Reggie Says “Online Play Is Always Important”


Despite a number of high-profile first party games lacking online play, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has told IGN that online play is always important. However, Reggie revealed that when developers at Nintendo are making a game, they think about the type of experience that they want to see happen. For a game such as Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U they created an experience that was multiplayer in the same room, rather than online.

“Online play is always important. I guess maybe people read into it, when a Nintendo first-party game doesn’t have connected play, that somehow we’re not interested in connected play. The reality is that when our developers are making a game, they think about the type of experience that they want to see happen. And so for Super Mario 3D World the development team wanted people to be in the same space, having that fun enjoyment, that’s the vision that they had in their head. So they created an experience that was multiplayer in the same room. That doesn’t mean that we don’t care about connected gameplay. It’s just that the developers have a vision for what we want to bring to bear. We do exceptionally well in that in-the-same-room multiplayer experience.”


      1. Ignoring that EVERY who owns Pikmin 3 can’t play the Bing Mode. @ Reggie, Nintendo Land could have helped sells if you gave it online. I owned the game four 9 months and can’t play all the games, yet y’alll dumbasses make a 2DS device for people who lack 3D. That’s why you turn the 3D off.

        1. Though I want online pay of all multiplayer games, but why is it nintendos fault you have no friends?

          1. Why does the reason have to be because he has no friends, in fact, most people want to play with thier friends online.

          2. Only kids get together all the time for local, our friends as adults dont come over every week. Thats why online makes it easier to play together. Then theirs situations like mine, where I moved…so I have no friends in my new city yet lol.

          3. Who said I don’t have friends? My friends don’t play Pikmin 3 And I always win. Online however I could connect with people as good as I am!!! But you rather play dumb in acting like I have no friends.

          1. Neither can Sonydrones. But its ok for Sonydrones to make errors on blogs which doesn’t mean a damn thing since its not a resume or nothing. But you rather play dumb as if every commet has to be picture PERFECT!!!

            1. So I’m an asshole because I desire to play against people who are good in Pikmin 3. Very rare to find good Pikmin players in your neighborhood.

    1. Wow it took 1 second and you forgot you were second. Y’all need to watch DR. OZ and find out what you can do about memeory loss.

        1. Reggie has been saying such bullshit lately. He thinks he’s helping Nintendo but he’s only making it worse.

          1. hes been making it worse since he joined nintendo!! seriously he has, and now people are just seeing it!! he doesnt know what the consumer wants, he only knows what the casual market wants!!

    1. In my opinion Donkey Kong is fine without online, it’s just two players anyway. I played Returns 3D completely solo and had a blast with it.

  1. Nope. Online should have been in 3D Mario, period. Also in Pikmin, WIIU party, Winter games, and every game that has mp.

    1. Now that’s just flat out stupid explainging the importance of online and over 5 new Wii U titles lack it. Including NSMBU, and Luigi U.

      1. Exactly right. Why stress it’s important but not include it and then give some lame reason why it’s not in the games. Get it in the games Reggie!!

    2. Not every game needs online multiplayer; Nintendo Land would in no way be fun playing with random people without having any contact with them. Mario doesn’t need it either.
      But I do hope they release a good online game soon, looking away from SSB and Mario Kart.

      1. Umm, Nintendoland would have been sick with online same with Mario. You and I will have to agree to disagree, or argue till the cows come home.

      2. Nintendo Land not needing online? RU Crazy? I never even played all the games. Also it would have sold better.

        1. Nintendo Land wouldn’t make any kinda sense with online. The whole concept of asymmetric gameplay is that the people playing need to be in the same room to enjoy it. With online the people playing already have different screens, so the gamepad becomes irrelevant, as does Nintendo Land.

          1. Well thats not true. They would still require to use different control methods, 1 uses gamepad other the wiimote, no difference in that regard.

          2. This^
            Nintendo Land is a game to play with friends, maybe drinking, and having fun. Online takes away this fun, because you can no longer yell “He’s on red, HE’S ON RED!!” on Mario Chase, or “HE’S CLOSE TO ME” on Luigi’s Ghost Mansion. Neither can you yell “EAT FOR YOUR LIVES, THEY’RE AFTER ME!!!” in Animal Crossing.

      3. I definitely agree with that(I’ve had a lot of fun with friends/family and I don’t see myself really enjoying Nintendoland as much if it was online.) Some games I would like to see online though like what you had mentioned.

        1. If he could convince Nintendo ofJapan to think the same, then it’d be moving foward. Even though I agree w/ Miyamoto that entertainment should be thier main priority, I also think it’s high time they incorporated more online compatibility w/ their games.

      1. I wouldn’t call them stupid. They can make these decisions if they want, even though I wish there was more online 1st party games. I respect their decisions, though.

  2. So you still think you do not listen to the voice and wishes of the players, and I and the vast majority moving to PS

  3. Well some games would be NICE if they had online multiplayer. Mario party island tour would be great to play with far away friends or random strangers. Mario golf 3D with tournaments. And Super smash bros Wii U/3DS with weekly tourneys and leader boards. Possible even live streaming with the Wii U version.

  4. I want online DLC for Nintendo Land. The game got so fucking boring because NOBODY I live with wants to play. I haven’t played it since February because of that.

    1. They are just being cheap.There is no good reason why there can’t be both.’Wii have the technology’!Just leave it up to us the gamers how we wish to play your games Nintendo.They just don’t seem to get the value it add’s to a multi player game to be able to play with far away friend’s as well as fellow gamers you don’t even know yet.

    1. I keep questioning this. Why are all of these Wii U games lacking online? I can’t figure the reasoning or reasons behind it. There are some Wii U games with online, so it’s possible.

      But we see an increasing number of games that have online on other systems or online even on the 3DS, don’t have online on the Wii U. This includes first party games or other exclusive titles (as you mentioned, Sonic Lost World as an example)….. My brain can’t compute.

      1. I was just thinking maybe this is just to sell more extra controllers.Think about it this way everyone needs 4 wii motes plus 4 nun chucks and or 4 pro controllers to play with 4!If wii could play online wii mite just use the game pad and do all are gaming online and not spent $200 plus dollars to get the full multi player experience.

  5. I have to give Next Level Games MAJOR props for convincing Nintendo to let them put online in Luigi’s Mansion 2. I had so much fun playing with other people and didn’t care that they weren’t right next to me. I also played a game with one of my 3DS friends that I wouldn’t have been able to do if it was local only. Next Level, please make a Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Wii U.

    1. The thing that made me upset is that my niece and my cousins wanted to play local multiplayer with me (since they had a 3DS), but it wouldn’t work because it’s fucking region locked. I had all the games, and I was going to give it too them to keep, but nope! -_-

      1. Why do you guys live in different regions? Also, your problem had a simple solution. If they’re friends with you on the 3DS all you needed to do was start a friends only online game even though it would really be local.

        1. I was visiting them. My 3DS was American, theirs were European, and it was NOT easy to get internet over there. I believed I tried that but I pretty sure it didn’t work :(

  6. its like they think that everybody has friends a family who can play with you, what a insensitive pricks, not everybody have friends! you moron! i swear to god nintendo is dropping the ball, everybody knows that the human relationships were over the moment mp online was born, who needs human contact anyway? /s (and for those who will say “not everybody has friends nerby” well, get some then ._.] and yes they should put online on their games, is just that everybody overreacts

    1. And even if you do have friends, your friends may always lose to you because they suck. Some people want challege. 80% of the time I would beat my frinds or the CPU in SSBB. If I was lucky enough to play SSBB online, I played against characters I sucked with and learned to play better. And if their dumb asses didn’t put online, why didn’t at least add a CPU to play against? I mean at least I could have experienced Nintendo land witn CPU players.

      1. Agreed…

        All the friends I’ve had except 1 have been terrible at games even if they call themselves “gamers”…

        People thinks that just playing with friends is enough well it’s not…

        Some of us can’t enjoy a game 100% without a real challenge…

          1. Yes but I also meant in general like when people invite friends over…

            They think it’s fun to play games with them just because they are there in the same room but even if I had friends today which I don’t because everyone is such backstabbing pieces of apes, I would still not have fun if they all stink…

  7. My idea is, if a game doesn’t have online multiplayer, it should at least have decent DLC to keep the game fresh. Multiplayer and DLC (when made right) helps keeps the game going after you beat the main story or part of the game.

  8. again…. reggie knows nothing!!!!! get fired bitch!!!! go back to where you cam from, where pizza goes to hell, “pizza hut”. you body can be ready for shitty pizza, just like how your ready for no new games.

    stupid pretendos like reggie or nerds. its better for nintendo if he gets his ass handed to him. online is important, you have the worst online!!!! nobody wants the rainfall games, fuck you!!!! heres carnival games, who wants good games????? he needs to gtfo!!!!

        1. Why do you have clear eyes eye drops? I can use some right now.
          Maybe i’ll figure out if I am responding to a retard or not.

    1. For once I agree with you, Reggie is stupid, he doesn,t know what consumers want. Because if he did the Wii U would have already proved you don’t need a super powerful console to sell.

      1. you are so true about that, ive been hating on reggie fpr the right reasons but nobody can see past his retarded catch phrases!! he doesnt know what the consumer wants, (the rainfall games for one) uuuhhhhh he needs to gtfo!!!!!!

        everything at noa look, its a wreck, look at noe, its not. reggie needs to leave.

  9. For Nintendo Land, I know some games may have been designed for local multiplayer, but I could see them making DLC or a stand-alone DLC featuring more games designed for online multiplayer. Maybe have it to where you and friends/family can team up and play against other friends/family online, like a 5 vs 5 game.

      1. No, problem NOT solved. If you just “make new ones”, you’ll end up getting robbed or shot. Obviously you don’t know anything about making friends in the real world. What are you going to do, head down to the bar and ask some stranger to play Mario with you? Online is the answer, not “make new friends”.

        1. I know if I went to a bar here & asked someone to play Mario with me I’d most likely get shot, raped or beat to a pulp – that or they’d just redirect me to the nearest gay bar, LMFAO.

      1. multiplayer is the only reason im genially even excited for 3d world. if it didnt have that it would just be 3d land!! local co op is the best but its 2013 online should have been a given.

  10. Just put both.

    Jesus christ Nintendo, we’re entering the 8th generation of gaming. We’re not in the GameCube era.

      1. GameCube was fucking awesome. I’m saying is that Nintendo still thinks Local Multiplayer is the only choice. Why the fuck isn’t SM3DW available with online play?

      2. why does everyone think the gamecube is the most underrated system then??

        oh yeah because it actually has a lot of good games, i just didnt notice at the time.

        ps2 is overrated. the fail rate for the piece of shit was too high. the controller sucked, every 3rd party game on it ran way worse, only better if they had extra features. also the good gamecube games were way better than the good ps2 games, to me anyway. it just had way more quanity. you wonder why every fucking gamecube game is so expensive but all the ps2 games are dirt cheap, oh yeah because nobody gives a shit about it!! its a good system, but the thing would have been in the dust if nintendo wasnt stupid and made the discs dvds!!

        it only did good because it was a gimmick, a dvd player.

    1. Will Nintendo is stupid. When they made the Wii U a part of me wonders were they at least thinking of PS4? Not about power but if PS3 had online, didn’t Nintendo’s dumbass monitor that to see if it was successful and the idiots would have also add more online to future games?

  11. See, this is one of the things I can’t stand with Nintendo. Don’t get me wrong, im a huge Nintendo fanboy. But they need to stop doing this. Not everyone has that luxury. Some people are grown, living on their own, working all day and game in the night. For some people online multiplayer is their only way of playing with other people. Just put both in there Nintendo.

    1. I completely agree with this comment. And for some, they may also have friends or relatives with whom they’d love to play with living extensive distances from them.

  12. They better dont fuck with the online on the next SSB. I can promess you all .. right here right now… If the online suck again in the next SSB.. I’m going to byu a PS4 instantly the next day.

    1. HAHA WHAT!!!!! YOU. GET BACK ON YOUR LEASH PUPPET. (throws dog treat) you will support anything nintendo says or does!! just like this dog treat you and nintedward always run after. because your nintenpuppets. do what your told.

  13. Too bad that Nintendo’s online services are terrible.
    And what’s so hard about giving us both local and online multiplayer though ?

  14. If online play is important, why doesn’t Pikmin 3 have online multiplayer? Luigi’s Mansion: DM has online multiplayer, but Pikmin 3 doesn’t?

  15. Mario 3d world would be sick with online play! really any of the Mario games with online and chat would be great. I really feel like it could make the game that much better. adds replay value as well. Sometimes I feel like we’re handed excuses.

  16. Well Nintendo, now I do expect more good game that Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros from you to back up this statement

  17. I agree that they should focus on single player on local play first, but saying they choose how you should play is stupid, because I personally have no friends I can play with locally. I wish Pikmin had online, but if that meant it’s local wasn’t as good, I would leave it as awesome as it is.

  18. I haven’t played any Mario Party games since the Gamecube era, did they ever add online play? I think that game would be a lot more fun with it and it’d probably sell more if it were added.

      1. But a drinking game’s more fun with friends who’re in the same room (female friends of course ;) ), especially if you’re playing the Nintendo approved “We Dare” video game.

  19. So Reggie says that Nintendo respects the wishes of their devs instead of forcing online (like what happened with Spec Ops) and everyone gets butthurt about it?

  20. Lmao another half ass excuse from Reggie. No reson for SM3DW to not have both online multiplayer. Wii u always gets nurfed games even there 1st parties get nurfed XD and then they except me to pay full price for their games ?? That’s why 3rd party devs don’t even care about Wii U.

  21. Another dumb thing about Nintendo. Nintendo is the only one offering free online, yet their dumb asses aren’t even taking that as an advantage to help sell Wii U consoles over PS4/One. Nintendo has the best software and has free online but they are too dumb to realize they have that advantage!!!

    1. you can be very smart if you want to. you seem to be seeing clearly…….. it looks like sheep corporate slave syndrome is milding down. dont let it get the best of you or it may comeback and turn you back into a sheep. its a breakthrough to see someone such as yourself see this and will point it out on nintendo.


  23. The only thing I can say right now is that Nintendoland should have had an unlockable online multiplayer atleast…

    1. “Please understand the Wii U has an online feature but we won’t use it even though its the only console that offers it for free”

      1. Let me guess whenever Mario Party for Wii U arrives it’ll lack online too. Though will online players be willing to play all 20, 30 or 50 turns and drop out?

        1. If Nintendo took online seriously, Nintendo would be No. 2 after Netflix in internet traffic. CABLE providers would bitch about both Netflix and Nintemdo.

      2. Sorry but our Empire doesn’t add online just for the sake of it…

        If they did, the main game/gameplay etc etc would be as half-arsed as the Sonyan and Xbot games with lots of cutscenes…

        The only thing I want them to do is organize themselves better making future games…

        But Nintendo has always been a company catered to having unique experiences whether it’s online, local or single player…

  24. Then put the same team who made the online multiplayer of Mario Kart 7 (I don’t really remember very well which one was it, but it was excellent online multiplayer) to Work on Smash bros. U and 3ds…

  25. He’s got a point. Everybody, in my opinion, overrate online gameplay. I personally don’t like it so much (Maybe I’m an old video-game player). The fact is, I like to play with others in the same room, that type of game is a lot of fun to me. Game developers are forgetting the basic multiplayer style. This generation was very poor regarding offline multiplayer, except for some Wii games.

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