Rufus Hound Talks Nintendo eShop In Latest Wii U Difference Video

Nintendo UK has enlisted the help of British comedian Rufus Hound – best known for his comedy stints on Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice game show panel – to explain how the Wii U works. If you missed his first video explaining how the GamePad works (well, we’d possibly consider you lucky) but you can access it here, and find out just why Rufus Hound compares the GamePad to a triple-decker cheeseburger with bacon.

Today, Nintendo UK has published the second video in the series focussing on the Nintendo eShop and its wide breadth of glorious indie games. But just in case you’ve missed Nintendo’s indie spotlight video, and other such announcements, Rufus Hound is back – and he brings a nice cheesy sandwich to sink your teeth into. He’s even thrown a great reference in there to Dreamy Luigi from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros., but let’s just say it’s a little less dreamy and a little more psychedelic, with a big dollop of trippy goodness factored in. What do you think of the video, did it need serving with a side salad or fries with all that extra cheese? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. actually i think this is very a nice humouristic twist on things. They blew it though when they mention “fillings” and then show a bunch of 8bit games..otherwise it’s pretty cool

  2. It’s British wit and I for one love this and the first one.

    I think adverts like this can definitely help ppl understand how the system works. After all that is one of the biggest problems, most ppl think its just a new controller.

    1. And show everybody that games are for gaming and fun only, nit graphics,power or other pathetic reason…

  3. Nintendo Commander, Gamer, Voice of Reason, mammajynx and other nice people from this site: I’m leaving this click-bait blog (as I did with WiiUdaily). Hope we can meet somewhere else. In the meantime, let´s keep supporting this wonderful machine called WiiU.

      1. True, there should be better places out there to speak about WiiU, no? Here it’s becoming click-bait, there’s no moderation = more trolls than fans, and i’, tired

        1. Who isn’t…

          You should still stay, we cannot let these creatures take over any site…

          VGchartz is mostly controlled by our forces aswell…

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