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Kickstarter Game Ghost Song Could Come To Wii U


The developer behind Kickstarter title Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope has just added a Wii U stretch goal for the Super Metroid and Demon Souls inspired title. The game is described as a 2D “metroidvania” style game that not only gives players that feeling of isolation and minimalism Super Metroid fans long for, but also delivers an emotionally powerful story. This story is told not through pages of exposition or long cut scenes, but through being in the game, being in the moment, and observing events as they unfold. It’s a highly ambient, atmospheric approach to story that falls somewhere between Super Metroid and Dark Souls in its tenor. The Kickstarter backed project hopes to raise $60,000 in order to bring the intriguing game to Wii U.

Thanks, Mario

75 thoughts on “Kickstarter Game Ghost Song Could Come To Wii U”

    1. My name is Matt — I created Ghost Song. I’m a little nervous to step into the fray here, but I’ll just say my piece quickly — I fully understand the concerns about the resemblance to Metroid. The game began about a year ago as my own cathartic response to Nintendo not releasing a 2D Metroid since 2003 and no more on the horizon. The game has, however, EVOLVED a lot in its scope and design in that time — But the core mechanics from that original legacy are still somewhat in place. The purpose of the Kickstarter is to rebuild this thing in Unity and change some things around the margin to make it its own animal. The game has features that have never been in a Metriod game, and it will have even more in the rebuild. In addition, some of the more blatant similarities will be rolled back a little and the combat mechanics are being adjusted a bit to be more its own animal.

      It will still resemble Metroid somewhat, and the Kickstarter IS representative, generally, of the game. That said, I feel when the final version is built most people will be very satisfied.



      1. You know what, Matt? I like your responsiveness. Your explanation was kind and informative. I understand your motivation for making this game, and despite the fact that I’m not a Super Metroid fan, I’m going to back it. Here’s hoping you reach your goal.

      2. A Dev that gives a shit about the supporters / potential customers?

        You have me onboard. Heading to Kickstarter. ;D

      3. Matt, I checked out your kickstarter. Here’s the thing. I like the game, and you seem like a legit guy, but I need to know, that if I pledge, I get a WiiU code when / If available.

        Please advise.

      4. No offense, and i’m sure it’s great, i kinda just feel somewhat “full” when it comes to indie-kickstarting 2d platforms. Everything is starting to feel the same

        1. I would completely agree with you, except I really would like to play another “Metroid” game soon. (Since we get DKCYTF instead D: )

          So I’d like to play this, but I feel ya, getting full of platformers.

          1. I actually ended up pledging $5 and asking for another tier. :p I’m part of the Kickstarter, so when you tell us how to secure a WiiU code, I’ll up my $5 pledge. ;)

          2. Damn, you seem like such a great guy, tell you what, when it comes to the eShop, i’m gonna buy it. worst case scenario would be me having another game on my menu, and that’s not so bad. Just not into the whole kickstarting deal :)

      5. Much kudos for your respnse here. True enough that the game is obviously much like Super Metroid. If there was ever a game to imitate, that would be it though.
        In the kickstarter vid I already saw plenty of signs of it’s uniqueness though, I look forward to the finished project, hopefully on my Wii U.

  1. Hope it makes the goal. Wii U is getting great indie support. Wonder why other websites dont talk about that.

    1. Again, I don’t disagree, but did you see the trailer? He’s making a game and expressing his fondness for a great classic. I hear you though, I’m just saying this guy doesn’t fit the “bum” profile.

  2. Well, I look at the stretch goal and Wii U is at $60,000 and right now it is almost $20,000 (12:46 PM Eastern Time)

    I say it is too soon for anyone to get serious for this game coming to Wii U.

    1. Only 15% of the time limit passed, and they are on 33% of the needed funding.
      I believe the biggest surge of backers is around the last week, so if I was a betting man, I would bet that they will reach their $60,000 stretch goal.

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    1. Yea I know what you mean. But at least Nintendo show Shovel Knight in one of the Nintendo direct video. I just going get some of them for Steam.

      I holding off for this game because one I see potential but it is not enough for me to want this game and two because he is unsure how the game going release since it is based on his original flash game.

  4. Who cares I am bout to go home and download W101!!!! while its downloading I’ll play Pikmin 3. Big deal doesn’t even fucking matter no more!

  5. Super Metroid is still a masterpiece (because I still play it)! If this game does indeed capture the same ethos and isolation as SM, then I’ll play this game. Hugs!

            1. *Trillion.

              Nintendo does not have “trillions” in assets. I know Sony and Microsoft do (if we’re still counting in yen)

                1. There latest financial reports? …. You know, I research things unlike you Nintendorks who just spew random “facts” from your ass.

  6. Hey I just saw Mario golf world tour on a gamefly commercial does that give us a hint that it might release earlier than expected

  7. Will I’m downloading W101 right now while I’m here typing from my GamePad. Will see you spec lovers later bout to play Pikmin 3 until my download is complete. I can’t believe Wii U’s OS can do this with 1gb. Oh well!!!

  8. Nintendo has so much unused potential for future smash hits. Nintendo could make a game that is like Skylanders only using Nintendo characters, it would sell tens of millions of consoles and toy figures, it would be a system seller because people love Nintendo characters. Nintendo could make a first person shooter that has Nintendo characters that uses paintball or lazertag, with online multiplayer, it would be a system seller. If Super Smash Bros U has great online functionality, it would be as big as Call of Duty or Halo. The same can be said for Mario Kart 8, if it has great online multiplayer functionality, it will sell tens of millions of consoles. If Nintendo can make a huge open world cinematic action adventure game that competes with GTA and Skyrim, only using Pokemon on the Wii U, it would sell tens of millions.

    1. Nintendo doesn’t copy others ideas though. You want Nintendo to be like Sony. After all where did Pikmin copy from and where did All Stars copy from?

      1. You know what though who cares I played W101 and love it! Besides a fps shooter from Nintendo would mean they copied others.

        1. Yeah copy like Nissan Murano and Chrysler Delta hint exteriors. 09 Tundra’ Lancer Evo and VW Iroc Concept hint fance. Ford 500 ánd Pontiac Grand Prix hint tail lights. Yeah Nintendo doesn’t copy.

          1. Well you’re saying All Stars is a rip off of smash bros, by that logic, Nintendo ripped off earlier platformers when they released Donkey Kong.

            Oh but wait, going to use some other car drivel or fanboy bullshit? Fucking nintendorks.

            1. Ok Crash racing ripped of Mario Kart. Banjo Kazooie Ripped off SM64, Lets see SAll Stars ripped off SSBB, So WHAT GAME DID DK RIP name it. Other platformers isn’t naming.

              1. In fact Name me an original game from Xbox or Sony that Nintendo copied off of since you claim Nintendo copies Sony.

                1. I never said Nintendo copied Sony (You just pulled that out of your dorkish butt) … I just said Nintendo copies.

                  Space Panic by Universal and Crazy Climber came out a year before DK. So by your logic, DK is a rip off of them :D

  9. Good thing Nintendo never placed a DVD in their system like Shitbox. Watch Dogs, True Crime, GTA V the God Father same shit different name. And why isn’t PS4’s graphics killing Wii U’s? Knack’s graphics suck for 4.5gb. Yet why is Pikmin’s visuals better with only 1gb?

    1. Fanboys like you should be wiped off the face of the earth. Fanboys + Graphic whores = What is ruining the industry.

      1. Actually Im not a graphics whore. Im just holding the most powerful console accountable for being the most powerful system and why a 1gb 3 core console visuals aren’t being smoked by a 4.5gb 8 core console! That’s all idiot. Hell Pikmin 3 ain’t even using Wii U’S MAX. What’s special troll is 1gb and 3 core’s visuals aren’t adding up to the spec sheet. In other words, everytime Wii U displays great visuals it is more suprising compared to PS4.

    2. Also another shocking part is Pikmin 3 is a reworked Wii game. Thus only using the bare minimal of the WiiU’s three cores and its 1Gig reserved for RAM.

      1. How is Pikmin 3 spitting out graphics like that with hardly using 3cores and allowed 1gb? Also how is the Wii U the only console with an OS with 1gb but rivals need multiple gigs? Also how is it according to Sonydrones Wii U is current generation and yet 10 months on sell and no one still knows 100% of Wii U’s specs?

  10. What game did Star Fox copy off of? What game did Zelda copy off of? Kirby, Pikmin? Since you claim these games are not original and copied? What did Galaxy copy? I wanna know!! Digimon copied Pokemon? What did Pokemon copy? What did Ness copy? What did 3DS copy?What did Dream Team copy? Totally different from other Mario Games!! On dream team, where’s the mushrooms, flowers, what other Mario game is Luigi needed to sleep? What did Luigi’s Mansion copy from? Ghost Busters?

    1. What did Animal crossing copy or Wii Fit? What did Mario and Sonic at the Olympics copy? Yet if the Olympics is the answer then EA sports tittles aren’t orginal. EA Destroy all monsters copied SSB and Rampage. 2014 Impala, 2013 Altima, 2014 Avalon, 2013 SENTRA, VW Passat, 2004 Subaru Impresa, hint greenhouses. Acura ZDX and 2010 Mazda 6 hint side profiles. Acura ZdX and Chevy Volt hint backends. 2013 Lexus GS and Sonata hint backends.

    2. So out of all those Nintendo franchises I listed you can only come up with DK being a rip off of another? I see why you want Nintendo to copy more by bringing fps games! I want them to stay original while you want Nintendo to be Sony’s 15 fps.

      1. So in other words Wii U is ram and gig efficient while Xbox and PS4 are Ram and gig guZzlers! Yet no one knows how Wii u displays visuals making the spec sheet look bad. Mario Kart 8 using 1gb and displaying graphics above what the spec sheet says. And yet if Wii U is current generation, why can’t no one get all the specs and outdated hardware?

        1. Wii U sips Ram PS4 swallows ram. That’s why Wii U has little Ram it doesn’t need much to show visuals. We just need to know where that is coming from and how that work. It’s gotta be that 30% of unknown data from the several generations ahead of PS3’s GPU.

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