Here’s The Wonderful 101 Demo Footage, Demo Available In North America

Tilmen from Nintendomination has kindly uploaded the entire Wonderful 101 demo onto Youtube. The European demo went live shortly after yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation, much to everyone’s excitement. The demo is also available for North American Wii U owners via the eShop. What did you think to the demo?

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


    1. Yep. Platinum has a hit on there hands with the Wonderful 101 and whether it sells well or not I can see this game becoming a classic.

        1. Excellent find, venomjamaica. I’ve been playing The Wonderful 101 demo four times and already getting use of the play control, touchscreen, and killer combos! Gonna try out that cheat in a few seconds.

          1. Thanks bro. I play this game sooo much that my wife is angry with me. She wanted sex but I wanted to continue play. I can’t wait for September 15 to come.

              1. lol…….. I have gotten platinum an both story mode and mission mode. This game is HIGHLY addictive.

        2. The demo is quite fun, I’m interest in how much multiplayer offers. This and the new trailer has done well to peak my interest and now I’m thinking I might have to get this game near release.
          Unlock Pink and Yellow? Guess I need to play it again. Funny how all you have to do is run a circle over those two secret spots.

  1. the game is fun. I’m just not that good at it at the moment
    the Wonderful 101 is a day one buy for me

    1. I’ll be skipping Wind Waker and getting this instead. I do love Wind Waker, but they haven’t add enough stuff to warrant dropping sixty bucks

      1. True that, it looks really similar to the original except for the overhauled visuals.
        I’m still getting it though!

      2. THIS.
        Sure everything looks prettier but… 60? no… not that I even have a WiiU as yet but I’ll decently pick these games up eventually when I get one..

    2. LOL, i switched my Pre-order from WW to 101. I was looking forward to WW but I played it already, so I went with the fresher experience. After playing Pikmin 3 and being addicted, I know this is going to be amazing as well

  2. It has a hell of a learning curve I think.

    My first play through I just sort of stumbled through it, not really knowing what I was doing, not knowing what was going on, and somehow luckily completing it.

    The second time was better, I learned that not everything can be done using the touch screen. You have to use the right analog stick for some morphs. And I got better at dodging and blocking.

    Third time through I was a master. Getting gold and platinum ratings on every section. I was zipping around the levels morphing into things, beating the hell out of things, and just generally being awesome.

    Takes at least 3 play throughs before you find your groove I’d say.

    Also, don’t believe the difficult levels (very easy, easy & normal). Don’t let the names fool you. The game is not easy.

    Plus, you can morph into the glider at any time. Thought that was worth mentioning. From the trailers I figured it would be a context sensitive morph. Like the bridges and stuff.

    1. Yeah it took me until my second play through of the demo to know what I was doing but when I did it was really enjoyable.

  3. The demo is crazy, it sets you right in the middle of the action and doesn’t really ease you into the controls so I could see why some people might have a hard time with the demo.

    After completing it on easy mode just to get the feel for the controls, I went back on normal mode and was pulling off combos left and right.

    I can’t wait to have this game in its entirety, and the demo is so smooth on the way it plays, my favorite is the dodges, looks so cool.

  4. It’s lots of fun, but just like every Platinum game…fuck, is there a learning curve and relentless enemies xD

    1. I still don’t feel like it needs to touch screen though….maybe if you’re just playing on the gamepad it might be easier, but moving your hand when the game barely pauses, then having to press A isn’t worth it.

      1. I used both circle and gun lines with finger and straight line with R-stick. If you give it a little more time with the gamepad you’ll actually feel that it is going much smother and faster with touchscreen. Well it worked for me

  5. Fun, challenging, unique, and extremely difficult putting the GamePad down. Kamiya have scored a touchdown in The Wonderful 101. Let’s hope the full version scores a lot of 9s and some 10s on the board for the Big N and PlatinumGames.

    1. “Kamiya have scored a touchdown”

      Do you work at Konami? The Kamiya have started to move

  6. I tried the demo…I don’t know what to say. Everything was just too chaotic and you couldn’t really see what was going on. Not sure if I’m impressed.

      1. The controls just feel too awkward for me even when using the right analog rather than the touch screen. I’m going to play more later today before I write my post on this demo and see if it changes my mind any. I don’t like casting judgement until I’ve had plenty of time to digest everything.

          1. ^THIS RIGHT HERE^. I had issues with it my first time playing but after you play again or a few more times you’ll get the hang of it and your experience will be a lot more enjoyable.

          2. Okay I just played through the full demo again. You’re right. It was much more enjoyable the second time around. I’ll be picking this game up day one since I’ve had it preordered forever now but I really hope it has a lot more variety. It feels like a more modern version of Gauntlet mixed with a little Pikmin and a little if the QT sections of Shenmue. You can read more about it though in my “Impressions” article I’ll be typing up later today. Just click my name to get to my blog.

  7. I liked the demo a lot. I don’t think I’ll get the game day 1 though. Maybe some time next year.

  8. I like the demo. I also want information on how many people downloaded W101 in ond day as well as the first week.

  9. I got to get use to controls. I shrunk the screen and can’t figure out how you make it large again. But its fun!

  10. One of the reasons why i like hell lot of an W101 is because how fresh it felt. You dont see much games being that creative and risk taking nowadays. Nintendo needs to market it well, i smell a hit comin. The visuals really are stunnin and shows that WiiU has Power.

  11. This game and ‘X’ have sparked my intrest in them since their first showing, can’t wait to try out the demo!!!

  12. I was so hyped for this game…and then I tried the demo. I was pretty much forcing myself to TRY and enjoy this game. The controls were my biggest obstacle, and that’s where I felt the joy of the game taken from me. I just want to know 2 things:

    1. Are the only 2 attacks pretty much a “Unite ________” and a Team Attack? If so, can anyone give me an insight on how to fight like a pro? Because whenever I use Unite Hand or Sword to hurt an enemy, after defeating it I try to get to the next enemy, but I get blasted with my teammates over and over again. :( Does the sprinting help a lot?

    2. Will I like this game more if I master the controls? During my first play through, I pretty much got a hang of the controls, but in return, sacrificed all the fun this game had to offer.

    1. From what I’ve read, just playthrough the demo again, and look at the on screen prompts.

    2. Also after defeating an enemy w/ a unite attack(s), press the Y button and it’ll huddle your teamates together. Sprinting also seems to raise the battery meter.

      No worries, like a fighting game, the controls can be difficult at first, you just have to practice.

    3. I’d say there are 2.5 main attacks from what I’ve played. Team attack, unite morph (including you) and additional AI controlled unite morphs.

      On my third play through when I felt I had mastered the controls and the gameplay, when I would enter a battle, I would first draw my unite morph (probably sword or gun) then I would quickly draw another 2 or 3 unite swords for the AI to control. Then battle would commence! With 2-3 AI controlled swords and myself fighting.

      As for moving from enemy to enemy, dodging helps a lot, as does dashing. Once you’ve drawn a unite morph on the screen and pressed A, you don’t need to draw it again to use that same power. So the way I do it is I focus on one enemy with a unite sword or whatever, then dash over to the next enemy (which removes your current unite power), but then I just press A quickly to regain the unite sword. So i’m basically dashing (or dodging, but mostly dashing) from enemy to enemy using Y and then using A to use unite powers again. All the while, creating addition AI controlled unite swords when they run out.

      You also have the items as other attacks. Which include things like air strikes. And you can pick up enemies weapons and use those.

      I may have just told you stuff you already know, but I didn’t figure much of this out until my second or third play through.

      Go through at least once or twice more before you decide.

  13. Tried twice, didn’t click on me, I’m getting Rayman instead. Also I skipped Splintercell for no offline co-op

    1. Back in the day we gave a game a lot more than two tries before giving up. I used to relish the idea of mastering a game that I didn’t get at first. If I had the same attitude you do I never woulda been able ever enjoy Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or Capcom fighting games.

      1. Back in the day there were no demos. And my parents would give me money to buy just one game. Sometimes I was right…anyway, I’ll wait for the reviews

  14. First time was allright got a bronze, then got a silver in mission mode, and returned to story mode to get the gold!!! just got to get use to it.

  15. I really love this game. Day one for me… Why there arent no Miiverse community? That is very disappointing.

  16. I played it once on normal, and cleared it pretty easily just by mainly mashing the A button and shielding when I needed to. There also doesn’t seem to be much in the way of exploration either, so I think I’ll pass.

    1. Funny, because I actually died more times when I mashed the a button rather than actually thinking things through and use team attacks to stun and drawing multiple unite morphs. Also, if you don’t think there’s a lot of exploration, you didn’t even try to explore. There’s a hidden area where you go jump into the water over a bridge around the time when the gatcha appears. You can also backtrack and find secret missions or fly to secret areas to find hidden heroes. I say give it a little more effort before dismissing a game because of it’s demo. It’s really fun!

  17. i was interested in the game because everyone was going on about how great this game was going to be, i have just had a go at the demo & after playing it through once i got a silver trophy, in the game i got a platinum medal, a few gold, a couple of silver & one or two bronze.

    i had no idea what i was supposed to be doing, or how i was supposed to use the pad, i drew shapes with my finger & randomly pressed the pad buttons, & i completed the missions, it looks nice & colourful, the graphics are pretty good, but everything is small on the screen anyway that there is no details that truly stand out, even on my 1080p 50 inch plasma, even with my 5.1 amp there is no real surround sound action.

    it just appears to be a button bashing-fest, i got Lollipop Chainsaw for my X360 & that was just the same.

    1. its not a button mashing fest man. you just have to play the demo more than once and get a feel for things. you’ll then realize that doing things like team attacks, using secondary unite morphs while you attack, and using certain morphs for certain enemies feels nothing like a button masher. the demo had me sold as I’ve played it about 3 times and fucking loved it. the first time is like kamiya said, a test run, then you get to the real game after trying it that second time where all that you learned makes you way better at the game.

      1. i will give it another go of course, but i am not the only one saying this, many people have said the same things on other forums & many people are disappointed by this demo.

        1. whoever can find a negative with this game, should just give up gaming, or trolling, or both. This game is epic… grfx whoop anything on ps360, and tears knack a new asshole.

          1. Are you saying that the WiiU is competing against the X360/PS3 ? what about the X1/PS4 thats coming out in a few months ?

  18. Nintendo needs to market this game. Make commercials. If they really want things to turn around they cannot wait for and expect the game to sell itself based on word-of-mouth. They need to create a frenzy ahead of release. The demo is a good start. So far reactions seem moderate-to-good.

    1. Nintendo of Japan have already made commercials of TW101 yesterday. I’m sure that Nintendo of Europe (UK) and America will market and promote this game later this month.

      1. Well I hope so. North America is where the push is needed. However I hear this game is short. I hope there will be continuous DLC if that is the case.

  19. Played the demo, nothing special. Simplistic graphics, all the trees look the same, they just copy pasted the same tree all over the place. Gameplay isn’t anything out of the ordinary. I hated that awful music. So much hype for this game from the Nintendo fanboys. I pass, not my cup of tea.

    1. Spoken like a pretendo who quickly plays it and walks away. There’s more to this demo than your assumptions. The graphics aren’t as simplistic, but more beautiful and detailed than their early build. The gameplay is complex and challenging. And why the hell do you hate that background music? Makes no damn sense at all. Music makes this game feel like you’re interacting with your team… overcoming the odds, etc. I’ve played The Wonderful 101 demo many times… understanding the gameplay mechanics and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character.

      I’m not a Nintendo fanboy… but instead a gamer with experience. A lot of Wii U owners have already given rave reviews of the demo and enjoying it to the fullest. Too bad that you don’t have the experience of understanding how the game works like a gamer should.

      1. The game is fun but I want to really know what I am doing. Im just pushing buttons and changing from Wonder Red to Wonder Blue. And when I need Wonder red to turn something, it takes me minutes by just pressing anything until I’m lucky enough to get red again. I don’t like just pressing buttons. I want to know the controls. Also the rumble pak after awhile gets annoying. I have no issues with trees since Knack also has the same trees. But since Knack is for Sony it’s ok to click and paste trees. Also no one questions why PS4’s games aren’t earth shattering since its the mostpowerful system!!!

        1. Oh great you are one of those people that don’t read anything and mash buttons. Then when you can’t get past a part you say it sucks cause you don’t know what to do. “Gamers” these days suck.

      2. The grfx are amazing! Wtf are these losers yappin about? Holy shit! You can practically grab the characters off the screen it’s so gorgeous! What a bunch of liers!

    2. Tress looking the same? Ignoring the trees look the same in Knack But since Knack ain’t on Wii U that’s makes it alright!

  20. This game’s appeal, positive or not, has nothing to do with any other console. Those of you bringing up sony or knack need to stop.

    If people find it hard to like this game, for good reasons or bad, then theyre every bit as valid as the opinions of people that are finding good or bad reasons to like it.

    Eveeyone wanted this game to be great and to some it isnt. Put down your cyber shield and deal with it. This has nothing to do with other consoles.

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