You Can Play Through Zelda Wind Waker HD In First Person Perspective, Plus Other Details

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New information has emerged from this year’s Gamescom event regarding the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. Interestingly, you can now play through Wind Waker HD in a first person perspective and you will have full movement while playing in this mode. Here’s some of the new information that has come from Gamescom.

  • Triforce quest – the five Triforce pieces can now be grabbed directly
  • Only the remaining three require translated charts instead of eight
  • Hero Mode available from the start
  • Picto Box has been upgraded
  • Upgraded camera could still be used to snap photos of unsuspecting villagers or enemies
  • Pictures can go up on Miiverse
  • Link can also take funny self-photographs
  • Switch between happy, sad, and surprised emotions
  • Get the Swift Sail at the auction house after completion of the first dungeon
  • No alert via an in-game prompt to signal the special sails availability
  • No longer possible to accidentally skip Tingle’s island, as the developers have inserted an introduction to the quirky character into the main quest
  • Enhanced first-person camera
  • Can now have full movement in that perspective
  • Can travel through hallways and shoot arrows like you’re in a FPS


      1. OOT was originally intended to be completely playable in First Person. It’s interesting to see this revived.

  1. Really? I didn’t think the translation thing or the Triforce pieces thing were that bothersome in the original, my god people are whiny.

    1. If anything is wrong about The Wind Waker, it’s the Triforce quest. It’s the most well-known issue in the game.

      1. nah, people are whiny, i used that quest to explore the entire map look for heart containers and stuff, 2 birds, one stone

          1. Yeah well you aren’t everyone and it isn’t whining if some people don’t want to be forced towards full completion. You are whining about the change though.

            1. you arent everyone neither, and if you think that the triforce quest forces you into full completion, you are delusional, u can go to the spot grab the shard and get the fuck out of there (:

              1. I agree with you completely if people don’t want to collect all the triforce pieces then don’t collect them and just end the game there. Part of passing a game is, well you know, passing it. That means you do everything.

        1. I saved that for the moment just before the final dungeon, personally.
          That’s always when it’s best to do it anyways.
          The Triforce Quest was annoying, though, so it’s good to see a large portion of it streamlined into chests instead of having to translate charts for every single piece.

  2. The whole first person thing elicited a “whaaaaaaaat” reaction I must say… Otherwise, sounds fun!

    1. Yea for those of us that already passed WindWaker, now we can replay the game and have it feel really different.

      1. High Commander Aunoma has pleased me with these news…

        Higher difficulty, FPZ, HD, Other small changes, wat’s not to like?!

        I want it now!

          1. Yes I loved finding a island and exploring it and finding a cool items and and photo opportunities for the figurines.

            1. You act like you can’t do that anymore. You aren’t the few but you aren’t the majority either. This makes it to where people aren’t forced towards extra exploration but completionist still get too.

              1. Exactly. Anyway, the tiresome part of the Triforce quest wasn’t necessarily getting charts but having to return to Tingle’s Island every time for him to translate them. I think cutting out that step for most of the shards is a boon to the game’s pacing, and purists can feel nostalgic going through the process three whole times.

  3. Two ways of perspective and two ways of difficulty, each with all and more of what Wind Waker Has to offer? This game will be a blast of FUN with a TON of replayability.

    Who wants to bet that the first person perspective was suggested by Miyamoto? A first-person Zelda has been his wet dream since Ocarina of Time.

  4. There’s a fine line between a remake and “Nintendo, what the hell are you doing?”. First person doesn’t fit AT ALL into the Legend of Zelda, let alone the Wind Waker! Also, Five Triforce Charts have been removed? This is uncharacteristic of Nintendo!

    1. I think it’s interesting. A new way to play Zelda. If you for some reason find this offensive to your Zelda fan-ness then by all means, don’t play in first person. But don’t scream and ruin it for the rest of us who want to try it.

    2. You dumb motherfucker, shut up. It’s optional. You literally have no right to complain because it is not mandatory. Shut the fuck up.

    3. Five were removed so you can find the triforce without having to pay that greedy bastard to get it translated , how is that bad ?? And the other three you can find the the old way

      1. they just cut off the mother fucking game! that was the time to explore more, go to every island, find the octorcs, submarines *pant* DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!!

    4. Did you miss (or skip) Skyward Sword? Because you could do the same thing in that game, and it was very cool and not at all un-Zelda. Actually, it felt–and I guess Nintendo agreed–like every new game (and remake) should allow it.

    5. OOT started out first person. & its just an additional feature so whats the problem.
      You said it yourself its a RE-make. Not a boring upgraded graphics port…

  5. Miyamoto really wants to make an FPS. He should just do it. If it’s an FPS by Miyamoto, we already know it’ll be awesome. lol

    1. Miyamoto want to do a First Person Perspective Game; That is way different than a First Person Shooter. It is amazing the amount of people, even from the news, that believe that a First Person Games must be a Shooter.

    1. the game is not very difficult, so I would recommend hero mode. the only real problem I have with hero mode is that you can’t get any extra hearts if you cut grass or smash pots, so the only way of healing is using potions or a fairy

        1. That’s how Hero Mode played out in Skyward Sword. It was really hard until you get enough hearts that you felt safe.

          I wonder if the hearts Link would have collected are replaced with rupies.

  6. Sold even more so than ever. Full first person movement, hero mode, and the shortened triforce quest have pushed me over the edge now

  7. So, now theres 4 ways to play through this game: Normal, normal first person, Hero, and Hero first person.

    1. You can walk around and shoot stuff in first person in Skyward Sword. I’m kinda surprised no one remembers this because it was one of my favorite “innovations” (read: “Why couldn’t I do this all along?”)

  8. At first, I was not very hyped for either of the two new Zelda games. I’m a Zelda fan, so I was of course happy with both anouncments. Actually, I was more hyped for WWHD than LBW. But as they started showing of the 3DS game, I got waay more hyped for that game. Now I’m almost as hyped for both games as I was before the release of SS! Can’t wait for all the great games this year:
    101, Donkey Kong, Pokémon, Zelda x2, Mario, Wii Fit (yes…), Watch Dogs, AC4, Splinter Cell, Sonic… and propably more! This is the 3DS all over again ;)

    1. Except that I don’t think you can even swing your sword in first person mode in WW HD. Just walk around and shoot arrows.

  9. As a Long time fan of the Zelda Franchise I can personally say they didnt need to Take away the Tri-force chart translation step. If this change was due to a money issue in game then let me say this one word, “lightrings” (anyone who has played this game all the way through at least once should know what im talking about). It was most likely added as a result of Adding the new Dificulty mode. Secondly, the FP perspective. To be fair I will admit that for the sake of catering/drawing in people who may not otherwise play the game because of it not “feeling familiar enough” because of camera view (people who grew up playing, or who play almost solely FPS styled games) it is a very innovative move to add this feature. However from a traditional Zelda Standpoint I must also say that it feels gimicky, we never needed it before, I personally dont feel we need it now. Zelda was fine without having to feel like it needed to play just like everything else, so if anything it looses some of it’s original feel as a Zelda game because of this. I am both very unsurprised by some of the New Game Features, and very happy they added some of the things they did. I look forward to starting the game on the harder difficulty, the Swift sail is a wonderful idea that many people I know have been wanting, upgrading the PIctograph in any way will make it more appealing than it already was (hopefully the changes allow it to take more pictographs at one time..was a sort of a pain.. we will see..) the interaction with the Mii via the Pictograph photos is fun, and taking selfies of our Hero Link and being able to change his expressions is a fun Interaction.

  10. While I like the idea of some things being a bit different, it sounds like they really made this easy. I just hope it’s not TOO easy.

  11. Oh good, you’ve misreported the news. Saying “you can play through … in first person” implies that you’d never have to leave first person, whereas what they’ve actually done in allow you to walk around in the first-person view. Anything else you couldn’t previously do in first person like climbing ladders, floating with the deku leaf or, you know, using the sword will still be done in third person.

  12. This is wrong.

    You can’t go hack ‘n slash in first person like a skyrim clone, it means you can move while shooting arrows now.

  13. I wonder if the first person view will be too awkward… Zelda games are best in third person IMO



  15. Okay, now I WILL be purchasing this game for the second time. SO glad I can play Hero mode from the beginning!!

  16. Everyone saying “just like skyrim”, please shut up, you’re gonna kill off my hype. I hated skyrim :(

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