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Ducktales Remastered Developers Discuss New Content

A new interview with WayForward’s Matt Bozon and Voldi Way, developers of Ducktales Remastered is now accessible on YouTube, on the date of the game’s release for Wii U. The pair of developers say that the new levels in the game make for “40% new content.” They also touch on the unique backgrounds in the game, which were designed in 3D and “look like they move in 3D” according to the developers, even though they are presented in 2D. The game is available today in the Wii U eshop.

28 thoughts on “Ducktales Remastered Developers Discuss New Content”

        1. Typical Sony…

          They always try to attract their gamers with cheap voice acting and hollywood games…

            1. i hope you’re joking. next thing you know…1000 copies sold. deemed a success by sony. god bless these developers oh wait the sequel for the playstation 4.

  1. This game is terrible. The awful cut scenes and dialogue absolutely ruin any flow of the game. There’s 15 breaks in the Amazon level for nothing. Just to have Scrooge stop and say “This is a coin! It has a picture of a snake on it” and somehow that manages to take 90 seconds.

    Regret this purchase. It’s not worth it. The gameplay is decent and fun, similar to the old game, but the “new” cutscenes or cinematics are terrible and interrupt ever 20-30 seconds of gameplay.

    1. I don’t know anything about this game but I have to agree that cutscenes do lower the gameplay sometimes…

      1. I hate to hear that. I can only hope that my being a fan of the series will keep it from bothering me. About to purchase it now.
        I still remember a long time ago playing Duck Tales when I was too young to even read. I kept exiting the stages by accident when talking to Launchpad. It was so annoying.

        1. I have seen this guy on all of the Nintendo websites posting the same Cut & Paste job. The game is actually good….I wish I had more time to play it though.

            1. I saw it on NintendoLife early today. It was on the review, but it since has been pulled are you the MR. Troll who posted it on here, did someone catch you in their net.

              1. I don’t know what NintendoLife is, and I don’t know what MR is either. I’m not trolling at all. I bought this the second it came out, because I’d been excited for it for a while. I regret the purchase. Any good gameplay is negated by the disruptions due to poor cut sceens/cinematics. I’m not bothered by the graphics at all, and feel they’ve done a good job with that.

                I want to enjoy playing a game. The cinematics make it far too disruptive. When you play through the Amazon level, you’re interrupted every 20 -30 seconds so Scrooge can talk about a coin. The dialogue adds nothing but disruption from actually playing the game.

                Something in between levels would be fine, but with the constant interuptions, the levels are almost unplayable.

                Honestly, I think the creators were excited about having the voice actors and understandably so. But they sacrificed quality game play to shoehorn them in.

                1. I have the game too, but never seem to get that interrupted and you skip the cut scences by holding down start.

    2. The game is “terrible” I “regret my purchase”. “The game play is decent and fun”. Wow dude which is it? Yes the cut scenes are a bit much and it sux you can’t skip them but like you said “the gameplay is decent and fun” you paid 15$ for it what were you expecting. Enjoy it for what it is a 15$ game.

      1. The game play is decent, but the constant interruptions keep the game from being enjoyable and actually getting to enjoy that game play. Because of that, it’s not a fun game, which to me, if a game isn’t fun, then it’s pretty terrible. I do regret my purchase. The game makers couldn’t get out of their own way on this one.

        1. Press start then A at the beginning of each cutscene to make the interruption only a couple brief seconds.
          I’ve enjoyed them so far myself thanks to having mad respect.

  2. Actually this game has been available for 2 days. Its well worth the price. The cut scenes do break the flow of the game. But you only notice because the game itself is so difficult ,you find yourself replaying stages until they are complete. Hopefully that could be fixed with a future patch. Any Ducktales fan or fan of platformers should buy. It is an excellent game that any hardcore fan can enjoy

    1. According to the research I dug up it came out on different days depending on your region. Guess I should have mentioned that! Will do next time. Thanks for the feedback.

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