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Infinity Ward Says Making A New Game Rather Than COD “Would Be The Easy Way Out”


Call of Duty Ghosts executive producer Mark Rubin has told EGDE that he thinks that making a brand new game, rather than creating a new Call of Duty game, would simply be an easy way out for the company. Rubin then went on to say that to change a Call of Duty game every year is something that’s a huge challenge for Infinity Ward internally.

“Yeah, there is a lot of pressure there. It would, in a sense, just be easier for us to go just make a brand new game that isn’t Call Of Duty, that doesn’t have any limitations. That would be the easy way out.”

“It’s actually much harder to know that you have something that’s very important to a lot of people, and a formula that people really love as it is. To change that every year is something that’s a huge challenge for us internally, but it drives a lot of our passion. We end up becoming our own biggest critics – when we ship, we postmortem what we did right and what we did wrong. We really tear it apart. That drives us to keep going on the franchise, and not take the easy way out, in a sense.”


86 thoughts on “Infinity Ward Says Making A New Game Rather Than COD “Would Be The Easy Way Out””

  1. “To change that every year is something that’s a huge challenge for us internally, but it drives a lot of our passion.”

    Yeah, clearly. That’s why IW made the shitstorm that was MW3.
    Fuckin Deadman’s Hand bullshit.

    1. Next to EA, this trounce their idiocy by miles even the new 2DS now seems logical than the kings of boring video game spam COD/IW taking this kind of BS.

  2. No, actually the easy way out is to make one thing and just keep changing it enough to make people buy it year after year. Actually starting a new IP that works and people can resonate with is hard.

  3. You are all mad because sells tons, why the hell would they make sometime else and not where the money is? Deal with it and stop bitching it doesnt effect you all in any way. If you wanna bitch, bitch at nintendo for making mario over and over again.

    1. The bitching isn’t about them going where the money is and doing what works – that makes perfect economical sense. It’s the fact that they’re trying to disguise why they do that with some bullshit excuse rather than being honest about it.

    2. aside from the new super mario series each game had it’s own feel, anybody can tell mario galaxy, mario 64 or mario sunshine appart but they certainly wouldnt be able to tell any post cod-4 game appart aside from 5 maybe because it’s set during ww2, also what baffles people is the fact they’d make stupid statements like that when they know perfectly they’re always making the same game

    3. Your choice of name itself isn’t doing a better job fooling anyone of your contradicting crap than the “dead” Infinity Ward saying the opposite of everyone else.

    4. you cannot boldfacedly say that every single Mario game is exactly the same. and Yes, they DO get shit for the “New” Series, which DID stagnate. but you’re blanket-stating that EVERY MARIO GAME EVER is EXACTLY the same.

    5. It sells tons because people hope it’ll change every time a new one comes out and are disappointed when its the same. Sales are good but I know slot of people that don’t play anymore because its the same everytime . I like cod games but it might be time to try a new ip.

  4. lolwut. I can’t believe their PR let him say this, because it’s such a blatant and terrible attempt at justifying why the do the same shit every year. Unbelievable.

  5. Denial is the beginning stage of grief. Hopefully the final stage comes soon when he accepts he’s a lazy sack of shit.

  6. No, no it’s not, that’s why you keep making it EVERY YEAR, because it’s so easy.

    That, and that Activision is like “moar moneh!!”

  7. But…its not different every year…I think he needs to take a break from Infinity Ward, step back and get a fresh perspective on the COD franchise, then he will change his mind. And when creating a new IP you take a risk of it not selling well. So that’s why Infinity Ward doesn’t want to make something new cause they wont get as much money that COD gets them every year lol.

  8. If you are going to make a game imitating reality, it’s only so much you can change. That’s why so many fps seem to have the same concept. However Donkey Kong and Mario does not have to obey by the law of being outer space without a suit, going under water without holding your breath and tossing a giant turtle by its tail. In games like Zelda and Pikmin as well they don’t have to obey by the law of nature neither. You can’t pull plants out of the ground and expected that plant to help you along your journey. And a kid dressed in green be the choosen one to save the world with a special sword.

    1. However, they can make something new and different. The sad thing is that they won’t do it until their stale ips crumble. COD was awesome the first time, cool the second time, and tolerable the third time. After that it just turned to poo. I can’t stand NSMB games because they all felt the same to me, but that’s just me. A lot of series get new life breathed into them from new art styles (i.e. Zelda, Pokemon), great battle mechanic changes over time (i.e. Kingdom Hearts), or even great story (Assassin’s Creed, God of War), but when a half-assed story is slathered on top of multiplayer games that barely has any innovation, it makes me wonder why people buy it.

      1. FPS games are like Cancer lately, killing off good franchises left and right because of the brain dead gamers that buy them because of the shiny graphics and online play

  9. PUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a fucking joke. It’s obvious making a new IP is MUCH harder then recycling the same trash year after year. Just ask Naughty Dog. They could have easily made an Uncharted 4 or a new Jak & Daxter but they didn’t. They busted ass and gave us The Last of Us.

    1. The Last of Us must be one hell of a game!!! I keep hearing about it. The only ones who don’t think so are Nintendo fans. But never have I seen anyone who is a fan to Sony talk down on that game. So I@m going to assume it’s a good game.

      1. It’s aweseome. The Nintendo fans on this site who hate on it haven’t played it and/or only hate on it because they’re fanboy trolls who would love it if it were a Wii U exclusive. And don’t listen to those losers who call it an interactive movie. It’s no more laden with cut scenes than MGS or a Final Fantasy. It has less cutscenes in fact. And seriously, since when did having cutscenes to tell a story suddenly become a bad thing? These Nintentards on is site(the ones who hate everything not Nintendo) can blow it out their ass’. The Last of Us is close to being the best game of the last generation. I only say close because I absolutely loved Skyward Sword.

              1. You don’t speak for everyone. It’s one of the highest rated Zelda games of all time so fuck off with your little YouTube video troll.

              1. It played different and as much as everyone wants a new game they really don’t . Like other m. Cool you don’t like the story but the gameplay was great. I just looked past the story.zelda controls would have to be calibrated all the time mid game but other then that I loved the game

    2. Haven’t had a chance to play last of us yet, but really, it’s pretty much Uncharted 4. Yes, I’m fully aware it’s a new setting and new character, but it plays just like Uncharted with a few tweaks. Before you freak out, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I love the Uncharted games, but to use the last of us as good example of leaving a franchise for something new, that’s just not a good example.

      Actually, it’s kind of funny if you think about it, but they are almost the same. Pretend Modern Warfare 1-3 are Uncharted 1-3. Same general characters and a story that carries through all 3 games. Then, suddenly you have Call of Duty: Ghosts instead of Modern Warfare 4, and The Last of Us instead of Uncharted 4. Both are post apocalyptic settings with a brand new story, but still play exactly like the previous 3 games they made, with tweaks like using a human shield in The last of us, and having a dog in COD. The last of us took absolutely no more effort for Naughty Dog than Uncharted 4 would have taken. It’s a very, very bad comparison.

      1. It plays nothing like uncharted. The fact that you say it does shows your ignorance. Uncharted is a shooter above all else. The last of us, the shooting mechanics take a back seat. You get next to nothing for ammo, you have to use stealth and concoct items from scraps you find to create new weapons such as Molotov cocktails, med kits, shivs etc. before you spout off nonsense, play the game.

  10. Frankly, I can think of a million new ways they could change up CoD. It’s not difficult; so they should stop pretending it is… or just hire someone with intelligence.

  11. jeeze… retardation much. they sound like that smelly bitch who says he knows about games but was a spokesperson for FUCKIN PIZA HUT!!!!! they dont know wtf they are talking about, take reggie with you.

  12. No, no, no…. they are making excuses. If they made a new game it would be much harder to appeal to an audience that doesn’t already know what it is. Also, it would be harder, because they would still have to be new and innovative. They can’t just make a new “ip” but copy and paste everything from CoD… it would actually be harder and I doubt Activision would have as much success on the game than they do on CoD. That’s why they stick with it… it works. Like Mario works for Nintendo. 💋

      1. Actually I’m just a Miku fan. I’m not into rhythm games so I’ve never played the games before, but I won’t mind trying em out sometime in the future. I came across Len’s avatar so I just used it.

  13. i think people hate cod is because its not a real life wana be like battlefield people now days get so sucked into whats realistic and not realistic that they forget that there hating on fuckin video games. sad how gaming is slowly getting lamers by the year for me.

    1. Yep. I was used to making funny comics, then I decided to make a more serious comic that was actiony and had a story, and it was pretty hard, but worked out well, according to my friends.

  14. Dont be an internet retard

    No wouldn’t you think that making the same thing every year is the easy thing not the opposite way around, they think making something else would be easy? please they know that sticking with the same old formula is the easy way, but they are not admitting it,

  15. Dear Mr Rubin

    You have PR people. Use them.


    Everyone who listens to you – but not for much longer.

  16. In an other words, it is hard to get those old fans back since they got sick of it than getting a new fans for a different game. But still I think it is a excuse that they didn’t do other game because Call of Duty is still making money.

  17. What an idiot. Repeating the same formula over and over again is the “hard way” ? C´mon.. do they thing we´re dumb consumers ?

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