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Nintendo Unexpectedly Excluded From Nikkei, Stock Falls


We recently reported that Nintendo’s stock had climbed as a result of expectations that the company would be included into the Nikkei 225, Japan’s prestigious equivalent to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In a turn of events, Nintendo has not been added to the group of 225 blue-chip companies of the Tokyo Stock Exchange that make up the Nikkei, and as a result, the company’s shares fell 8.4% to 10,980 yen.

After transferring its listing from Osaka to Tokyo, investors had long speculated that the video game giant would become one of the 225 companies that make up the Nikkei, a revolving index that includes Toyota, Sony, and Yamaha, among others. In 2013, Nintendo’s stock has risen 31% because of these expectations, and was predicted to continue climbing following the announcement of the 2DS and a Wii U price drop. Instead, its 7.3% decline is the biggest drop experienced by Nintendo in over two years.

Only time will tell if Nintendo is able to bounce back from these new developments and the free-falling sales of its flagship Wii U console. In a recent report, Tokyo analyst Takao Suzuki summed up Nintendo’s exclusion from the Nikkei as follows:

“We believe Nintendo’s shares have been overvalued due to speculative demand, on the assumption that they would be included in the Nikkei. As this expectation has come to nothing, this appears to be the right time to sell.”

70 thoughts on “Nintendo Unexpectedly Excluded From Nikkei, Stock Falls”

    1. I would get a 2DS to my kid over 3DS any day.
      2DS is perfect for smaller children, as long as its as durable as Nintendo hardware usually are.

      1. Why is it “perfect” when a 3DS literally does the same thing? You know a 3DS doesn’t HAVE to be in 3D, right? That little scroll-y tab on the upper screen…

        1. Hinges get a lot of abuse in hands of a child.
          Clam styling just is not meant for kids.
          I don’t give a shit about 3D, and I know it can be turned off.
          Plus its a lot cheaper if kid loses or breaks it.
          2DS just seems it could be more durable alternative for 3DS.
          But I wont know that until its in my hands, but that what I would expect from Nintendo.

            1. Are you a child between ages of 4 and 10?
              Sure, if you take care of your stuff, they last longer.

              I hd GBA SP(?), it was a great handheld, and pretty durable for clam,
              but I don’t know how much it would have taken excessive use by a child.

              1. I was until the GBA SP era. All you have to do is tell your child or children that you will never buy another one if you lose or break it. Then my brother and I kept it safe because of that.

          1. I don’t think the 2DS will be durable. Yeah there are no hinges to break, but it has squishy buttons (rather than clicky), which are prone to becoming sticky and insensitive, have to be pressed very hard after a while and then they stay down. Same as DS Lite.
            No clam means cracked and scratched screen. Especially with kids using it.
            The whole point of the thing was to cut costs in every possible way (the reason they made it tablet instead of clam is so they could make it one screen and just separate with plastic, not because it’s more durable), so I imagine they made it cheap and flimsy in all respects.
            The decreased battery life is terrible, too. Only the XL has a good enough battery to be worth it.

        2. @FishyXY,
          But little kids won’t necessarily listen to their parents when they tell them keep the 3D off. So this is why the 2DS was a good idea.

          1. You can turn the 3d permanently off in the settings with a pin code required to activate it again. But still I think 2ds is a great idea, wierd but great.

        3. bacause “money”
          because people who don’t give a shit about 3D
          because “is for kids”

          YOU look it as a stupid idea, too bad you aren’t nintendo

    2. I know lots of people who will be getting the 2DS for their kids. It’s perfect for them, especially since one household had three broken DS’s due to the hinge snapping after kids stepped on them etc.

        1. Have you actually held it?
          If not, do not talk out of your ass.
          I dont think Nintendo makes Hardware that gets killed from single drop.

        2. This comment for an Iphone or Ipad perhaps, but I’ve dropped my DS, GBA, 3DS accidentally onto granite floor a few times, not even a scratch.

          1. I found a gameboy sp that felt from a moving car. The damn thing still worked but the game that was whit it was crappy and I mean has in no good gameplay :)

          2. I’ve done pretty much the same, and DID scratch mine, but the screen and buttons were all fine, works perfectly. This is after being dropped on pavement, a hardwood floor, down some workout equipment… (I’m not really a clumsy person! D:) I’ve dropped both the original and xL 3DS. Durable as hell. We’ll see if the 2DS holds up the reputation.

  1. I’m getting the 2DS for my 5 year old and purchasing the download version of Animal Crossing for the 4th time. I need to set up a direct deposit with Nintendo or something.

    1. I kinda wish Nintendo would let us buy and download games to 2-3 consoles.
      But I know that would mean loss of revenue and it would be “abused”, like giving your games for friends, like I gave my ps3 library for my little brother.
      But I would buy 2nd Wii U for kids room, 3DS/2DS consoles for every family member and all the games digitally.
      I think Nintendo would still be a winner in that situation.
      I wouldn’t even mind paying more for digital like Splinter Cell is 70 on eShop and 45 on retail here.

        1. Oh. Do you know which Zelda game and what’s the baddie/monster/thing called? Any answers = thanks!

          #it looks so cute like a puppy bunny I thought it was a digimon. I want to download a pic for myself. -^_^- ^.^)>

          1. what are you talking about…… this thing will kill you. on the bottom of the picture link is going insane, i just cropped that out. all the other deku scrubs are watching from the side as the monster comes at him. then link wakes up in insanity as a deku scrub.

            1. You’re hardly smart enough to figure out a game like Zelda, stop trying to gain cred from the fanboys or whatever.

      1. its the deku from MM that link sees that starts to drive him to insanity. next thing link turns into a deku by skull kids spell. dont mess with the fucking deku scrubs. there a lot more to them than you would expect. would you mess with a group of dekus, gorons or zoras?

    1. The Biggest Nintendrone Suckass Kissass Washrdg Tool Sheep Competition

      yes 2ds was made 4kids idk why ppl cant see that!!! geezus man if u dunt like it then dunt buy it. but please leave those who need it alone!!!!

  2. I don’t want to be some kind of conspiracy theorist when it comes to nintendo. But, I think the evil powers that be really want to bring nintendo down. All you seem to hear is negative press by everyone lately. Then again its probably always going to be that way.

    1. I have actually been thinking about this. Nintendo is supposedly, or was, really hard to do business with, and maybe other companies are trying to phase them out. I don’t know why, and it couldn’t possibly be Sony ’cause they have 0 $

    2. The Biggest Nintendrone Suckass Kissass Washrag Tool Sheep Competition

      yes yes! thats exactly what it seems like. all ive heard latly is bad news n haters increasing. chill ur balls man more games r coeming out soon then u will see the sells go up! then the ppl who talked shit will go back 2 there troll cave and cry

    1. The Biggest Nintendrone Suckass Kissass Washrag Tool Sheep Competition

      dount worry they will all regret it when more games are released n the sells go skyhigh! then u will see all of these copycats copying nintendo cuz thats all these unoriginal copycats do copy wen they see good sells

  3. For some reason the media is trying the bring down Wii U. I guess they are salty when 2DS was announced around the time Vita was announced a price cut that Sony can’t afford to really do.

            1. The Biggest Nintendrone Suckass Kissass Washrag Tool Sheep Competition

              nou my vita is garbitch i got no games 4 it n i flush memory card in toilet by accident. now i hav to buy another one for $59 son of a… noooo i jus threw mine in trash n told my 3ds see wat happens to shit? thats wat!! i buy more geams for my 3ds wit $59 n had enough money left over to buy a dress for my wife, sneakers for me, a scarf for my daughter n a doggie bowl for fufu all under one roof! u cant top that!

    1. This is not has big of a lost has people make it see. Nintendo rise 31% they went down 7% they are still 24% over of what it used to be so I don’t get all the bad press over a small down and even if it droped the whole 31% they will still be fine.

      1. I agreed but… you got to admit that 7% is indeed a large amount although they don’t report on 31% comment. We are talking about a percentage of thousands of dollars if not millions.

    2. @Jtz..Agreed! I thought that Sony and it’s fanbase was highly upset with the 2DS announcement especially since it eclipsed the Vita price cut. Also, most of the media that got your try the 2DS at Pax said it was fine. Let’s be honest, even though Nintendo said that the 2DS was created with young gamers in mind, there are going to be alot of older gamers that by the 2DS for themselves. The 3DS has a wonderful library and growing. Add in the DS library, and a significant price cut, and it’s raining money inside of Nintendo. Heck, if I already didn’t have a 3DS, I would be getting myself a 2DS!

  4. I get the feeling that the world wants to shine and destroy Nintendo just because of what they are and not what they do. Yes they made mistakes and yes they will eventually figure things out but they are not that fucking terrible compare to the likes of EA or Microsoft during the DRM debacle.

    Everywhere I see and hear is all about stupid ass bashing against the Wii U because and ONLY BECAUSE its not as powerful as PS4. Everyone has that graphical prowers notion stuck so far up their ass that gaming, besides’s Nintendo’s side, has became shallow and selfishly abused these days. I hear people bitch about Nintendo over nothing to stupid reason all the time and yet they also wish for their fucking games on an Xbox. >X( I promise you, if Nintendo goes down from gaming, it’ll spell big fucking trouble for the industry and then afterwards, everybody will be regretting pushing them away just because of what they do as a family oriented company which is why dumbass people and media of today give them grief.

    1. The Biggest Nintendrone Suckass Kissass Washrag Tool Sheep Competition

      i kno man.. i feel u.. oh i really really do feel u…

      its been thaet way since nintendo 1st cme out evrybudy talk shit cus they secretly jealous that nintendo sells more. i like nintendo they has made me cry and laugh. no experience is like them. i dont want them too die either so i help bh buying what i can as soon as that comes out i buy all nothing used for me. nintendo work hard n they deserve all da money i bought wiiu full price and 3ds n i said fuck the ambassedur i dunt need it i already has all those gaems i dunt need amassedur i felt like i was stealing money from the. so anyway i also buy gaems full price too n i hate gamestop more then anything wit a flamer passion! i wish gamestop died but not nintendo. so when i buy a full price game i feels very proud of myself cus iam contribute to them.

      i make me sad thet people only :ike graphics now adays n dun even bother too look at theq gameplay n how much effort was pit into it. is also bout the story too. and we hav hd now… so wait n see wen u get a luk at zelda in hd! u will be amazed at how realistic it looks like real people with skin !

      its amzzing stuff relly but peple wud rarher cry than stop n luk at wat they already has infront of them. all they do is cry waah we have no games waa gamepad is useless waah others do it better waah mines collectiong dust waah i dont hav monster hunter in americium or erupe waaah i want more waaaaaaaaaah

      they need to calm the fuk down n wait wait gaems will come out jus wait we will get gaems that utilize gamepad better jus wait we will get online just wait we will get smash bro just wait we will gget more 1st patry gams just wait wait dammit wait. u will hav fun just keep waiting . appreshiate whut u hav now n keep waiting n dont cry. it be over soon. the promise land is close i can smell it! i am a very very very patient person.

          1. The Biggest Nintendrone Suckass Kissass Washrag Tool Sheep Competition

            me too! im jus like u! i will keep buying cus our future depends on it. wit out nintendo we has no more fun :'( i dun want to live in a wurld with no nintendo it not a fun happy world for me

  5. Big 3 arent overrated.

    LOL at the fanboys here. Who the fuck cares about Nikkei anyway? Oh yeah this is part of Sonys and Microsofts secret plan to take down Nintendo, yeah its not like Microsoft has let one of their 1st party devs to develop for Nintendo handhelds yeah. All of the big three are good on their own way, learn to live with it fanboys. This whole fightin for plastic boxes is getting little bit ridicilous, this console war dont exist. I hope that all 3 companies can make profit so i can play with Hanhelds and Homeconsoles. This site is just full of no lifes trying to give their life a meaning by fightin for these companies who dont in the end of the day care about you. Live with it. Peace.

    1. Big 3 arent overrated.

      Heck even that certain Microsoft 1st party dev wanted to make DKC4 or new Banjo game for Nintendo DS, but Nintendo asked them to port DKR instead and putted Retro to work for DKC4 for Wii, which became DKCR.

  6. Dont be an internet retard

    I don’t give a flying rats ass if Nintendo win the next 100 console wars (though it would be nice) or lose the next 100 console wars, ill just be happy that they will be around for that long, I love Nintendo and I hope they will always succeed so I will breath Nintendo till the day I die
    oh and always remember

    Don’t be an Internet Retard

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