The Wonderful 101’s Hidden Characters Revealed During PAX Panel

bayonetta_characters_wonderful101The latest Iwata Asks revealed that the The Wonderful 101’s director Hideki Kamiya had a secret character based on himself. But that’s not the only hidden character you’d be able to find within the super-charged super hero game, in fact, you’ll be able to find three others. The three hidden characters were revealed during this year’s PAX Prime over the weekend, and they are none other than three characters from the Bayonetta series, including Bayonetta herself. Nintendo of America even tweeted that they were ‘familiar’ characters. Discover them for yourself when The Wonderful 101 hits North America on September 15.


  1. Hidden characters that any company would have made you pay 20$ has dlc free and in game? What madness is this?

          1. Hardly Dead, they’ve just launched and mmo that’s pretty successful imo and lightning returns actually looks pretty good. I wish people would stop pre-criticizng that game because of their opinions on the original game. It could be as good as majora’s mask…

            1. people that criticize 13 /13-2 proly never played it. They just ride the banwagon and say it’s bad. I enjoyed both 13 and 13-2 and I’m also going to enjoy lighting returns as well

          2. Don’t forget also that FFXV/KH3 were the two games that hyped people up the most for the ps4

            1. If we did nit mocked those crappy final fantasys 15 square enix would still be making final fantasy 13-2.75 and 15 would have die.

                    1. Not same game cuz versus was made to complement 13 story and by making it final fantasy 15 that story was trow in the trash. Has I say learn your gaming, noob.

        1. But i want to dress lightning up in sexy clothing and masturbate to them ;( Hope she gets a transgender costume with optional pants

    1. HAHAHA! Thats so true. This is the reason why i think that Platinum Games is best 3rd party dev. And when they do dlc its cool and worth it like Jetstreamsam or Bladewolf dlc on Mgr. Nintendo should just buy them or make them 2nd party because these guys clearly know what this industry needs.

  2. There you go. That’s how you kick up interest. Good idea. Hopefully more familiar characters will become available over time.

  3. You put your characters in wonderful 101 yet refuse to submit them to smash bros? FUCK YOU GREEDY LITTLE WHORISH KAMIYAAYAYAYAY MAN

  4. I already knew Bayonetta was in there. They talked about ”that game” and ”a character using guns” in Iwata Asks. No-brainer to me.

    1. If you go to the Bottle Cap menu and push the R button (I think), it will take you to a menu where you’ll find out how to unlock the various secret characters.

  5. Makes perfect sense, I see… The Wonderful 101 is a Nintendo game and Bayonetta 2 (SEGA’s property) is funded and published by the Big N. Kamiya is always so full of surprises!

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