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Wii U Price Cut To Equate To Around £30 In The UK


News emerged yesterday that the Wii U will receive a price cut, but Nintendo UK wouldn’t confirm just how much will be taken off the price in the United Kingdom. It now appears as though retailers will be taking around £30 off the console in the UK. This won’t take effect until October 4th, however. The new price will take effect alongside the Wind Waker HD bundle which includes a 32GB hard drive, a special Zelda-themed GamePad, a digital copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and a digital version of the Zelda Hyrule Historia book.

14 thoughts on “Wii U Price Cut To Equate To Around £30 In The UK”

  1. £199 for this in the UK will be the sweet spot, quite close to the Wii price point in the UK when it launched. Double Zelda goodness for Christmas should equate to some reasonable sales at least this year.

    1. agreed, i think its disgusting that we have not even been giving a ambassadors program, why cant they give us say 2 or 3 virtual console games free every month for a while? give us something god dammit!
      The wii u launch was terrible, we got hardly any first party games worth buying, we got hardly any third party games which they promised would not happen, and then not even a year after i paied over £350 at launch, the wii u was being sold in uk for £150, that is one major slap in the face for loyal fans!!!!

      And now they done the official price cut, still nothing for early adopters. WTF?
      I know for sure i will never buy another nintendo product at launch again, the same thing happened with the 3ds! i know buying at launch is always risky, but i am passionate about games, it aint just my hobby, and so i love to support and give money to the companies i LOVE! WE SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED FOR THIS

      1. Well…not sure about you, but My Wii U, has been useful all this time. How do you think I talk on here? Plus, if they dis continue the basic which is what I got, it’s gonna be worth money. So, complain! Not hurting me or anyone else who got the basic, just yourself.

  2. Sickr, wasn’t the Hyrule Historia only offered in America? I’ve seen trailers for both bundles (American and European), and I noticed that the American offered Hyrule Historia and the European the Ganondorf figurine.

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