably buy it later…

      1. I do agrees with him. Why you all nintendo fan complain when no support come… but we are getting games and just a small shit is missing and you guys are complaining? WTF?

        I am getting this AND batman. Who cares about online for batman? THat’s a SINGLEPLAYER GAME!!!!!!!!!!! No lost there for brink developer online functions. KMFT.

        Guys get this game and proof that NINTENDO gamers do support third parties. If we don’t… then we WON’T GET ANY SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!

        Get N or get the FUCK out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Small shit? I was buying it because of offline co-op, so no small shit for me. Anyway, what botters fans is the concept of not having the full experience

          1. It is a small shit. LOCAL MULTIPLAYER???????? First you guys complained about Online multiplayer is missing and you guys flip and say no purchase. Now this game have Online multiplayer but no local and you guys still complain. Would you guys prefer if the game DIDN’T grace our console? I am happy that it’s coming to wii u… I don’t play my xbox360 anymore and I do not intend to. So if all multiplats come to the wii u for the nextgen games too…. I AM MORE THAN HAPPY!!!!!

            1. If they lower the price for our version then I’ll gladly buy it someday but not as things looks like today…

        2. The point is, you are getting a game that has missing content, for the same price if it had the content to start with. That’s what pisses people off. And Wii U of all consoles, a console that needs games desperately and it gets the inferior version.

        3. Because I will not pay full price for a game that is the lesser version of inferior consoles…

          I would buy it if it was 20% cheaper but full price? NO…

          I’m not stupid…

          I don’t care if it’s a tiny feature missing…

        1. I think it is real they did not had enough time after all less than 6 months ago the game did not exsisted.

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  5. it’s either this or W101 in September….I want Ubi support but i also want W101….. decisions decisions. i really don’t care for local multiplayer since i mostly play by myself. Hard decisions.

    1. get the game you want. I have never been forced in a decision to buy something based on other people’s views. I always base it on what I want and what affects me or doesn’t affect me. I just played the W101 demo and it was amazing.

  6. Well, IMO Nintendo consoles have always been about local multiplayer. N64, Game Cube and Wii, were the only, during their generations, that supported 4 players locally (except for some barely known adapters for PS). For me, this has always been a decisive matter. I would buy this new splinter cell if I could enjoy coop with my brother at home, but since it is missing, I will pass this one.

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