Monster Hunter 4 Receives Almost-Perfect Review Score From Famitsu


Monster Hunter 4 has received a nearly-perfect review score from Famitsu. The Japanese video game magazine has awarded the role-playing game with a 38/40. For comparison’s sake, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was given a 35/40 from Famitsu. During today’s Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that the upcoming game’s main character can wear a Link outfit. Mario and Luigi costumes will also be featured. Monster Hunter 4 launches in Japan on September 14th, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.


    1. Iceman you know Dumbtendo would not do that. They rather take a what used to be a console game and put it on a handheld. After all rember when Dumbtendo was thinking of putting Pikmin 3 on 3DS?

      1. your right……. same with luigis mansion 2.

        with reggie here i doubt that the game will even make it to america. why would i get my hopes up for a wii u version.

          1. Believe it or not but he does have a point. It took Nintendo and Reggie a long time to realize that West do love Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora’s Tower and other games that haven’t come to the West for a while. We are lucky that Gamestop prove to Nintendo that West really want it. This is one of the reason why it is Gamestop exclusive games in North America beside

            1. Of course he is much points right but when you got serius complains and displeasure about something is hard to get him serius when he start his paragraph whit names calling and insults.

            2. Just rest. The game WILL come to the West eventually, just like MH3U on both WiiU and 3ds did. Remember that Capcom is also bringing Ace Attorney 5

    1. I’ll play with crappy weapons if I must! :D Sold. Bring it west and I’ll buy it now. See how easy it was to sway me?

    1. I never trust Famitsu scores, they’re extremely bias toward Nintendo. I just watch youtube videos and make my mind up from there :D

            1. Well at least you try it. Hate people that say that a game is horrible based only of what a few said. I hate halo 4 and I beat that game and played online.

            2. I didn’t find it too bad. I actually like the gameplay a bit but it is too linear compared to most Metroid games I play even I thought Metroid Prime is too linear.

              As for the story, I say it is almost spot on compared to Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion writing but I don’t think they realize that Samus already fought Ridley like more than two times if Metroid Prime series doesn’t count as part of the timeline. Samus should feel ease fighting Ridley by that time even with her parents got killed by Ridley during her childhood.

              I mean she fought Ridley in Metroid and Super Metroid. According to the timeline, Metroid Prime series is right after original Metroid game. Metroid Other M is supposed to be after Super Metroid in the timeline.

              1. that’s not the point, this time, he is facing Ridley after, losing her adoptive child, for FUCKS sakes the game start with a flashback of the baby metroid death, this time Samus isn’t at her full potential because she believed Ridley as gone for sure, but suprise surprise, the dead of your son for nothing, that motherfucker is still here, trying to kill you once again, of course is a shock, i prefer her that way, more human, not just a freaking one-sided killing machine, that’s too easy, but hey, that’s my opinion

          1. Same here. Score give me a hint. If I fallow scores I would have never tried the bionic commando that actually for me was very good.

            1. You mean the remake Bionic Commando Rearmed right? That one was awesome. I didnt try the remake by the way.

    2. me and friends all say FF 13 is a good game, it’s not the best FF but it isn’t bad FF13-2, that’s a different story

        1. I actually appreciate everything in my life. Least i don’t stay in my moms basement all day craving nintendo games and slating other companies when really it doesnt matter what the fuck you play. It’s people like you who really get on my nerves.

    1. They’ll do it eventually.

      And Pinhead over here needs to STFU and take another pop of anti-depressants to calm itself down from blowing itself too hard.

          1. But i wouldn’t even dare play on that joke because who the fuck would want to be you. Illiteral piece of orphan shit.

  1. You: hello
    Stranger: hi! 20f !
    You: thweet
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    Stranger: Meet me here ;) you’ll love it
    You: thweet im getting laid! this is better than pc!

  2. Always take Famitsu’s ratings of Nintendo games with a grain of salt. There’s some definite bias going on there, and that’s no good.

  3. Too bad Dumbtendo didn’t fight to bring this to Wii U during the development process. That’s dumbtendo for you never thinking about the future during the development process of anything.

    1. Who said they don’t? After all freedom united is commingle to wiiu and ps3 during the holidays in Japan and they could be waiting for ultimate 4 so that one is the wiiu version must likely to be ported.

            1. If you loved ps1 games and love a challenge yes. Weren’t we talking about ps4 games? Why this became a talk about gta5?

    2. hey u kno how hard it is 2 get 3rd party help wen a system is just releesing? and u kno how hard n long it take to make && finish a game right? why don u get a edjucation n work 4 nintendo if u wan see change make it u self

      1. “hey u kno how hard it is 2 get 3rd party help wen a system is just releesing?” That’s funny PS4 ánd Xbone don’t have that problem. It’s also funny how Nemco is getting money off SSB4 but not bringing Soul Caliber.

        1. hello u do kno xbone n sonny depend on 3rd party cuz thats whear there most money they make coems from unlike nintendo whose made a name 4 themselves & most they money come from 1st patry games.

  4. I hope Dumbtendo planned on adding more than 1 hardcore player during the development of SSB4 (i’m talking about Mega Man).

  5. I know that’s why I call them “Dumbtendo.” The only company who thinks about current generation competition during R&D. Then wants to release it 4 years later. At least during PS4 process they thought about the future. Before I played Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends, Wii U felt like a Wii with a GamePad.

      1. ^dis right heur

        finally!! sumbody gets it!

        1. Here comes more evidence in my favor. None of the ps4 have any advantage over the wiiu apart of graphical features ands not by a lot. The same games done on ps4 can be done on current gen. The only thing that people is getting out of the ps4 is a shiner coat of pain.

            1. And why is Sony copying them? Gameplay wise the wiiu can do everything the xboxone and the ps4 can.

              1. I never thought of thst Voice of reason. I just want the Wii U to be a success. It just seems that most things I was expecting to help Wii U backfired such as W101. I was hoping it would have sold like Pikmin 3 and helped Wii U. It didn’t.

                1. fuken dumbasss ps4 is playin follow dhe leadur dey always has been jus like whan dey copied the wii motionbecus it wuz sellin more yet dey calld it tha wii dildo n got they own version becus they no orginal or inovative like nintend k?

                2. We all do but calling names (I’m gulty too) and using wrong ways of showing our displeasure should stop.

        2. um has ps4 relesed yet? we dun no that much info ab it yet so how can we compare? 4 all we know ps4 probly breaks faster or get screen of death. also havs u seen thd, ugly dreamcast oudated controler its ugly

          1. “Lay of the ps3 and 360 gaming, is making you dumber.” “finally!! sumbody gets it!” “um has ps4 relesed yet? we dun no that much info ab it yet so how can we compare?”

            So sad, you to are both against me and then at the same time you two conflict with each other just to try and when an argument.

              1. I know we not talking about dumb how you forgot last week wben I told you to name me a Mario game that never had online, you brought up Tennis and you knew what I was talking about.

                1. Uh? I never talked to you about Mario before I’m pretty sure this is the first mayor argument with you.

                  1. I think you did, it was the article when Reggie was supporting online yet explained why 3D Mario World lacked it. Like Judge Judy says, “If you are going to lie, you have to have a good memory.”

                    1. I think it was someone passing has me. Even I would not be sheep enough not to criticize them in that regard. What I did remember was telling someone that nintedoland would actually be not has good with the game it had online.

              2. only if u full of complexes
                im atcually defending nintendo because iam fan

      2. “Lay of the ps3 and 360 gaming, is making you dumb” Lol, sure it is, and acceptting everthing Nintendo does is making you dumber.

        1. No one can force me to care how Nintendo runs their business. If I acept what they are offering the way they offered it is my business. You do with your money what ever the heck you want after all nintendo is not a monopoly that you can’t find what you like somewhere else.

          1. ” nintendo is not a monopoly” Might as well be since it lacks 3rd party support and online. And it’s weak compared to PS4.

            1. *insert biggest facepalm ever here* Nintendo was being merciful of third party’s during the wiiu launch and they missed the opportunity whit half hased ips and old ports. Is third party’s fault their games don’t sell on wiiu. Akklaim games sold on Nintendo consoles midway too and no Mather how much EA want to lie their games also sold on Nintendo consoles too. Now their are putting 40 million budget games on new consoles that probably will have a slower raise in user base than last gen.

                1. The wonderful 101 and Lego city are first party games. In any case they are proving that Nintendo should do a better job in making new ips.

                  1. So then half assed ports not selling better than Lego City and W101 doesn’t mean nothing because if it did, they would have sold like Pikmin 3. It really wouldn’t matter if they were 3rd party tittles or first anyway, since they both sold poorly like Zombi U. I’m getting W101 though.

                    1. I’m getting wow 101 and zombie u when I get my wiiu. But I think the bad sales of wow 101 had to do with people fallowing reviewsto much to heart. After all I see some estrange behavior from many review sites.

  6. Ilove thiss idea! lets apreshiate what we already has instead of complayning bout evrything ok? if u dnt like it then pls go to xboxsony site n complain there. i hope this release soon 4us if not im still happy.

  7. “You either misspelled “kemco” or “namco” lol”

    How is that funny when you over looked this:
    “um has ps4 relesed yet? we dun no that much info ab it yet so how can we compare? 4 all we know ps4 probly breaks faster or get screen of death. also havs u seen thd, ugly dreamcastum has ps4 relesed yet? we dun no that much info ab it yet so how can we compare? 4 all we know ps4 probly breaks faster or get screen of death. also havs u seen thd, ugly dreamcast oudated controler its ugly”

    1. I don’t mean that in bad way it was just funny nothing bad. I do know my grammar could make a monkey cringe. XD

    2. Also he is faking it. Me correcting him is like trying to convince hittler that human genocide is bad. He is a Nintendo hater with nothing productive to say and if you ignore him he will stop.

    3. Im going to sleep. Even discussing with you was good. Sry for the name calling but that what happen when someone is passionate about something. Again I’m sorry for the name calling.

      1. There is one thing that Wii U has that even me forgets. That big ass upgrade. They pushed it back right after Sony’s press conference. That upgrade must do something. I don’t know what it does but, I wonder if it opens up that 30% of unknown data in the GPUPU. I think they pushed it back because Nintendo got the info they needed at Xbox and Sony’s conferences. Voice of Reason, I remember an article interviewing Iwata. He said that Wii U CPU is not weak. He also said that more Wii U games using gameplay like never before will wait until after the competition launches. Why? Because he Iwata said competition is already copying. That was before Sony and xboxes press conferences. That upgrade does something. I also bet you it is going to release in December. Remember Nintendo sais “fall” December is fall and when PS4 lanches. It’s not over for Wii U. I just know it. I got to remeber this too. The new IP info on it is not released yet because of the competition. PS4 is going to be up to a big suprise from the Wii U no matter if it had 15 cores. Good might voice of reason.

        1. I think what Nintendo is waiting is to see what those Companys are doing in the advertise are then Nintendo can over power it after all I thing Nintendo was saving their advertising money to use them during those console launch has to get the best TV spots and such.

    1. Their is no good way of showing the 3ds graphics if full screen. It will look drastically better on the 3ds screen.

      1. Yeah, their next upgrade should have a 2inch screen. Then theyd be known as having the greatest graphichs of all time on a portable.

    2. if u is referng to wiiu it dount have bad graphics we have hd now. so can u imagine what kinda power can do for nintendo gaems like mario kart,luigiu,poketmon or even a new mario sunshine galaxy? wonders thats waht i am having so much fun wiht mine

      1. No he is actually talking about the game monster hunter 4. You know… something that actually has to do with the article? xD

    1. Not that I know of right here. But I do know Simply G (he is a user on this site) do some reviews on games in generally. You could ask him if he does take requests.

      Which games do you have in mind?

        1. Ahh old school games and those are usually the best kind of games too. Well you can still ask him even know I don’t think he cover classic games. There is a site called NintendoLife if you are interested in reviews for classic games. Unfortantly I have not play those game in my lifetime.

  8. I dont really care about its score, JUST BRING IT TO THE WEST!!! Remember, capcom, unlike psp where I can play MHFU or MHP on any devices, 3ds has da region lock…==

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