Nintendo And Capcom Are Collaborating On Something


The Japanese version of online gaming publication Engadget is reporting that Capcom and Nintendo are collaborating on something special. Further details of this collaboration will be announced before September 14th possibility during a Nintendo Direct presentation. People are speculating that the announcement has something to do with Monster Hunter 4 which is due to be released in Japan on September 14th.


    1. @Nintendofan64..I was just thinking the same thing. What if it was the cancelled Mega Man Legends game for the 3DS? That would be cool!

    2. Think about it, Why was Megaman Legends 3 cancelled? Because not many people would buy the game for it to be successful. The response was ”100,000 strong for bringing back Megaman Legends 3.” Even 100,000 people didn’t make them change their minds. Now, Megaman was introduced to smash Bros, a series that has been proven to increase the popularity of the franchises in it. Capcom saw the effect that Smash Bros had on Fire Emblem so they figured they would increase Megaman’s popularity by putting him in Smash Bros. After Smash sells like hotcakes, They will proceed to make more MegaMan games, since many, many people know Smash Bros. This is why MegaMan looks so strong, so people would like him and therefore increase M-Man’s appeal to non and casual gamers. Its all part of their strategy.

        1. FE still didn’t make sales until Awakening to the point the whole series was on the brink of being pitched, so I don’t think this line of logic has a very strong backing.

          However! Since 3DS sales are still good and Nintendo is looking to draw in more people with the gutted 2DS, a revival of MML3DS project might still be underway if only because Nintendo can see the dollar signs where Capcom is too busy being drunk… my bet would still be on another Monster Hunter, and then another half dozen versions of it over the next decade.

      1. Ever heard of legends 2?
        I guess you didn’t because it was not on 64 and the 64 version of Legends didn’t have that name :/


  1. I really hope that this doesn’t have anything to do with Monster Hunter 4 but MegaMan, well a man can dream can’t he?

    1. Im going to make you come in your pants. How a okami that includes the HD and the DS one but in HD too sound?

  2. I’m not asking for much just release mh4 sooner than later and I’m happy everything else is a great bonus.

    1. This. I’m really hoping it’s an mh4 localization announcement. everything else would just be even better news. Maybe a limited edition xl bundle coming stateside as well. (One can dream)

  3. “I BLAME THE FANS! Huh? We haven’t even finished making it yet? Well THEY’LL DO SOMETHIN’ THAT’S FOR SURE!” ~ Capcom, on the new project

    1. A ace attorney x metroid m in wish tecmo try to proffered that it wasn’t his fault the way metroid m turned out.

      1. as well as the minish cap i would love to see them behind the helm of another handheld zelda but chances are very slim so probsably mega man monster hunter 4 or monster hunter fronteir for wii u wich i would understand see how theres a slight lack of wiiU games still and Monster hunter frontier would be nice but my hunting buddy moving out of state so monster hunter 4 better get its but over here otherwise by to hunting with him :/

  4. Probably they are goin to say to the haters to forget about monster hunter on other consoles this Gen.

  5. This seems to be when most of the big announcements with Nintendo are happening (i.e. the Nintendo Conference)

          1. Clock Tower 3 was a great game and i really hope they release a fourth one or an HD remake for the third .Hunting Ground was good also but i like clock tower 3 more .

    1. Resident evil collection they include the remakes only on wiiu and the original ps1 version on the others.

          1. Maybe. But it’s still doubtful it’ll be made by the ex-Clover Studio guys, who are basically Platinum now.

  6. I see a few possibilities here:

    A new Mega Man game.
    The localization of Monster Hunter 4 or Monster Hunter Frontier G
    Something Phoenix Wright-related
    Some brand new Capcom fighting game. Make WiiU fightsticks to go with it, and the FGC gets a new toy to work with.
    Capcom assisting with one of Nintendo’s IPs (Like they did with Minish Cap)
    This would be a stretch, but maybe Capcom is giving Platinum Games their blessing to develop a new Okami or Viewtiful Joe game for Nintendo?

    I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  7. Capcom and Nintendo working on a Mega Man game were be pure awesome, especially if they could revive Legends 3.

    I doubt that will be the news, but one can dream.

    1. If it was Resident Evil 0 and 1 Remake HD then it will be great and better than resident evil 6 wii u edtion…

      1. That’s true.
        Even a WiiU Okami HD isn’t needed seeing as the gamepad isn’t at all necessary with Wonderful 101.

  8. Nintendo vs Capcom, breath of fire or pokken fighters, and megaman are the likely major announcements, other then that monster hunter or a rerelease or collection

  9. something megaman or not a fuck is given. seriously, its been to long and faaaarr to many cancelations.

  10. As the article pointed out, I suppose Monster Hunter 4 is a safe bet…
    Still hoping we’ll get a sweet surprise though.
    Say what you want about Capcom, but they can make good games when they don’t go half-ass on production.

  11. Nintendo vs Capcom

    Mario vs Mega Man
    Peach vs Roll
    Link vs Zero
    Princess Zelda vs Morrigan
    Ganon vs Dante
    Donkey Kong vs Ryu
    Samus Aran vs Jill Valentine
    Mewtwo vs Amaterasu
    Pikachu vs Tron Bonne
    Kirby vs Arthur
    Meta Knight vs Strider
    Captain Falcon vs Viewtiful Joe
    Lord Chrom vs Chris Redfield
    Marth vs Soki
    Fox McCloud vs Chris Redfield

    1. Zelda VS Morrigan

      Oh god what have you done….the Internet can’t handle that much Rule 34 and shipping.

  12. Please make Monster Hunter 4 on Wii U. And more Capcom games like Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter, Dragon’s Dogma, and a new Mega Man Wii U.

  13. Monster Hunter 4 seems too much of a given. That game is probably coming anyway. I would hope this game would be something else.

  14. Interesting first Sega now Capcom. Hmmmm but what could it be? I want to hear the Commander’s thoughts.

    1. Personally I think that it could be a new MegaMan game just like Sonic Lost World where it has that special Nintendo touch…

      Or it can also not be a game at all…

      It could be some sort of special celebration…

  15. We already know about Monster Hunter 4 though. I hope it is a Megaman Wii U game!?!?!? :O Maybe this is that “shocking news” even more shocking than Bayonetta’s exclusivity that Nintendo mentioned a while back?

      1. But the Sonic thing wasn’t that shocking at all.. Bayonetta definitely was the most shocking news in terms of game development to come from Nintendo this year.

    1. People are retarded sometimes…

      Why would anyone announced something that’s already been announced…

      Stupid logic…

  16. Hmmmm if it’s a new game, I’d wager on a new Megaman game.. maybe in the style of what he looks like in Smash Bros? Definitely hope it’s a Wii U game. The 3DS is supersaturated with good games. Lots of the games coming out on it, would really help the Wii U, if it was on them, especially Monster Hunter 4. If it’s bringing an existing game to the Wii U, I’d like to see Lost Planet 3 make it TBH. Can’t wait to find out though. Should be good.

  17. Maybe a Resident Evil 2 remake much how they remade resident evil for the Gamecube. OR lets go old school what a Demons Crest 2 for the Wii U or hell I would take a new Onimusha or Mega Man game any day.

  18. I’m thinking this could possibly be one of the most fun games Nintendo has released in a long while, but it might be ruined by locked contents, ridiculous amounts of DLC or other forms of microtransactions on behalf of Capcom.

  19. it might be like the gamecube era where cap made 5 games for gc to save it.that would be cool. and I don’t want viewtiful Joe to be part of it.

  20. Power Stone 3 exclusive for WiiU!!!!!!!!!! Would be great game while waiting for Smash although its unlikely to happen.

  21. If Nintendo and Capcom reading this….I jus wanna say that we need more fighting games on both the Wii U and 3ds……why I say this is because they becoming popular again jus look @ the reaction from EVO this year

  22. I would say that I hope it’s related to the original Mega Man, but I don’t wanna sound like everyone else. Oops! Too late.

  23. its just going to be worldwide release of Monster Hunter lol, look at every gassing it out with these silly theories

  24. maybe just maybe they will restart production on megaman legends 3 but make it for the wiiu instead of 3ds that would boost a hell of a lot of sales :D

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