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Atlus Parent Company Index Corp. May Soon Have Buyer


A new Bloomberg report out of Japan states that Index Corporation, parent company of Atlus, is close to finding a buyer. Inside sources have indicated that Sega Sammy Holdings is one of the top interested companies. The report also says that candidates in the sale will be narrowed by next week, and if all goes well, the final sale may take place by the end of the month.

Atlus developer Katsura Hashino recently provided fans with an apology about his company’s state of affairs, as well as a reassurance that the current situation will not slow the development of new titles. MNN will continue to track this story as it unfolds.



    1. Except Atlus make SMT, and other franchises for Nintendo systems, including SMT X FE currently.

      So yeah, kinda relevant, you fucking baby.
      Either way, pretty much everyone here is interested in the Atlus buy out, so it’s worth reporting. Just because it is DIRECTLY Nintendo, meaning about consoles or first party, doesn’t mean it cant be reported on, even though Atlus only fucking bring exclusives to Nintendo systems.


  1. Should be bought by a third party either way. If it was bought by Sony, fans would miss out on the Nintendo titles, and visaversa if Nintendo bought them, not to mention region lock, which means Europe probably wouldn’t get shit.


      1. After how many years, 2 or 3?

        I can still buy Dragons Crown or Persona 4 Golden from the US, and they still get localised.


    1. But Sega dosnt put much brightest either. Most likely the games will stay Japan only if Sega has his way but your scenario is worst if it happens.


      1. You might be wrong there. See, I think the main reason SEGA’s interested in Atlus is their localization team here in NA. That potentially means more games from SEGA that Japan only gets.


      1. Do not jinx this shit. I can mention alot of companies that would be worse. Microsoft or Square Enix for example…


  2. SEGA buying is a win situation for Nintendo. Only place their blue blur can run with dignity is on Nintendo consoles. So sega needs all their new might on the WiiU and the mightiest eighth generation console the 3DS.


  3. I don’t mind anyone buying Atlus as long as SMTxFE isn’t penalized.
    But Atlus deserves to have freedom as a developer, so becoming Nintendo exclusive wouldn’t too good either.

    But at the end of the day, the highest bidder wins, and we still don’t know for sure about the 20 or so companies involved with the auction.


    1. Nintendo got little to gain from buying Atlus except to cockblock Sony if they wanted to buy them. This is because Atlus is strongest in Japan and in Japan Nintendo already dominates pretty hard. What Nintendo needs is some good western developers to catch the western gamers.


  4. As someone who plays 3ds and vita, I think it’ll be retarded if a 1st party company manages to buy it. It’ll only hurt fans of Atlus, since their games have been spread out between Nintendo and Sony consoles.


  5. …Sega? Really? :/ I’m not too sure about that, but even as someone who’s stuck to Nintendo for years, I’m iffy about Nintendo buying Atlus, too. Atlus seems to like spreading its games out to all platforms and personally I think it’d be a shame for long-time Atlus fans for it to suddenly go Nintendo-exclusive.


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