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UK Retailer GAME Offering Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus With Harvest Moon

harvest_moon_hama_bead_setIf you’re a fan of the Harvest Moon franchise and are looking to purchase the newest instalment upon its release in Europe, then why not get yourself an exclusive item by pre-ordering? UK retailer GAME has joined up with the title’s publisher Zen United to offer a charming Hama Bead set, which also includes beaded recreations of a cow and boy from the series’ characters. This pre-order bonus adds to the long list of GAME exclusives seen, such as the Pikmin 3 keyring and Donkey Kong’s Banana shopper bag. Although, the Hama bead set is probably not as cute as the yak plushie offered in North America last year, it’s still a neat freebie. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is due for release on September 13 on the Nintendo 3DS in Europe.

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      1. Yes, I LOVED Play N’ Trade. Best game store EVER! I was crushed when I walked into the mall one day and saw the store was empty. Things just hasn’t been the same since. They were the only store that sold classic, retro games such as Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Genesis etc. MAN I miss that store. I’ll never forget the day I bought stacks of Atari 2600 games there. The guy walked into the back and brought out another big bag of them, and I bought even more. Those were the days.

        What doesn’t make sense to me is, if Play N’ Trade went out of business, why do I still get e-mails from them every now & then?

        1. YES! And the employees were so cool! I took advice from the Cashier on a game, and to this day it’s still one of my favorites!! And they would hold contests and events! It was such a sweet place… I think that the reason you still get emails is because maybe there is still a store or two that are open?

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