Pokemon Smash Shows X & Y Super Training Mini-Game, Teases Big News On Mega Evolution

The latest Pokémon Smash episode shown over the weekend has given fans a little more insight into what types of mini-games will be available to play in Pokémon X & Y. The episode gave fans a look into the Super Training mini-game and just how it works. As reports suggest, the mini-game can improve your Pokémon’s in-game stats, while you use the touchscreen and stylus to shoot balls at the enemy Pokémon and try to dodge the larger balls encompassing the screen.

But Super Training wasn’t the only thing on offer in this week’s Pokémon Smash episode. A preview for next week’s episode showed Mewtwo’s mega evolution and teased fans by blocking what exactly happens during the event. It’s something that seemed to shock the show’s presenters, so let’s hope it’s something unexpected rather than a simple hyped-up over-reaction.


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  2. So that leak must have been correct, Mewtwo wiill have TWO MegaEvolutions. The second one beimg more similar to Mew.

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