Three Street Fighter 2 Games Headed To Wii U Virtual Console

Wii U Daily reports that Nintendo will be bringing three Street Fighter 2 games to the Wii U Virtual Console next week. For a mere $8 each, gamers will have their choice of downloading Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, or Super Street Fighter 2, all of which were formerly released on the SNES in the 1990s.

Although Capcom announced yesterday that there are no plans to bring Ultra Street Fighter IV to the Wii U, Nintendo fans can Hadoken their way down memory lane with the retro titles until Capcom decides to bring one of the new and improved SF games to Wii U.


  1. still waiting for a link to the past to release on the eshop, nintendo. you’d think that would be the first game they put on the eshop with the 3ds sequel coming out soon, but i guess not…

    1. Dude I am right there with you, I am holding off on playing through it on my Wii U (transferred from my Wii) because I wanna play on my gamepad. I am also hoping they do a special edition 3DS XL for Link Between Worlds but I’m losing hope on that one…

  2. Why put in three games when one of them is simply superior than the latter? In fact, why didn’t they just put in Super Turbo?

    1. 2 is necessary to people like me who’s first fighting game was possibly the original street fighter 2 in arcades. I was so happy to get it on my SNES after that…although I did eventually trade it at the video game exchange store to get Turbo lol…either way I’m getting both, regular for the memories and Turbo cause I will only pay $1.50 since I already have it on my Wii virtual console transferred to my Wii U. $1.50 is nothing to me to be able to play on the gamepad or pro controller, the classic controllers and classic pros feel SOO wrong with the should buttons for turbo.

  3. For a mere 8$ lol, for 8$ I can buy several current generations games used at gamestop, Nintendo should down a bit this ridiculously prices for old games, Nintendo games 8 bit 1.99$, SNES 2.99$ and N64 4.99$ thats it……..

    1. I agree. Especially since they’re competing with emulators, which are free and just slightly less convenient.

    2. nintendo just doesn’t want to listen to reasons. ripping people off is something they like to do. all the more reasons to stick to emus and roms.

      1. Oh, you just said that Nintendo likes to rip people off. I’m sure you didn’t mean to say that. What you meant to say was that Capcom likes ripping people off. Not sure how you accidentally typed Nintendo instead of Capcom.

          1. They’re not overly pricey… if you cannot afford a $10 game, how the fuck did you get a Wii U in the first place? It’s funny how people complain about the price of the virtual console games when they are so easily affordable. I mean… really… what was with all the complaints about the price of Earthbound? It’s way better than buying it only for, like, $300.

            And now there are these retards who are claiming that if they want the game bad enough, they’d rather emulate it than pay 10 measly dollars for the damn thing.

            On a side note… anyone notice how Sony does the exact same thing with PS1 and PS2 games? Games that you could find easier than an NES or SNES game at a used game shop? No one’s going to mention that? … of course not…

            1. they’re overpriced whether you like it or not. your reasoning is laughable. compared to emus and roms why bother pay a penny for those vc in the first place. that’s something they don’t seem to get and probably never will. either way thank your god for emus and roms cause they are the only things preserving the great games of the past NOT vc.

              1. so stealing is okay, but if a game is slightly overpriced OH hell Nintendo sucks they need to burn in hell! no you’re the one who’s reasoning is laughable

  4. *Complaining about street fighter game not comming to WiiU
    *Complaining about 3 street fighter games comming to WiiU
    Logic is such a subjective thing it seems :3

    1. Okay, don’t try and talk to people about logic when you try and compare 20 year old games to current gen games. That’s nonsense and you know it.

      1. No I don’t ^^ Maybe you aren’t taking my comment the right way or fail to read properly… I’m not sure though :O

  5. Maybe this is a test to see if ulra street fighter IV has a market for it on the wii u. They did say they don’t have plans at this time, maybe they are wait for results.

    1. They should just bring ultra. Them having sfiv on 3ds and not a home console is crazy. I blame nintendo though because they need to bring more third party titles and there not doing much at all

    2. If that was the case (which it very well might be) I would have to give Capcom a slap. How can they possibly use the sales of a 20 year-old game, released multiple times, on multiple platforms, as an indicator of whether or not a new(ish) game will succeed?.. I mean… surely almost every console gamer has played SF2 to death on one version or other…

      1. Phil unfortunately that seems to be the 3rd party mentality towards Nintendo, look at Sega’s experiment with Yakuza 1 & 2.

    3. Great… because we’ve already seen just how weeeeeeeell that works… releasing nothing but ports on the Wii U to see if the sequel has a market on it. Then when it does poorly, due to its poor frame-rate and glitches, that means that it totally has no market for the system.

      That’s all we’ve been getting are half-assed ports, then when they do poorly, the ignorant developers pretend like it wasn’t their fault and act like the Wii U truly is a shit system with a terrible fanbase that isn’t worth developing for. It keeps happening and you know it.

      Developers aren’t even trying by this point and claim that it’s because of the low install base. Nooooooo… it’s because they’re too fucking lazy to make anything new for the system.

      Also, didn’t Super Street Fighter IV do pretty well on the 3DS? So… why not release Ultra Street Fighter IV on the Wii U? Oh… because that’d require at least SOME effort.

      1. Whats different about Super from Turbo besides new characters? Maybe played super once but can’t remember.

  6. SCREW VIRTUAL CONSOLE Make a compilation game for the Wii U with several different Street Fighter games on one disc. And make it a RETAIL release, not Virtual Console/digital.

    1. Or better yet, make them all HD versions on the Wii U (in a collection retail release). It would be cool seeing the classic games I loved as a kid in beautiful HD.

    1. That’s referring to Ultra… Or anything related to 4 really. The previous games are just easy ports that can be made for a quick buck

    2. Notice the keyword, “new.” As you can see, these 3 games are not new. They’re just re-releases of Street Fighter 2. Nothing more than a quick cash-in on peoples childhoods. Capcom just being stupid… again.

      Hell, if they wanted to release Street Fighter 2… AGAIN! Why not just release the perfectly good Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix that was released a few years back on the PS3 and 360? Oh… because that would require some effort on their part, and as we have seen already… third party developers just don’t seem to give a fuck.

  7. All of them having the same price just not the same content is some of the dumbest shit I have seen capcom do. They should have just released super street fighter 2 or its HD brethren. While they are at it throw in street fighter 3 third strike Online.

  8. Ummm…you all know they are just using Nintendo and thier WiiU customers to get cash from these old SF games to fund the “new” SF that wont even be on the WiiU, right?

    Capcom will be pointing and laughing at everyone who buys this game for WiiU.

    1. because Capcom clearly has no money, and has to rely solely on the sales of sf2 to sell sf4. yeah seems legit

      1. Why you had to mention that? It is so painfull but I forgive them if they give us mh4 quick.

  9. I wish nintendo would add online multiplayer for games like this. I love street fighter 2 but have no interest in playing by myself.

    1. Capcom make those decisions. also I believe one of the street fighter games for genesis had online when it was on the wii vc. also street fighter is way more fun with friends on a couch.

  10. Who’s gonna buy this? I think most that have the Wii U had the Wii like me, and those that liked SF games bought them on the Wii like I did. Bring out SFIV for the Wii U already.. jesus.

  11. basically Capcom is saying ”Wii U may or may not get Street Fighter 4 Ultra BUT they will receive on VC the three versions of Street Fighter 2.” Capcom, so wrong. just make a Megaman game and test that!!!

  12. what the hell is the point of this

    one is the basic version of the game, the 2nd is an update, and the 3rd is a “Super” update


  13. For a mere $8 each, you too can play games from 1992 while you pretend the wii u has games. It’s not even the HD games with online, holy crap.

  14. Stop complaining and support this maybe they tryna see if Nintendo still have a fan base for Street Fighter like seriously who knows maybe if they get enough sales going on this may make them change their mind…..I’m pretty sure they have dozen of people who would love go down memory lane and play this game specially people who grew up playing this at the arcades and on Super Nintendo

  15. Yay! Instead of givin us ultra sf4 we get games that have been played to death years ago. Thank you Crapcom.

  16. This is one of those weird moments where Capcom’s decisions are really confusing. Fans of the series really only want Super Turbo from the three titles offered and fans of retro gaming likely won’t be able to discern the minute differences between these three titles (aside from cast variations, of course), so why not do something like Super Turbo, Third Strike and Alpha 3? At least then you’ve got the best version from every “retro” generation (calling Third Strike “retro” may be a bit of a stretch, but you get my point) instead of one awesome title and two predecessors that are forced to stand in it’s mighty shadow.

  17. Those who think Street Fighter 4 has too many re-editions
    That’s not even half of all the Street Fighter 2 versions.

  18. CAPCOM will release these old games on VC but won’t put any of the NEW Street Fighter games on Wii U….that’s great CAPCOM we really appreciate your support. -__-

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